Vince & Chavo Speak On Eddie Guerrero's Passing has just posted a video press conference with Chavo Guerrero and Vince McMahon. Chavo was visibly upset but remained calm during the conference. Vince McMahon said that tonight's shows (RAW and SmackDown!) will both be tribute shows which will air this week. Several reporters asked questions to both Chavo and Vince. Chavo said that he and Eddie both flew in from Phoenix yesterday. He said they ate dinner and then went to their hotel rooms. Chavo got his wakeup call and when Eddie didn't answer, the security guards contacted Chavo (knowing him from the past when WWE has been in town) to see if something was wrong. Chavo then rushed to the room and when they entered they found Eddie on the floor of the bathroom. Chavo noted that Eddie had just told him on the plane ride in that he was 4 years sober and had really changed his life around (born again Christian). Vince noted that Eddie has recently relocated and said that nobody was being forced to compete at the tapings. Both Vince and Chavo noted that if Eddie was still here, he would want the show to go on so that is what they are doing. Again, RAW and SmackDown! will feature live matches as well as tributes including comments from the stars. Chavo does go into grave detail as to his last 24 hours with Eddie Guerrero including trying to perform CPR on him in the bathroom. It is available here

The plan was to originally take the title off Batista tonight at the tapings, giving it to either Orton or Guerrero. There is no word on how they will work around this due to this tragic and sudden passing.

TNA will likely make mention of Guerrero's passing during the PPV tonight. has added the Eddie Guerrero / Chris Benoit celebration from Wrestlemania XX on its main page for viewers to watch. It was an emotional moment between the two.

Ad Lebow sent this: Additionally, WWE has posted a history of the Guerrero family that aired, I believe on Confidental, and may have been on the Guerrero DVD as well. It is titled Guerrero Family and is under headlines, below the Guererro Moment from Wrestlemania XX.