Vito Backstage Heat Update, SmackDown!, Candice, More News

To update the Vito backstage heat situation, Vito has had problems in the past with talking to people in a negative way about their matches. At times he comes off as very cocky to some of the younger guys that he has worked with and it rubs people the wrong way. Vito's official website posted a notice stating the rumors that him and Bobby Lashley had words backstage were false but the website is run by a younger Vito fan. The website has also been known to post very childish comments from 'Vito himself' bashing internet reporters. Believe what you will, but Lashley has been open about telling people within the company that he was rubbed the wrong way by Vito.

Smackdown scored a 2.8 rating last night on UPN, based on the Fast National Numbers.

On 12/18 in Providence, R.I, WWE will be featuring their annual pay per view Armageddon. There are still many great seats available on Tickemaster. Top priced seats that average around $175 though are gone. While seats around the $90 ranger are still available and are at eye level to the ring.

The issue of Playboy with Candice Michelle will be released in April, right around Wrestlemania, which seems to be some sort of working agreement between the two companies every year.