What You Didn't See On WWE RAW Last Night

The following took place on Monday in Fort Wayne, IN:

Thanks to Mitch for these:


- Wrestlemania goes hollywood video played and the biggest pops went to Austin, HBK, Batista, and Cena

-ECW music hit and Joey Styles came out and a pretty big ECW chant started


-The King then came out and got a nice pop

-The Coach then came out and the crowd booed the hell out of him

-After the main event HBK chased Davair to the back then Angle ran out and attacked Cena and a match began. Cena beat Angle after the FU

Dark Match:

- The Miz & Matt Capotelli defeated The Highlanders.

WWE Heat Tapings (For WWE.com Webcast):

- Kerwin White & Nick Nemeth defeated The Heart Throbs.

- Eugene defeated Colt Cabana.

- Matt Striker defeated Tajiri.

- Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko defeated Viscera & Val Venis.

Post-Show Bonus Match:

- WWE Champion John Cena defeated Kurt Angle.