WWE Survivor Series Results (11/27/05): SmackDown! vs. RAW

WWE Survivor Series Results (11/27/05): SmackDown! vs. RAW

Event: WWE Survivor Series Pay-Per-View Results
Date: Sunday, November 27th, 2005
Location: The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, MI
Results by Carl Walsh of PowerWrestling.com

WWE Survivor Series Opener:

The Survivor Series opened up with a video package looking at the RAW vs. Smackdown theme of tonight s event, as well as John Cena defending the WWE Championship against Kurt Angle, Triple H and Ric Flair facing off in a Last Man Standing Match, and the return of the Undertaker. The fireworks then went off in the arena as the 19th annual Survivor Series is here. Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and the Coach welcomed us to the show, before we go over to Michael Cole and Tazz.

Best of Seven Series: Match One
Referee: Charles Robinson
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

Sharmell made her way out to the stage and introduced her husband, Booker T, and this will be the first match in the best of seven series to determine an undisputed United States Champion.

The start:

Benoit went after Booker in the corner but Booker turned the tables and broke clean. They locked up and Booker scored with a short power slam. They locked up again and Booker backed Benoit to the corner. Cole reminded us that match two of this series will take place on Tuesday night on the Smackdown special. Benoit sent Booker to the outside and then invited him back into the ring.

Mid-match notes:

They locked up again and Booker with a go behind takedown but Benoit reversed into a waist lock on the mat, and then locked in a leg hold but Booker made the ropes and slid to the outside. Back inside and we go into a test of strength and Booker went for a back sweep but Benoit powered up and then Booker nailed a high kick to the jaw. Booker nailed a forearm shot and then a back elbow knockdown as Sharmell applauded her man. Booker went for a suplex but Benoit blocked and snapped off one of his own and then sent Booker to the ropes and hit a double axe handle knockdown for two.

Benoit worked over Booker in the corner with knees to the mid section and then nailed some shots to the back. Benoit whipped Booker to the corner and charged in but Booker got his boot up and came back with a side slam for two before locking in an arm bar. Benoit fought out with forearm shots but Booker nailed a knee to the mid section and then locked in an abdominal stretch. Benoit escaped with a hip toss and then an arm drag before sending Booker to the ropes but Booker came back with a boot to the face. Booker hit a spin kick to the face and covered for another two.

Booker locked in a rear chin lock and drove his knee into the back of Benoit. Benoit fought out with elbows to the mid section but Booker nailed a knee and then went for a suplex but Benoit floated over and nailed a German but Booker with a standing switch and then sent Benoit to the ropes and hit a big heel kick for two! Booker sent Benoit to the ropes and then hit a shot to the gut but Benoit came back with a dragon whip and then Booker rolled Benoit up when Benoit went for the sharpshooter, but Benoit kicked out. Benoit nailed some chops, and then a shoulderblock for two. Benoit nailed a snap suplex and floated over for another two count and then hit the rolling Germans.

The Finish:

Benoit headed up top but Sharmell got on the apron and then Booker cut Benoit off. Booker went for a superplex but Benoit knocked Booker down with headbutts and then went for the diving headbutt off the top but Booker rolled out of the way and then gave Benoit a Oklahoma roll and used the ropes for leverage, and Sharmell held his feet, for the three count!

Winner – Booker T

The Aftermath:

Benoit is pissed in the ring, and this Tuesday will be the second match in the best of seven series.

Eric Bischoff is shown warming up and Vince McMahon came in and said he wished Teddy Long good luck tonight, so he wishes Bischoff the same. Bischoff said tonight it s going to be the trifecta. He said he will wipe the mat with Teddy Long, then Team RAW will decimate Smackdown, and he said Survivor Series is the place to make history, like when McMahon screwed Bret Hart in Montreal, but he is going to bring it up to date. WWE Title Match tonight, John Cena vs. Kurt Angle, when Eric Bischoff screws Cena, all you are going to hear is You Screwed Cena! . Cena then shows up behind Bischoff and says Eric Bischoff screws guys? Bischoff left and then Cena and McMahon shook hands and Vince said what up my nigga! and walked by Booker T and Sharmell and Booker said tell me he didn t just say that!

