What You Won't See On RAW Tonight, & More Live Notes

Thanks to Brett for sending in the following:

In all the years ive been going to WWE shows live, I've never been to a show like this.

Vince McMahon was first out, thanking us for all the support since Eddie died. He then wished us a good show.

Some local guys got tryouts on Heat. Can't remember their names, but they faced Nick Nemeth (Who really does need some work), Carlito (Who was MEGA over and got LOTS of face chants) and Snitsky + Tomko. Heat's main event saw Viscera defeat Lance Cade.

The only bad side to RAW was during the ad-breaks, there wasn't a lot of activity in the arena, which was annoying a fair few people.

It was nice to see Joey Styles!

Lots of WHOOOOOOOO's and Eddie chants throughout the evening.

The most interesting thing to me, was the absolutely HUGE heat on Cena. LOADS of Cena Sucks chants were heard all night, although the crowd softened to him with his hillarious backstage promo and when he finally came out too. But us brits really gave him hell!

The best bit of the whole show was after the show went off the air, and Batista came back out, got an Eddie TShirt and posed. The place then erupted when they played Eddie's theme, and it was a REALLY strong thing to see live, and very very classy I thought.

All in all, it was one hell of a show, and I hope Smackdown tomorrow is just as good. Will pass on some more notes on that too.