WWE RAW Results (11/21/05): Team SmackDown! Invades!

Event: WWE Monday Night RAW Results
Date: Monday, November 21st, 2005
Location: The Hallam FM Arena in Sheffield, England
Results by PowerWrestling.com

RAW opened up with a recap from two weeks ago when Eric Bischoff sent Edge to Smackdown to face Batista in a Street Fight, but it was all a trap as Kane and the Big Show ambushed Batista after Chris Masters locked Theodore Long in the Master Lock. The fireworks then went off in the arena as Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed us to RAW from the United Kingdom!

In the arena:

Shawn Michaels, Kane, The Big Show, Carlito and Chris Masters made their way down the aisle as Team RAW for the Survivor Series, and then General Manager Eric Bischoff made his way down to the ring. Bischoff got on the mic and said assembled before you is Team RAW, the five RAW superstars who are going to Survivor Series to prove once again that RAW is the superior brand in all of sports entertainment. He said apparently Team Smackdown doesn t feel that way. He said there have been rumors on the Internet all week long that Teddy Long and Smackdown don t want to wait for Survivor Series, and they are going to be here on RAW tonight. He said don t believe everything you read on the Internet, and he hasn t seen one sign of Smackdown, and has Todd Grisham outside the arena on Smackdown watch. We went to Todd and he said there is no sign of Smackdown as of yet. Bischoff said they won t be here tonight because three weeks ago, Edge came to him with a plan and that led to the World Tag Team Champions going to Smackdown and decimating Batista, and that is cool. He said Smackdown won t be here because of his army, his soldiers&Big Show took the mic and said they are his nothing. He said himself and Kane went to Smackdown because they wanted to. They wanted to prove they were unstoppable and the best way to do that was to chokeslam Batista to hell, and if Batista got hurt somehow, it s too bad. He said Batista was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and if any of the Smackdown&Grisham then cuts him off on the screen and said JBL s limo is here as Batista, Teddy Long, Rey Mysterio, Lashley and Randy Orton emerged. Batista got on the mic and said if the RAW guys have the guts, they will bring their sorry asses to the parking lot. Michaels said to have to fear, Team RAW is on the way. Bischoff said no way as the superstars left the ring. Bischoff yelled that it was a set up as they left.

Back on RAW:

The Smackdown crew are shown in the parking lot awaiting the RAW superstars. Shawn Michaels and the RAW superstars were then shown walking down the hallway to the parking lot. Team Smackdown were shown again getting ready to fight as Team RAW stopped and Carlito asked if it was a trap. Michaels said he was counting on it, and Big Show said they still have work to do. Team RAW went out and they all squared up to each other before a brawl erupted. Batista sent Big Show through a car window and Kane was thrown over a car. Masters locked in the Master Lock on Mysterio as more glass was heard and then we then see Batista choke slammed onto a car by Kane and Show! Security then made their way out and Batista is hurt with Teddy Long screaming for EMT s. We go to commercial.

Outside the arena:

Todd Grisham said we just saw a melee and we then take a look at the car that Kane and Show choke slammed Batista onto. Bischoff then runs up and says you don t mess with RAW, and you never mess with Eric Bischoff.

Non Title Match
Referee: Jack Doan
Trevor Murdoch vs. Ric Flair (c)

The music of Ric Flair hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring as the Intercontinental Champion, and he will be facing Trevor Murdoch in non title action.

The start:

Flair and Murdoch went to lock up and Flair backed off and did the strut. They tied up and Murdoch grabbed a side headlock and then hit a shoulder block but Flair came back with a back body drop. They locked up again and Murdoch backed Flair to the corner and gave him a series of right hands.

Mid-match notes:

Flair then came back with chops in the corner and some right hands of his own. Flair went up top and Murdoch went to cut him off but Flair gave him a thumb to the eye and jumped off but Murdoch hit a shot to the gut and then a swinging neckbreaker. Murdoch drove his knee into the back of Flair and then nailed him with a body slam. Murdoch hit an elbow drop and then covered for two. Murdoch locked in an abdominal stretch on the canvas but Flair broke free.

The Finish:

Murdoch went to the middle rope and pulled down his knee pad and went for a knee drop to the head but Flair moved. Flair gave Murdoch a chopblock and then some more chops. Murdoch went for a slam but Flair rolled him up and grabbed the tights for the win.