Women s Championship Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Melina vs. Trish Stratus (c)

The music of MNM hit in the arena as Melina made her way to the ring with Mercury and Nitro, and Joey Styles is doing commentary on this one with Tazz. Trish Stratus then made her way to the ring as the Women s Champion, accompanied by Mickie James.

The start:

Trish tackled Melina and unloaded with right hands and Melina bailed to the outside. Trish went up top and hit a flying crossbody onto all of MNM on the outside! Back inside and Trish threw Melina around by the hair, and the hit the handstand into the whirlybird before unloaded on Melina in the corner. Melina came back with some forearm shots to the lower back and then stomped on Trish in the mid section.

Mid-match notes:

Melina choked Trish over the middle rope with her legs in a headscissors. Melina then choked Trish in the corner with her boot but then Trish came back with some of the same. Melina raked the eyes and then nailed a kick to the head and went to the outside and pushed over James. Mickie tackled Melina and then MNM got in the ring and went for the Snapshot on Trish but the referee caught them and they got ejected!

Melina is back in and she tackled Trish and gave her some big forearm shots and then hit a nice clothesline before slamming her face first into the canvas. Melina then locked in a surfboard, driving her feet into the lower back of Trish. Trish came back with some shots to the mid section and then some forearm shots and went for the Stratusfaction but Melina blocked and hit a flying facebuster for two. Melina went for a clothesline but Trish did the Matrish but Melina hit a shot to the gut and covered for another tow.

The Finish:

Trish came back with forearms and sent Melina to the corner and charged in but was met with a boot to the face. Trish then came back with the Stratusphere and then a spinebuster for two! Trish went for the Chick Kick but Melina ducked and Trish hit a front kick and then went for the Stratusfaction but Melina sent her to the apron. Melina went for a shoulder block but Mickie moved Trish and then Trish hit a modified Stratusfaction for the win!

Winner and still Women s Champion, Trish Stratus

The Aftermath:

Trish celebrated her victory with Mickie in the ring, and Melina is down and out on the outside.

In the arena:

Dmitri Young from the Detroit Tigers is shown front row enjoying the show.


Triple H is shown preparing for the Last Man Standing Match tonight.

Last Man Standing Match
Referee: Mickey Hanson
Triple H vs. Ric Flair (c)

It s time for the Last Man Standing Match, and the only way to win is to keep your opponent down for the ten count. The music of Triple H then hit as he made his way to the ring, and he will be facing the current Intercontinental Champion, and former best friend, Ric Flair.

The start:

Triple H attacked Flair in the aisle during his entrance and hammered away with right hands. Triple H threw Flair into the barrier and unloaded with more right hands before sending him into the ring. Triple H hammered away on Flair and he still has the robe on. Triple H hit a back elbow to knock Flair down and then kicked him to the outside. Triple H went over and grabbed a steel chair but Flair hit a shot to the gut with a kendo stick!

Mid-match notes:

Flair nailed more shots with the kendo stick and Triple H bailed into the crowd. Flair hammered away at the Game in the crowd and then the two traded punches and then charged at Triple H, but Triple H gave him a back drop back over the barricade! Back at ringside and Triple H nailed a suplex on the floor as the referee began his ten count. Flair was up at seven and Triple H pulled him onto the apron and suplexed him back into the ring. Triple H hit a big elbow drop, and then another to the small of the back. Triple H then hit some right hands in the corner but Flair came back with chops and punches of his own.

Triple H tossed Flair to the outside and followed out but Flair met him with chops but Triple H sent him face first into the ring post. Triple H went under the ring and found a toolbox and pulled out a screwdriver and jammed it into the forehead of Flair, and Flair is bleeding everywhere. Triple H jammed the screwdriver into the forehead again and Flair is a bloody mess. Triple H sent Flair back inside the ring and again jammed it into the face of Flair. Flair rolled to the outside for a breather and then got back in the ring and Triple H met him with a right hand and then a knee drop.

