WWE RAW Results (10/31/05): The SmackDown! Crew Invades, More!

WWE RAW Results (10/31/05): The SmackDown! Crew Invades, More!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, October 31st, 2005
Location: The Arrowhead Pond of Anaheim in Anaheim, CA
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The fireworks went off in the arena for the start of RAW as Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed us to the show on this Halloween night. Tonight, John Cena will face Shawn Michaels, and we will see a Diva Costume Contest, and also, Stone Cold Steve Austin will answer the Coach!

In the arena:

The music of General Manager Eric Bischoff hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Chris Masters. Coach is dressed as Austin tonight by the way, and King is dressed in his old school garb. Bischoff gets on the mic and says on the eve of Taboo Tuesday, RAW will once again prove it s dominance. He said tonight, Chris Masters has a special Master Lock Challenge for a Smackdown! Superstar. Bischoff then introduced Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long to the ring, and Rey Mysterio will be taking the Master Lock Challenge! Masters got on the mic and said he has to give it up, he didn t think Rey had the guts to take the challenge. He said usually you have to be at least&Masters picked up Rey and put him on a chair&and said you need to be that tall to take the challenge. Rey then decked Masters with the mic and went to work on him and then gave him a bulldog onto the chair! Mysterio worked over Masters in the corner and then the re-enforcements hit the ring including Edge, Lita, Snitsky, Nick Nemeth and others. JBL, Christian, Matt Hardy and Hardcore Holly then came through the crowd and we had a pier six brawl in the ring! Christian and Hardy worked over Snitsky and then Rey hit the 619 on Masters and he was sent packing! Long said no matter who the fans vote in, Smackdown is coming to Taboo Tuesday, and they are going to do what they have been doing for the past two weeks, embarrass RAW on their own turf!


Masters and Edge are arguing backstage and Bischoff comes in and says tomorrow night is a RAW Pay-Per-View and they cannot lose to Smackdown! He said he will not go down to Teddy Long and berated the pair of them.

Referee: Chad Patton
Kurt Angle vs. Tajiri

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for the opening match here on RAW against Tajiri!

The start:

Tajiri and Angle locked up and Angle picked Tajiri up and flipped him onto the mat before stomping away at him. Angle chopped Tajiri and then took him down with a clothesline for two. Angle gave Tajiri a suplex for another two and then nailed a backbreaker. Angle stomped Tajiri some more but then Tajiri came back with kicks and chops until Angle caught him in a belly to belly overhead. Angle then locked in a body scissors but Tajiri fought out with chops.

The Finish:

Angle then stomps Tajiri in the corner and nails him with right hands and then an uppercut. Tajiri got a boot in the corner and then nailed more kicks and flipped out of a German suplex and nailed a superkick for two! Tajiri hit a low dropkick to the face and then hit the handspring elbow and another kick. Tajiri went for the Tarantula in the corner but Angle reversed and locked in the Ankle Lock for the win!

Winner – Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:

Angle celebrated his impressive win over Tajiri and then got on the mic. He said that he doesn t give a damn who the third opponent is tomorrow night, because he is walking away the WWE Champion. He said he has beaten Cena three times. At Unforgiven, three weeks ago on RAW, and just last week he made him tap out in the middle of the ring. He said he enjoyed it so much that we get to see the footage again. Cena then hit the ring and took Angle down and hammered him with right hands and Angle fled like a scalded dog.

In the arena:

The music of Ric Flair hit in the arena as he made his way to the stage as the Intercontinental Champion. He said that the game has just begun, and he has kissed Triple H s ass for so long, tomorrow night he is going to kick it. He said he prays to god that they are in a cage tomorrow night. Woo!

Referee: Mickey Hanson
Rob Conway vs. Eugene

The music of Rob Conway hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for action, and he will be facing Eugene and one of three legends tomorrow night at Taboo Tuesday, but tonight he gets Eugene one on one!

The start:

Eugene hammered away at Conway and beat him down in the corner. Eugene sent him head first to the buckle and then nailed a slam. Conway went for a chair but Eugene knocked him down but upon getting back in the ring Conway nailed him. Conway stomped Eugene in the corner and then nailed an elbow, and then another one. Conway slapped Eugene around and then gave him some shots in the corner. Eugene came back with an elbow but then ran into a powerslam from Conway.

The Finish:

Conway mouthed off at Eugene and then wrenched at his head and slammed it into the mat, but then Eugene started to fire up. Eugene hit some right hands and then a big knockdown. Eugene went for the Stunner but Conway reversed and then Eugene hit the Rock Bottom but Conway got his foot on the ropes! Conway then nailed Eugene in the head with the steel chair and the referee called for the bell.

Winner by disqualification, Eugene

The Aftermath:

Conway nailed Eugene in the back with the chair but then Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Kamala and Superfly hit the ring! Duggan hit Conway with the 2X4 and then gave him a slam. Kamala gave him a big splash and then Superfly went up top and hit the Superfly Splash! Lawler then made his way to the ring and said he s the Burger King tonight, and hit the fist drop from the middle rope!


