WWE News: Cole/Tazz, Jericho-TNA Images, Coach, Cena, More News

-In a classic moment of "what I say isn't really what I mean", Michael Cole and Tazz's comments from Byte This, where they claim it bothers them that Smackdown is considered the "B Show", have been edited from replays of the show. This comes not long after Vince McMahon himself said he "abhors censorship" after WWE left Spike TV.


-There is an article in the Manchester Evening News talking about WWE's upcoming tour of the UK. It talks about tryouts being provided for wrestlers in the area being overseen by Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin, and more.

-All images of the TNA logo and the Genesis PPV this Sunday on Chris Jericho's website have now been removed. This is very similar to the situation a few months ago when Jericho departed the WWE. However, this time no one is taking it that seriously.

-Adam Lebow sent this in: In Wednesday's Toronto Star, there (was) a mention of the TSN-WWE dispute, basically stating the same thing that was said on the TSN Wrestling website, that WWE Programming will be airing on TSN after the NFL Football coverage.


- A new CoachCast has been added for this week with guest Joey Styles. To listen to it, visit WWE.com.

- A new "5 Questions with the Champ" has been added with John Cena. To view it, visit WWE.com.