Triple H gave Flair another knee drop but then Flair fought back with chops in the corner until Triple H hit a knee to the gut and tossed Flair to the outside. Triple H followed out and hit more right hands to the head of Flair, and then started to dismantle the Spanish announce table. Flair then came back whipping Triple H into the ring steps but Triple H came back with a thumb to the eyes, and then hit a spinebuster on the floor! Triple H grabbed a microphone and told Flair to get up, and called him an old bastard, and to stay down or he will put him down for good. Flair then grabbed Triple H by the balls but Triple H nailed him with the microphone!

Triple H threw Flair onto the announce table and went for the Pedigree but Flair then backdropped Triple H through the other table! The referee started his count on Triple H and he made it up at nine! Flair pulled Triple H back in the ring and nailed some chops and right hands but then Triple H came back with a kick to the head. Triple H nailed a big right hand and then grabbed the steel chair. Triple H went to nail Flair with it, but then threw it down and hammered away on Flair with right hands. Triple H went to give Flair the Pedigree onto the chair but Flair nailed a low blow.

Flair nailed Triple H square in the head with the chair as the referee began his count on Triple H but Flair stopped him and bit away at the forehead of the Game. Flair nailed some chops in the corner and then a right hand right to the balls. Flair pulled Triple H to the ring post and crotched him on it and then sent his leg into it repeatedly. Flair then sent Triple H balls first into the ring post repeatedly and then slid back inside and gave him a chop block before biting the leg.

Ric Flair stomped at the leg of Triple H and then hit a knee drop to the face before hitting another chop block. Flair went for the Figure Four but Triple H kicked him off to the outside. Flair pulled Triple H to the ring post again and wrapped his leg around it, and then grabbed a chair and nailed the leg in between the ring post with it! Back in the ring and Flair locked in the Figure Four and pulled on the ropes for leverage which is totally legal in this match! Triple H started to tap but that doesn t matter in this match! Flair broke the Figure Four and the referee began his count on the Game. We reached eight as Triple H made it to his feet and then exploded with a clothesline on Flair.

Triple H went to the outside and chucked the ring steps into the ring. Triple H then nailed Flair right in the head with them as Flair screamed in pain. Triple H went to nail Flair again, but Flair hit a drop toe hold and Triple H went face first into the steps! Both men are down as the referee begins his count. Flair is up at six and Triple H is up at eight. Flair nailed some chops to the chest of Triple H and then some right hands before going for a back body drop but Triple H scored with the Pedigree out of nowhere! The referee started his count on Flair and Flair pulled himself up on the ring steps at eight! Triple H then nailed the Pedigree again and the referee started his count but Flair is up at eight and flipped off the Game!

The Finish:

Triple H hammered away with right hands in the corner, and then hit a third Pedigree but Flair still has life in him! Triple H is pissed and went under the ring and pulled out the sledgehammer! Triple H cracked Flair right in the back of the head with the sledgehammer and Flair has to be down and out this time, and he is!

Winner – Triple H

The Aftermath:

Triple H stood over Flair with the sledgehammer in hand as the referee called for help. Triple H signalled that he put Flair out of his misery with his hand as a gun, and then rolled to the outside as the EMT s and trainer made their way into the ring to check on the Nature Boy.

In the arena:

Edge s music hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring with Lita! Edge got on the mic and said he knows everyone wants to see the WWE Championship defended right now, but they are going to have to wait, and started very soon they are going to debut their very own show, The Cutting Edge . He said there will be no palm trees or cheesy screens, just a live mic and him. He said he is going to cut straight to the bone. He said his lovely co-host Diva has reminded him they have a live guest in the house, Dmitri Young. He said if he had Young on his shown, he d ask him how it feels to be on a team with no hope in hell of winning the World Series. He asked if it was a lack of talent, or a lack of steroids? He then called Young a fatty, and let s face it, Baseball is a crock full of cry-babies and they don t care about the people, and why should they? What does Detroit bring to the table? He said their baseball team hasn t won a championship in 21 years and their basketball team choked in the finals last year, and their football team played on thanksgiving and they make him thankful that he can fall asleep during the game knowing they will lose. Lita then said it looks like the baseball player wants to say something, and then he called him Mark Henry. Edge sent Lita to get some comments from Dmitri Young. He said that they do have something in common, he hits balls, and Edge has none! Young said if you want to talk about championships&and listed off some championships that the city has won. Young asked Edge where his World Championship was? Edge looked pissed and the fans chanted you suck at Edge. Edge said they are getting out of here and leaving this stinking city.