Todd Grisham is shown backstage and says he s waiting for the arrival of Steve Austin. Grisham said he s dressed as the Cubs Announcer, Harry Carry. Gregory Helms then came in and Grisham is talking in some wacky voice. Helms walked off in disgust. Foley then came out of the television truck, and says he has a surprise for Carlito tonight.

In the arena:

Carlito is in the ring as we come back live. He said tomorrow night at Taboo Tuesday, Carlito doesn t know if he s facing Dude Love, Mankind or Cactus Jack, but he does know one thing&when it s all said and done, Mick Foley will be beaten, uno, dos, tres&the music of Dude Love then hit and he appears on the Tron! He said should the fans vote for him, the dude will not have mercy! The music of Cactus Jack then played and said he doesn t know what he will do at Taboo Tuesday. Barbwire Baseball Bat? Thumbtacks? Bed of Nails? No guarantees, except for pain! Mankind then came on and said what he did last week wasn t cool or neato, and pulled out Socko and have a nice day! Carlito looked confused and then Coach got on the mic and said he will beat Foley whichever face shows up. He said he wants Stone Cold Steve Austin and wants him right now. He made his way toward the ring, and that s the bottom line cuz Stone Cold Coachman said so!

Back on RAW:

Coach is in the ring and calls out Stone Cold. He said he knows why he isn t coming out, because he smells a rat. He said he wasn t going to show up alone tonight or tomorrow night, so he will bring out the man he has in his corner, you might remember the name&the music of GOLDUST then hit! Goldust is back in WWE! Coach said he knows Austin knows this man, seeing how you stuffed him in a porta potty on WWE television. He said now you have the ace in the hole, to get out here. Coach and Goldust waited and then the music of Vince McMahon hit! McMahon came out to the stage and says he hates to disappoint Coach, but unfortunately that isn t going to happen. He said he has it on good authority that Austin was involved in an accident at the weekend and wont be here tonight, or at Taboo Tuesday. He said he cant vouch for the validity of it, but he must be afraid of Coach. He said as a result of a forfeit, the winner of the Taboo Tuesday match&Jonathan Coachman! McMahon said before he starts the celebration, he did promise everyone he will compete at Taboo Tuesday. He said there is no one on the RAW roster left near his calibre, and had to go to Smackdown, and he will face the number one announcer on Smackdown&Funaki.

Coach laughed as Funaki made his way down to the ring. Funaki took the mic and said THIS IS FUNAKI..SMACKDOWN.. Coach then slapped Funaki and Goldust went to work on him. Coach choked Funaki and then Goldust nailed him with the Shattered Dreams and then a kick to the ribs and kicked him out of the ring. McMahon said that was very impressive, and Coach said he knows McMahon can do better than that. He said he wants him to go back to the Smackdown roster, and let all of them know that if anyone wants to face Coach, he will be happy to do it and beat him up too. McMahon said the first Smackdown man that steps forward will get the job&the music of BATISTA then hit as he made his way to the stage as the World Heavyweight Champion! Batista made his way down to the ring and took off his jacket and glasses. Coach went for a cheap shot but missed and then Batista grabbed Coach. Goldust attacked from behind and Coach fled. VADER s MUSIC THEN HIT! Vader made his way to the ring! WHAT IS GOIN ON. Batista got Goldust in the corner and then nailed a spinebuster but then Vader levelled Batista! Coach ordered Vader to get Batista up and he held him while Coach slapped Batista across the face. Vader then hammered Coach down and fell over when he got out of the ring, which was pretty classic. LOL. Coach, Vader and Goldust backed up the aisle, and I guess it s Batista vs. Coach tomorrow night!

Referee: Jack Doan
Triple H vs. Viscera

The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring, and tomorrow night he will go one on one with Ric Flair, but tonight he s in action with Viscera, who he was meant to face last week on RAW.

The Match:

Triple H kicked the top rope as Viscera was climbing over it and crotched him. Triple H hammered away with right hands on Viscera and then nailed the Pedigree and this is over in a hurry.

Winner – Triple H

The Aftermath:

Triple H nailed Viscera in the head with the steel steps and went flying over the barricade. Triple H took the mic and said that Ric Flair knows better than anyone, he s done a lot of bad things in his life. He said he takes responsibility for his actions, but will not be held responsible for what he does to Flair tomorrow night. He said it will be disturbing and brutal, and he will do it not because he wants to, but because he has to, because that s who he is, and it s who Flair used to be&


Todd Grisham is backstage with John Cena. Cena cuts him off and says he remembers not too long ago when he dressed up as Vanilla Ice on Halloween. He said it s time for Grisham to break out, and Cena said he wants him to make him feel Harry Carray. Grisham then did his wacko voice again and Cena didn t look amused, and said that was sad, but he s seen worse. He said sad is an Olympic Gold Medallist like Kurt Angle, who sold himself out to Eric Bischoff for another shot at the WWE Championship. Sad is the last time he came to Anaheim, he was team mates with Shawn Michaels, and tonight he looks in his eyes and faces him because he wants another chance at the WWE Championship. It could be Michaels, Kane or the Big Show tomorrow night, all because they want a shot at the WWE Championship. He said he never backs down and never quits, and the CHAMP IS HERE. He said tomorrow night, the WWE Championship stays HERE, and if you can t see that, then you can t see me.

