What You Didn't See At Survivor Series Last Night

What You Didn't See At Survivor Series Last Night

Thanks to Brandon of PWInsiderfor this:

I attended WWE Survivor Series tonight. All in all, it was a pretty good show live. Here are some tidbits:

~Before it even went on the air, the crowd was "WOOOOOO"ing pretty loud with some scattered chants of "Eddie" that got pretty loud.

~The announcers got a decent pop with Tazz's being the loudest.

~Simon Dean got a decent amount of boos and the Mexicools got a decent pop. Nothing out of the ordinary.

~The crowd was neither in to nor bored by the Benoit/Booker match. They booed Sharmell and the finish. Benoit got a standing ovation as he left the ring.

~Okay, the McMahon/Cena/Booker confrontation had me in awe. I couldn't believe Vince actually said that. The crowd kinda popped for Booker's response.

~Triple H didn't get any boos at all. The crowd seemed to cheer both men. They also popped huge when H won and gave another standing O as Flair was stretchered out.

~The women's match didn't really get much of a reaction aside from Melina's entrance. Small pop for Trish winning.

~Edge's segment was very fun live. A lot of the crowd actually booed Dmitri Young and the Tigers, but once he got on the mic, everyone was anti-Edge. It's interesting to note that Edge got a pretty big face pop when his music hit.

~WWE really needs to do something about the Cena situation. I'm not sure how it came across on TV, but the crowd was 50/50 for Cena at best. The "Cena Sucks" chants were very loud. It was kind of fun to hear the crowd go back and forth with the "Let's Go Angle" and "Let's Go Cena" chants. However, what definitely isn't good for Cena is that the Cena-haters booed very loud when he was on offense, while the Cena fans kind of sat on their hands while Angle was on offense. I knew Cena was getting some boos, but when the fans popped for Daivari cheating, you know something is wrong. The pop was huge when he got the W, though.

~The GM match was terrible. There would have been very audible "boring" chants had the Boogeyman not shown up. He got a decent pop when he came out.

~The Survivor Series match was very fun live. Nothing too surprising in the way of crowd reactions. The crowd loved Lashley's offensive set and popped big when HBK Superkicked Rey. The crowd was chanting for Taker big time when it was down to Cena and Michaels. When Taker's music finally hit, the crowd went nuts.

~All in all, it was a decent show live, but I'm not sure how it came across on TV. As far as top heel heat and face pops, I can't really guess since nothing stood out too much other than the Angle/Cena ordeal. If I had to guess, Taker or HBK got the biggest pops and Edge probably got the most heat.