WWE Championship Match
Referee: Daivari
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena (c)

The music of Daivari hit in the arena as he made his way down to the ring as the special guest referee. Kurt Angle s music then hit as he made his way to the ring with the you suck chants censored, for his shot at the WWE Championship against John Cena.

The start:

The two locked up ands Cena backed Angle to the corner and broke clean. They locked up again and Angle with a single leg takedown and then an elbow to the inside of the thigh before working it over with a leg lock. Angle continued to work the leg until Cena kicked him off and nailed an arm drag into an arm bar. Angle whipped Cena off but Cena came back with a shoulder block and Angle bailed to the outside. The crowd is red hot.

Mid-match notes:

Daivari blocked Cena from going to the outside to follow up his attack. Back in the ring and they locked it up with Angle taking Cena down and then nailing an uppercut. Angle worked over Cena in the corner and then charged in but Cena got his boot up. Cena hit a clothesline and then a hip toss followed by a fishermans suplex but Daivari wouldn t count the pin! Cena went after Daivari but Angle grabbed Cena in the ankle lock! Cena fought towards the ropes but Angle pulled him back in but then hit finally made it and Daivari kicked him off. Cena then reversed and nailed a spinebuster and slapped Daivari twice in the face!

Daivari went to ring the bell in a disqualification but Angle stopped him and then Cena sent Angle into Daivari and they both crashed to the outside! Angle pulled Cena out and sent him face first into the ring steps, and then hit a overhead belly to belly on the floor! Angle sent Cena back inside and another referee ran down as Angle covered for two. Angle nailed Cena with right hands and then gave him a suplex for another two count. Angle locked in a waist lock as the fans chanted Let s go Angle! Let s go Cena! Cena fought out with elbows and then hit a high crossbody for two!

Angle nailed an overhead belly to belly and then clubbed at the back of Angle as a Cena Sucks chant started up. Angle hit a back suplex for two and then locked in a leg grapevine. Cena elbowed out and Angle went to a rear naked choke. Cena escaped with a jaw breaker and then ducked a right hand and nailed a DDT! Angle and Cena traded right hands and then Cena hit a flying shoulder and then a pair of clotheslines followed by a belly to belly sitout powerbomb! Cena did the five knuckle shuffle and then pumped them up and went for the FU but Angle clotheslined the referee out of nowhere!

The Finish:

Angle nailed Cena with a lowblow and then pulled down his straps as another referee came down. Angle nailed the Angle Slam and covered but Cena kicked out at two! Angle perched Cena on the top rope and scored with a superplex for another two count. Angle went up top and went for a moonsault but Cena moved! Cena went for the FU but Angle grabbed the referee and nailed Cena with a clothesline! Angle then gave the referee an uppercut and went to the outside get Daivari back. Charles Robinson from Smackdown then made his way down as Cena gave Daivari a DDT! Three referees lie in the ring as Cena picked Angle up out of nowhere and we have a winner!

Winner and still WWE Champion, John Cena

The Aftermath:

Cena celebrated his huge win to a mixed reaction from the crowd. Angle made his way to the back, and did not look at all happy.

General Manager Match
Referees: Jim Korderas and Jack Doan
Eric Bischoff vs. Theodore Long

The music of Eric Bischoff hit as he made his way down as the RAW General Manager in his Karate get up, and he will be facing Theodore Long, who was accompanied by Palmer Canon. Michael Cole and the Coach are on commentary.