Texas Tornado Match
Referee: Chad Patton
The Heart Throbs vs. The Big Show and Kane

The music of the Heart Throbs is playing in the arena, and they are already in the ring. They get on the mic and say they were going to dress as Bo and Luke Duke, but they decided to dress as Batman&and Batman! OK!? The music of the Big Show then hit as he made his way down to the ring and he will be teaming with Kane. This match is Tornado Rules with all four in the ring at the same time.

The start:

Kane grabbed Antonio by the hair and pulled him into the ring and Big Show went to work on Romeo. Show slapped Romeo hard in the chest and then Kane gave Antonio snake eyes. Show then gave Romeo a bigger snake eyes and it looks like they are trying to out do the other. Show splashed Antonio in the corner, and then Kane splashed Romeo. Show then sat Romeo on the top rope and went up and gave him a superplex!

The Finish:

Show was proud of himself and then Kane gave Antonio a big boot and went up top and nailed a flying clothesline. Kane knocked Romeo to the outside and Show was pissed and said that was his guy. Show went out to get him and press slammed him back in. Show and Kane then gave the Heart Throbs stereo chokeslams and both covered for the win.

Winners – Kane and The Big Show


Candice Michelle is shown in the make up chair, and up next it s the Halloween Contest!

Taboo Tuesday Press Conference:

Slips were shown from the Taboo Tuesday Press Conference in San Diego, with comments shown from Eric Bischoff, Kurt Angle, John Cena, Ric Flair and Triple H.

Halloween Diva Contest:

The ring is decked out with a black carpet and pumpkins are set up in the corners. Jerry Lawler made his way to the ring to host this little shindig. King said tomorrow night at Taboo Tuesday, we have the power to decide what the Diva s wear in the Fulfil Your Fantasy Battle Royal, and tonight we are going to have a good old Diva Halloween Costume Contest. The music of Ashley hit as she made her way down as a dark angel. Maria was next, and she came down as a real angel, nice. Out came Candice Michelle as Cat Woman, complete with whip! Mickie James was next, and she came out as Trish Stratus&ok then. Victoria was next, dressed in a baseball outfit and a Chicago White Sox hat. Trish was last out, looking mighty fine as Wonder Woman. Lawler said before we get started, he wants to ask Mickie a quick question. He said she looks like Trish Stratus, and she said she is. Alrighty then. Lawler got the fans to vote and then Mickie took the mic and said don t cheer for them, they should cheer for Trish. Victoria took the mic and told her to calm her little ass down. Mickie then hit her cap and Victoria took a swing with the bat but James knocked Victoria outside. Things started to break down as they all ganged up on Candice and gave her the bumps. Victoria came back in and tossed out Mickie and then Trish hit the Chick Kick on Victoria. This was bad.

Non Title Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena (c)

The music of WWE Champion John Cena hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this one on one match with Shawn Michaels!

The start:

Cena and Michaels got face to face and shook hands and then Michaels chopped Cena but Cena came back with right hands. They locked up again and Michaels grabbed a hammerlock but Cena reversed into one of his own. Michaels reversed into a top wrist lock and powered down Cena to the mat. Cena powered back up but Michaels slid into a side headlock and a takedown.

Mid-match notes:

Michaels nailed a shoulder block and then grabbed the side headlock again. Cena whipped Michaels off and scored with a hip toss but Michaels came back with the side headlock. Cena whipped Michaels off again, but Michaels nailed a shoulder block but then Cena tossed Michaels to the outside, but Michaels skinned the cat and then Cena nailed a clothesline. Cena hit a back drop as the fans booed and made a cover for two. Cena hit a back elbow and covered for another two and then went for the FU but Michaels backed out and went to the outside.

Cena chased Michaels but Michaels nailed him as the re-entered the ring. Michaels chopped away at Cena in the corner but Cena came back with a hard Irish whip sending Michaels inside out, and then went for a clothesline but Michaels ducked and hit a DDT for two. Michaels hit a pair of elbow drops and then sent him head first to the corner. Michaels whipped Cena hard to the buckle and then grabbed a sleeper hold. Cena fought out with a back suplex and the Cena nailed a boot and then a pair of clothesline and a flying shoulder.

The Finish:

Cena hit the side slam and then hit the five knuckle shuffle. Cena went for the FU but Michaels reversed and hit some chops and then a flying forearm. Michaels nipped up and hit an atomic drop and then a clothesline, and then another. Michaels hit a scoop slam and went up top and went for the elbow but Cena rolled out of the way! Angle then hit the ring and stomped on Michaels and the referee called for the bell!

Winner – No Contest

The Aftermath:

Angle stomped on Cena and hammered him with right hands, and then gave Michaels a belly to belly. Angle pulled down the straps but then Cena nailed him with a clothesline. Cena went for the FU on Angle, but Michaels nailed him with Sweet Chin Music! Cena and Angle are both down, and Michaels asked for the belt. Michaels held the WWE Championship in his hands and stared down at the two men, and then laid it down on Cena s chest. Taboo Tuesday is tomorrow night! See you then!

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