WWE News: Grishum Ribbed, Bret Hart, HBK, RAW, Lots More News

Believe it or not, after getting his pants stripped down and auctioned off on RAW's Unlimited program last night, Todd Grishum was backstage walking around in his boxers for the remainder of the night. As noted last night, this guy may be in the lead for the amount of ribs played on one guy. Todd has always been cool about it though and has always gone along with the things the guys in the back do to him which actually makes him look good to the boys.

Billy Scott, the Memphis Police officer who tried to rob Jerry Lawler's home, was sentenced today to seven years in prison.

WWE returns to New York City on December 26th for a Smackdown house show at the Westchester County Center in White Plains, New York.

Adam Lebow sent this: Bret Hart will be signing his new WWE DVD on 11/30 in Toronto at the Wal Mart located at 2525 St Clair Ave West.

The latest edition of the WWE Top 25 is up on the website.

Shawn Michaels is on the cover of the latest issue of Raw Magazine. He is doing a prayer-type pose. The magazine features an interview about why he wrote an autobiography.

In the same issue of Raw Magazine, there is an ad for the new Bret Hart DVD. If you buy it at an FYE retail store, the exclusive is that you get a free WWE skull cap. 80's WWF manager Slick is featured in "Where Are They Now?" page of Raw Magazine. There's also a recent photo of him and it looks like he's barely even aged since he was last seen in 1993. He's a full-time Baptist minister in Texas now.