The start:

Long got on the ropes and got a good pop from the crowd, and then Bischoff went to clothesline him but Long ducked and danced around some. Bischoff went for a kick but Long moved and then sidestepped another and Bischoff went into the turnbuckle. Long mocked Bischoff with the Karate Kid pose and then Canon got on the apron and Long was distracted by it and Bischoff started to choke him with his belt. Bischoff then kicked Canon off the apron.

Mid-match notes:

Bischoff choked Long some more and Long went for a right hand, but Bischoff locked in a sleeper. Canon got on the apron again and Long then whacked Bischoff with his shoe as the referees were distracted. Long went to hit him with the shoe again but Bischoff blocked and grabbed a side headlock and gave him an uppercut. The music of the Boogeyman then hit out of nowhere&

The Finish:

Everyone looked towards the entrance way and Bischoff sent the referees to check it out but then the Boogeyman appeared behind Bischoff! Bischoff walked backward into the Boogeyman and Boogeyman grabbed him by the throat and gave him a knee to the mid section and then a pumphandle slam! Boogeyman slid out of the ring and Long crawled into the cover for the win.

Winner – Theodore Long


Batista is shown backstage heading out of the locker room with Team Smackdown! in tow, and the Smackdown locker room cheered them on as they made their way towards the arena. The RAW team were then shown as the RAW locker room cheered them on as the left for the arena.

Ten Man Interbrand Elimination Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Shawn Michaels, Kane, The Big Show, Carlito and Chris Masters vs.
Batista, Rey Mysterio, John Bradshaw Layfield, Randy Orton and Bobby Lashley

The music of Batista hit as he made his way to the ring as the World Heavyweight Champion and the leader of Team Smackdown! JBL s music then hit as he made his way down with Jillian Hall. Rey Mysterio then made his entrance and made a gesture to the skies in tribute to Eddie Guerrero during his entrance. The crowd erupted into a huge Eddie chant as Bobby Lashley made his entrance followed by Randy Orton who was accompanied by Cowboy Bob. Shawn Michaels music then hit as he made his way out as the leader of Team RAW. Carlito was out next, followed by Chris Masters and then the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show. Both the RAW and Smackdown announce teams are calling this one.

The start:

Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton kicked things off with a tie up and Orton backed Michaels to the corner and broke clean. They locked up again and again Orton got Michaels in the corner and then slapped Michaels across the face. Michaels slapped Orton back and they locked up again and traded some reversals and Michaels slapped Orton yet again. Michaels chopped away at Orton in the corner and then Orton sent Michaels to the opposite corner and charged in but ate boot. Orton came back with a kick to the face and an uppercut for two.

Mid-match notes:

Orton missed a knee drop and then tagged in Masters who continued to work the arm. Orton raked the eyes and then clubbed the back and gave him a knee lift. Masters sent Orton face first to the corner and then delivered some chops and sent him to the ropes and knocked him down with a shoulder block and covered but JBL broke the fall. Orton clubbed the back of Masters and then tagged in Lashley. Masters went for a shoulder block but Lashley didn t budge, and then nailed a scoop slam. Lashley sent him to the corner but missed a splash. Masters went for the Masterlock but couldn t get it on as Lashley powered out and hit a belly to belly throw and Masters tagged in Carlito.

Lashley slingshotted Carlito into the ring and then nailed him with a right hand, but Lashley dropped him with a pair of clotheslines and then hit a running powerslam for two. Lashley sent Carlito to the corner and charged in but Carlito nailed an elbow and tagged in Michaels. Michaels went up top but Lashley tossed him down and hit a slam and then a belly to belly throw. Carlito then came in and Lashley gave him the Dominator! Lashley then went for it on Michaels but Kane grabbed him by the throat and chokeslammed him from the apron and Michaels covered and Lashley is eliminated!

Mysterio came in and took over on Michaels but then Kane hit a knee to the back. Michaels tagged in Masters who dropped a series of elbows on the back of Mysterio and then hammered away with right hands. Masters gave Mysterio a press slam and then made the tag to Kane. Kane missed an elbow drop and then ate a dropkick to the face followed by a sliding legdrop and standing moonsault for two. Kane then came back with a big boot and rammed him into the corner and gave him some shots to the back. Kane nailed a backbreaker and covered for two. Kane rammed Mysterio into the corner again and then locked in a bearhug. Mysterio fought out and tagged in Batista!

