WWE Taboo Tuesday Results (11/1/05): New Champions!

Event: WWE Taboo Tuesday Pay-Per-View Results
Date: Tuesday, November 1st, 2005
Location: The IpayOne Center at the Sports Arena in San Diego, CA
Results by PowerWrestling.com

WWE Taboo Tuesday Opener:

Taboo Tuesday opened up with a video package putting over the interactivity of the event, and looked at the main matches on the card tonight. The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of the show as Joey Styles and Jerry Lawler welcomed us to the show!

Interpromotional Tag Team Match
Referees: Michael Chioda and Nick Patrick
Edge and Chris Masters vs. Rey Mysterio & Matt Hardy

The music of Edge hit in the arena as he and Chris Masters made their way to the ring with Lita, and they are set for action with two Smackdown! Superstars. Todd Grisham is live on the set, and it s time to see who will be competing here tonight. Christian, Matt Hardy, Hardcore Holly, JBL and Rey Mysterio were shown in the back with Theodore Long. The winners are&Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy. The music of Matt Hardy then hit as he made his way down to the ring, and he has some personal issues to take care of with Edge. Rey Mysterio then made his way down, and we are set for action.

Lita took the mic and said what a surprise, but she has a surprise for them. She said Edge isn t wrestling tonight, and he confirmed that. He said what does it do to further his career to beat Matt once again, and the same for Rey, absolutely nothing. He said he doesn t care about them, he doesn t care about RAW, and he doesn t care what the people voted for. He said he does care about one thing, him. He said they should be concerned with his replacement&Snitsky. Wasn t His Fault ya know.

The start:

Masters attacked Rey from behind and whipped him hard to the corner. Masters nailed a one handed vertical suplex and we have two idiot referees making the count. Snitsky tagged in and went for a suplex but Rey rolled him up and these referees are getting in each others way. Snitsky came back with stomps and then choked Rey in the ropes. Snitsky nailed a slam and then tagged in Masters.

Mid-match notes:

Masters hit a series of three backbreakers and then held him in position and wrenched away at him. Mysterio fought out with knees and right hands and then botched his bulldog spot and then Masters threw him down for two. Masters locked in a sleeper and Mysterio fought out. Rey came back with a tilt a whirl headscissors and Hardy tagged in. Hardy hit lefts and rights on Snitsky and then dropkicked Masters to the outside.

Hardy hit some knees to the gut and then hit the side effect but Snitsky kicked out. Hardy went for the Twist of Fate but Snitsky rammed him into the corner but then hung himself up. Hardy hit a superplex and Masters made the save on the count. Snitsky pretty much landed on his head. Hardy went for the Twist on Masters but Snitsky came in and gave him a big boot. Snitsky hit some elbows for two and then Snitsky and Masters worked him over in the corner.

Masters nailed a double underhook suplex and then drove his knee into the back of Hardy. Hardy came back and then the two traded right hands but then Hardy walked into a big clothesline but Rey broke the count. Snitsky and Masters sent Hardy sternum first to the turnbuckle and then Snitsky nailed a suplex and then locked in an arm lock. Crowd is hot by the way. Hardy fought back but then got nailed by a spinebuster. Snitsky covered but Hardy grabbed the ropes. Snitsky hit a slingshot sending Hardy throat first into the bottom rope.

Masters tagged in and locked in a front face lock on Hardy. Hardy came back with a clothesline from the middle rope for two when Snitsky broke the fall. Masters tagged Snitsky who hit an elbow to the back of the neck and then shoved Mysterio off the apron. Snitsky hit another slam and then an elbow drop. Snitsky kicked Hardy in the corner and then charged in but Hardy got a boot up and then dived from the middle rope but Snitsky caught him and Hardy floated out and hit an inverted DDT.

Both men made tags and Rey hit a springboard senton on Masters and then kicked away at him. Rey hit a springboard crossbody for two and then a low dropkick to the face for two when Snitsky broke the fall. Snitsky went shoulder first to the ring post when he went for a charge on Rey. Rey went for a Tornado DDT but Snitsky threw him off into the Master Lock. Rey tried to push off and Patrick was about to make the fall for Smackdown but Chioda stopped him. Snitsky and Masters were sent to the outside by Hardy and then Hardy and Rey hit stereo crossbody s off the top onto the RAW guys on the outside.

The Finish:

Masters was thrown back inside and Rey went for a sunset flip and Hardy clotheslined him over and Rey got a near fall. Snitsky tripped Rey and then Masters hit a whirlybird backbreaker slam but Hardy made the save on the fall. Hardy hit a tornado DDT on Snitsky and then hit a drop toe hold on Masters into the ropes. Rey then hit the 619 and Hardy hit the Twist of Fate and then Rey hit a springboard splash for the win!