Winner, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair

The Aftermath:

Triple H appeared on the screen and said that was an impressive victory. He said Flair must be thinking that the Nature Boy is right, but all he has done is buy himself some time. He said this Sunday at Survivor Series, Last Man Standing. It won t be about winning or losing, it will be about surviving. He said he will show him that later tonight. A month ago Flair said he will beat Triple H if it is the last thing he will ever do, congratulations, you beat him, and this Sunday he will make sure it is the last thing he ever does.

Referee: Mickey Hanson
Tajiri vs. Rob Conway

Back on RAW and we are underway with Conway locked in Tajiri s Tarantula. JBL then hit the ring and laid out both men with Clotheslines From Hell!

Winner – No Contest

The Aftermath:

JBL got on the mic and said you want a fight? Batista is going to the hospital right now because of the cowards from RAW. He said he is standing in this ring because he isn t a coward and he is calling RAW out! He said he wants that knuckle dragging hair lipped orang-utan, Chris Masters, in the ring right now. Bischoff then came out and said he thought they already took the garbage out. The fans chanted a-----e at Bischoff and he asked JBL who the hell he thinks he is. Bischoff said you don t demand a match with one of his superstars unless you are the dumbest man on the earth, or the bravest, and he goes with the former. He said he will give JBL a match that will knock some sense into him, but it won t be against Masters. He said he will give JBL a match with the captain of Team RAW, the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels! JBL smiled and left the ring through the crowd and said he will see Eric in the main event.


Footage was shown from John Cena s appearance on Mad-TV, and it will air this coming Saturday night on FOX.

Referee: Daivari
Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin

The music of Kurt Angle hit as he made his way to the ring, and the you suck chants were censored yet again! Angle looks ready to go, and he will be facing Shelton Benjamin here tonight! There is no referee in the ring as the music of Daivari then hit, and it looks like he will be referee for this match.

The start:

Angle and Benjamin locked up and Angle took him down with a side headlock. Benjamin whipped Angle off and Angle came back with a shoulder block. Benjamin then nailed a hip toss and then an arm drag into an arm bar. Angle gouged the eyes to escaped and then gave Benjamin some right hands but Benjamin came back with some of his own. Angle then nailed an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle hit a backbreaker for a two count and then stomped away at Benjamin. Angle choked Benjamin in the ropes and then nailed a vertical suplex and floated over for two.

Mid-match notes:

Angle locked in a waist lock on the canvas as the fans got behind Benjamin. Benjamin escape and nailed some right hands and then a flying forearm. Benjamin then nailed a pair of clothesline and a Samoan drop. Benjamin went for the T-Bone but Angle blocked and went for a suplex but Benjamin countered into a hangman s neckbreaker. Benjamin hit more right hands in the corner and then went for the Dragon Whip but Angle avoided it and went for a suplex but Benjamin flipped out and hit the Dragon Whip. On the outside, and Benjamin sent Angle into the apron and then nailed a big chop. Benjamin went to get back in, and Angle went for a German suplex off the apron! Benjamin held on and elbowed Angle off and then hit a DDT onto the apron!

The Finish:

Back inside and Benjamin went for the T-Bone but Angle dropped with a front face lock and locked in the Ankle Lock! Benjamin tried to make the ropes but Angle pulled him back to the middle of the ring. Benjamin tried for the ropes again and again Angle pulled him back in! Benjamin went for the ropes and this time he made it but Daivari ignored it and allowed Angle to pull him back in. Benjamin then rolled through into a small package but Daivari wouldn t count! Daivari then rolled Benjamin over and counted the fall for Angle! Daivari has screwed Shelton Benjamin!

Winner – Kurt Angle

The Aftermath:

Angle got on the mic and said he hopes Cena is listening, and his announcement that is coming up will changed the face of Survivor Series.