Batista unloaded with right hands and shoulders in the corner. Batista sent Kane to the corner and hit a clothesline, and went for another but Kane got an elbow up and then went after the ribs. Batista came back with a spear and then Michaels came in and ate a clothesline, as did Carlito and Masters was thrown outside. Show came in and Batista nailed him and Mysterio hit the 619 on Kane and then Batista hit a spinebuster on Kane and Kane is eliminated! Show then hit the chokeslam on Batista for two! Kane is back up and he and Show hit the double chokeslam on Batista and Show covered and Batista is out of here! JBL is in and he unloaded with right hands on Show and then went to the middle rope and dived off but Show caught him and slammed him down.

Orton came in but Show kicked him in the head and then Mysterio came in and Show tossed him around. Show choked Orton on the apron but Orton hung him up and then JBL hit the Clothesline From Hell! Mysterio tagged in and hit the 619 and then tagged in Orton who hit the RKO and then tagged JBL back in who hit another Clothesline From Hell and Show started to get up! Mysterio tagged in and hit the seated senton and Show is out of here! It all breaks down as all six men are going at it and JBL hit the fallaway slam on Michaels on the outside. Masters and Mysterio are legal as Masters sent him hard into the corner and covered for two. Carlito tagged in and hit a suplex on Mysterio and floated over for another two count.

Carlito scored with a leg drop for two and then locked in a rear naked choke. Lawler says that Michaels is still down on the floor and Masters went to check on him. Mysterio fought out of the rear naked choke with elbows to the mid section and then Carlito sent him to the ropes but Mysterio got the blind tag to JBL. Carlito went for the overdrive on Mysterio, but JBL hit the Clothesline From Hell and covered to eliminate him! Masters is in and JBL hammered away at him but Masters hit a suplex and got two. Michaels is still down and out on the outside as Mysterio tagged in and dived at Masters, but Masters caught him and then JBL hit a boot to the face to send him down and Mysterio got two. Masters took over with shoulders on Rey in the corner, but Rey moved and Masters hit the psot. Rey hit the 619 on Masters and then Dropped the Dime and Masters is out!

JBL went out and grabbed the fallen Michaels and sent him head first into the announce table. JBL tossed him back into the ring. Mysterio nailed some right hands and then sent him to the ropes but Michaels came back with a chop but Rey hit a drop toe hold and nailed the 619! Rey dived off for the West Coast Pop but Michaels hit a mid air superkick for the elimination! JBL came in for the Clothesline From Hell but Michaels ducked and hit Sweet Chin Music and JBL is out of here and we are down to one a piece! Orton stalked Michaels and went for the RKO but Michaels shoved him off and Orton slid to the outside but then Michaels hit a diving crossbody over the top!

Back inside and Michaels chopped away at Orton and then hit a flying forearm followed by the nip up! Michaels hit the atomic drop and then a clothesline, followed by another. Michaels hit a slam and then headed up top. Michaels came off with the elbow from the top and both men are down. JBL is still at ringside and has grabbed a steel chair as Michaels started to tune up the band. JBL slid into the ring with the chair and went to nail Michaels but Michaels ducked and hit the superkick on him but then walked into the RKO from Orton for the win!

Sole Survivor – Randy Orton

The Aftermath:

The Smackdown locker room hit the ring to celebrate the victory and they got him on their shoulders but then dong! . The music of the druids hit as they made their way down the aisle with a casket. They placed it down in the entrance way and Orton looked scared to death. The casket was stood on its end and then the dong hit again! A lightning bolt nailed the casket and it went up in flames! The door then fell off and the Undertaker emerged from it! The Undertaker made his way down to the ring and Orton bailed and then the Undertaker started to lay out the entire Smackdown roster. Undertaker hit a tombstone on Regal and everyone is down, and then Taker stared a hole through Orton who was in the aisle. Taker signalled that Orton is next as the Survivor Series went off the air!

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