Vince Furious With Coachman Over RAW Screw-Ups

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Vince McMahon himself is said to have gotten very angry at Jonathan Coachman for pointing out on TV once that the crowd was chanting for Kurt Angle over John Cena. Lawler had to save the day by saying people were chanting for Cena too. It s said that there s been a couple different occasions where Vince was furious with Coach for messing up. These incidents have not likely helped with Coach s nervousness with his position on the RAW announce team.


There s also been a couple occasions where Vince had Lawler correct himself on-air with some of the facts he mentions. Most notably when he said that Michaels and Hart went 60 minutes at WrestleMania 12, Vince had him correct himself and say they went well over 60 minutes.