Back on RAW:

Angle is still in the ring and says over the past couple of weeks, people have asked him why he associates himself with Daivari, but he and Daivari are a lot alike. They have both been abused by the people. Daivari is a proud American just like him, and he has been abused because he is Arab-American. He said the people will cheer a misogynist foul mouthed rap star like John Cena, but they will unjustly deny this man everything he stands for, and they will deny his right of expression as a proud American, which makes him sick. He said he is about to change that, and thanks to Eric Bischoff, you are looking at his full time referee for every one of his matches, including the match at Survivor Series for the WWE Championship against John Cena! He said you people will show them the respect they deserve when he walks out of Survivor Series as the new WWE Champion, it s true, it s damn true, because you are looking at a world wide hero, and John Cena is hothing! Daivari then spouted off in Arabic and then Cena appeared on the screen. He told Kurt to pipe down and we ve all heard it before. He said what he will do now is find out the real story, he will find out what the superstars think of him. He walks into the women s locker room and said he didn t see anything and asked Maria about Kurt Angle. She said he isn t Kurt Angle, he s John Cena! Candice said she knows Kurt Angle sucks, but do you think she does!? Cena then left and told Candice to call him. He said he s sure everyone is wondering if the Diva s suck, but this is about Kurt.

He then goes into the male locker room and Snitsky is rubbing down Tomko! They said they aren t doing anything, and Cena said what they do in their time is their business. Cena said he s moving away slow, and he loves the beard and isn t judging anything. Snitsky: It s not my fault! Cena continued on his way and goes through another door, and the friggin Boogeyman is in there and starts singing London bridge is falling down , and he s the Boogeyman and he s coming to get us! LOL Cena wondered what the hell that was, and opens the door again and he smashes the clock on his own head, and Cena shuts the door again. He said maybe the WWE Superstar thing was a bad idea, but there are 12,000 WWE fans out there who have a voice. Cena then came out into the crowd and asked people what they think of Kurt Angle and they all said he sucks. Angle yelled at Cena to shut up as Cena got them to chant you suck . Cena said we ve heard the testimonial from Angle, and we ve heard from the superstars and from the fans, and weighing everything into perspective, he has come to the conclusion that Angle still sucks! Cena then got into the ring and tackled Angle and hammered him with right hands and then a clothesline. Cena hit a flying shoulder and then went after Daivari. Cena backdropped Angle to the outside and this Sunday they will go one on one with the WWE Championship on the line at the Survivor Series!

Referee: Chad Patton
Triple H vs. Val Venis

The music of Triple H hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring, and this Sunday he will face Ric Flair in a Last Man Standing Match, but tonight, he goes one on one with Val Venis.

The start:

Triple H went right after Venis but Venis nailed right hands and some chops and then a pair of clotheslines. Val hit a side slam and then clotheslined Triple H to the outside. Val followed out and then Triple H nailed him with a sick chair shot!

Winner by disqualification, Val Venis

The Aftermath:

Triple H tossed Venis back inside and nailed him in the back with the chair. Triple H continued his assault with the chair and then dropped him with the Pedigree.


Eric Bischoff was in his office on the phone, and some guy comes in and says that Theodore Long is outside, and he is demanding to speak to him. We go to commercial.

Referee: Jack Doan
Candice Michelle vs. Mickie James

The music of Candice Michelle hit in the arena as she made her way to the ring with Victoria, and she will be facing Mickie James here tonight. Styles informed us that on WWE Unlimited, both Theodore Long and Eric Bischoff agreed tonight will be a Lumberjack match between JBL and Michaels. Mickie James was accompanied to the ring by Trish Stratus.

The Match:

Mickie and Candice went to lock up but Candice backed off and did her Go Daddy dance. Candice then laid down on the middle rope and Victoria distracted Mickie allowing Candice to attack from behind. Mickie slapped Candice and then nailed her with right hands and chops, and then a kick to the mid section and a double chop to the chest. Mickie hit a baseball slide on Victoria on the outside and then two guys in masks came out and abducted Trish! Mickie was distracted as Victoria nailed her from behind and then Candice covered for the win!

Winner – Candice Michelle

Back on RAW:

Trish was shown tied up backstage, and gagged. The men then took their masks off and it was MNM. Melina comes in and said no one will find Trish down here, and no one is looking for her. Melina said she is the most dominant Diva in the WWE, and she s the one who beat her in the Battle Royal last week. Melina said she challenges Trish to a match at Survivor Series for the Women s Championship. Melina ripped off the gag and Trish said Melina s going to get her ass kicked. Melina then kicked Trish square in the head. Lawler then got up and made his way to the back to help Trish.


