Vito/Lashley Backstage Heat, Kid Kash-WWE, SmackDown! Special

A special one hour edition of Smackdown will be airing next Tuesday on UPN at 9:00 P.M. The big match being advertised is Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio. This special Smackdown episode will be airing live from Cincinnati, Ohio. WWE also has to tape another episode of Smackdown for next Friday as well, presumably before 9:00. No details have been revealed yet as to why WWE is having a special one hour show in the first place and why the main event match is between a Raw wrestler and a Smackdown wrestler.

Kid Kash recently had to close down his official website as WWE officials were none to fond of him ripping on Chris Masters' wrestling abilities and saying he had a million dollar body & a 10 cent brain and whatnot. WWE also doesn't like their wrestlers having official websites in the first place. Kash's excuse was that when he made those comments on Masters, he was talking "in character" and he didn't really mean it. It should be noted that in the same audio commentary, he ripped into TNA with shoot-style comments.

Vito has some heat with newcomer Bobby Lashley for reasons undisclosed. He's been insulting and bickering with Lashley a lot lately. Perhaps it may be resentment on Vito's part for the push Lashley has been receiving as of late whereas Vito is pretty much just a bodyguard on television.