What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Ryan Gray of WrestlingNewsWorld.com called in the following results from RAW in Cleveland, OH last night:

Big Eddie chants prior to the show.

Dark Matches:

Mark Henry def. Local Cleveland DJ TJ Young?? Henry won the match in a total squash.

Sunday Night Heat:

Viscera and Val Venis defeated two jobbers. Bradley & ??? Crowd was into Venis and Viscera.

Tajiri defeated Lance Cade in a very decent match.

Chavo Guerrero (using that name) defeated Rob Conway in about 10 minutes. Lots of Eddie chants.

Post RAW:

After RAW went off the air, Cena continued to the back. Kurt Angle flipped off the crowd and left and Masters followed.