Maria is backstage looking at the Shawn Michaels autobiography, and the ditz didn t know it was time for the interview. She introduces Michaels and she said she was reading his book&Michaels said now isn t a good time but the book is available in all good book stores. He said tonight, it s Michaels and JBL, the initial confrontation, and their team mates will surround the ring as lumberjacks. He said he doesn t agree with anything Bischoff says or does, but what JBL does on Smackdown is his own business, it doesn t fly over here on HBK s turf. He said tonight, JBL and all of Smackdown will find out what it s like to get RAW.

Lumberjack Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Shawn Michaels vs. John Bradshaw Layfield

The music of Shawn Michaels hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring with Kane, Big Show, Chris Masters and Carlito. John Bradshaw Layfield then made his way down with Lashley, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton and this is an Interpromotional Lumberjack Match!

The start:

We are underway as Michaels hammered away with right hands. JBL came back with some of his own and then they traded right hands and Michaels went for the superkick but JBL rolled to the outside. JBL realised he was near Team RAW so rolled back in and Michaels took over with chops in the corner. JBL whipped Michaels to the corner and charged in but Michaels got his elbow up. JBL then came back with a club to the back and a swinging neckbreaker. Lawler is back on commentary for those who care.

Mid-match notes:

JBL nailed right hands in the corner but Michaels came back with some of his own until JBL thumbed the eyes. JBL clubbed the back and then booted Michaels in the side of the head. JBL sent Michaels to the corner but Michaels came back with chops and then a big right hands to knock down JBL. JBL nailed a big side slam for two and then locked in a bearhug in the middle of the ring. Michaels fought out with right hands and then hit a running right hand before heading up top but Bradshaw cut him off and slammed him down to the canvas.

Bradshaw hit a running shoulder block for two and then sent Michaels hard to the corner. Bradshaw worked the lower back with some forearm shots and then hit a body slam but missed an elbow drop. Michaels clotheslined himself and Bradshaw outside, and then the Smackdown lumberjacks stomped away at Michaels until the RAW guys ran them off. Show then press slammed Michaels back into the ring on top of JBL for two as we go to commercial.

Back on RAW and Bradshaw has Michaels in a torture rack but Michaels fought out and went for a sunset flip and nailed it for two. Bradshaw then hit a back elbow and Michaels went to the outside and then Smackdown guys worked over Shawn before the RAW guys broke it up. Michaels was tossed back inside for two. Bradshaw nailed a big right hand and then a series of elbow drops and covered for another two. Bradshaw then tossed Michaels out again and the Smackdown guys got more cheap shots in before RAW broke it up.

Bradshaw suplex Michaels back into the ring and covered for two. Michaels came back with right hands but then JBL caught him with a clothesline. Bradshaw hit the fallaway slam and then covered for another near fall. Michaels came back with right hands and chops and then the flying forearm and nipped up! Michaels hit the atomic drop and then a clothesline, and a body slam before heading up top. Michaels came off with the elbow and then started to tune the band. Michaels went for Sweet Chin Music but the Smackdown guys pulled JBL to the outside and Michaels hit a body press over the top onto everyone!

The Finish:

Michaels sent JBL back into the ring and sent him head first to the buckle. Michaels nailed a chop but JBL then whipped him hard to the corner sending him inside out before hitting a big boot! JBL perched Michaels up top and but Michaels hit some right hands and JBL dropped down but then Orton came up and pushed Michaels off the top! JBL went for the Clothesline From Hell but Michaels ducked and hit the superkick but then Orton came in and hit the RKO.

Winner – No Contest

The Aftermath:

We then had a brawl in the ring and Show hit Orton with a spear and then Kane hit Mysterio with a chokeslam! Lashley took down Kane and then went for the Big Show but Kane hit a boot to the face and they hit a double chokeslam on Lashley! Batista then hit the ring with a steel pipe and hammered at Kane and Show with it, and he is bandaged heavily. Batista then hit a spinebuster on Show! Batista s music hit and who would have thought that Batista would be the only man standing in the ring, but what will happen this Sunday night at Survivor Series!? We fade to black.