Winners – Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy


Mick Foley is shown talking backstage saying he has worn some crazy outfits in his time, and then showed a bra and said he thinks the luggage got mixed up. Maria had the Mankind mask on, and she said she thinks he is right. Maria then got naked off camera and gave him some tights and a bra, acting like they were his. She said have a nice day and he said he thinks he just did.

Referee: Jack Doan
Rob Conway and Tyson Tomko vs. Eugene and Superfly Jimmy Snuka

The music of Rob Conway hit in the arena as he and Tyson Tomko made their way to the ring for action with Eugene and a Legend, but which Legend will it be? Hacksaw Duggan, Kamala or Jimmy Snuka? We got to Grisham and the winner is&Superfly! Eugene comes up to Snuka all excited and then they make their way to the ring. SOOPA SOOPA SOOPAFLY!

The start:

Tomko and Eugene kicked things off with a lock up and Tomko nailed a slam. Eugene wanted a test of strength and then poked the eyes and hit a slam. Conway then came in and hit Eugene from behind and Tomko hammered him with right hands. Conway tagged in and hit a right hand and then worked him over in the corner. Conway hit a back elbow knockdown and then an elbow drop for two.

Mid-match notes:

Conway scored with a dropkick and then tagged in Tomko. Tomko hit a powerslam for two and then tagged Conway back in. Conway locked in a rear naked choke but Eugene fought up and then Conway nailed some kicks to the gut. Eugene hit some headbutts to the mid section and then Conway knocked Snuka off the apron and tagged in Tomko. Tomko nailed right hands on Eugene in the corner and Eugene started to fight back but Tomko dropped him and tagged in Conway. Tomko missed a big boot and got caught in the ropes and hit a clothesline on Conway. Eugene got the tag to Snuka who hit some chops on Conway and then a headbutt.

The Finish:

Tomko then nailed Snuka from behind and Eugene took care of Tomko clotheslining him outside. Conway went for the Ego Trip but Eugene reversed into a jaw breaker. Snuka and Eugene gave Conway a series of headbutts and then Eugene hit the Rock Bottom. Snuka went up top and hit the Superfly splash for the win.

Winners – Eugene and Superfly Jimmy Snuka

The Aftermath:

Tomko attacked Eugene after the match and then got his hands on Snuka. Duggan and Kamala then hit the ring and Duggan hit the big clothesline on Tomko, and then Kamala squashed him. HOOOO.

Referee: Mickey Hanson
Carlito vs. Mick Foley

The music of Carlito hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for action with Mick Foley, but will he be wrestling as Mankind, Cactus Jack or Dude Love? We go to Grisham and the winner is&Mankind! Carlito didn t look happy as we go to a video package looking at the events leading to this match.

The start:

Carlito and Mankind locked up and Carlito nailed a left hand, and then some more. Carlito hit a dropkick and then more left hands. Mankind came back with a back elbow and then raked Carlito across the top rope. Mankind tied Carlito in the tree of woe and hit a running elbow on Carlito. Mankind catapulted Carlito into the second rope and then hit a baseball slide dropkick to send Carlito outside.

Mid-match notes:

Mankind hit a neckbreaker on the outside and then grabbed a chair. Mankind charged at Carlito with it, but Carlito hit a drop toe hold sending Mankind into the chair and the ring steps. Carlito hit a dropkick on the outside and Mankind s head whacked against the steps. Ow. Back inside and Carlito covered for two and punched and kicked away at Mankind. Carlito hit a side Caribbean legsweep for two and then worked him over in the corner.

Carlito hit an electric chair out of the corner for two and then locked in a rear naked choke. Mankind fought out and flipped Carlito over his back and then both men clotheslined each other. Mankind started to rip out his hair and then nailed right hands on Carlito in the corner. Mankind beat Carlito down and then hit the running knee! Mankind clotheslined Carlito to the outside and both went over. Mankind got on the apron and hit the elbow to the floor on Carlito!

The Finish:

Back inside and Mankind covered for two. Mankind hit the double arm DDT and then called for Socko! Out came Socko and it has an afro! Mankind shoved Socko down Carlito s throat with the Mandible Claw, and Mankind was won! Oh, and Joey Styles had a seizure.

Winner – Mankind


Bischoff is pissed off backstage on the phone and then there was a knock at the door, and it s Vince McMahon. He said he couldn t miss tonight, and the match he wants to see is the RAW vs. Smackdown match. Bischoff said they already had the match, and said it didn t go the way he planned. McMahon asked if RAW lost to Smackdown, and Bischoff said yes. Bischoff said Long cheated and McMahon said he was disappointed. He asked Bischoff who the hell he is. He said he isn t the Bischoff he knows, who nearly put him out of business. He said he doesn t want to hear excuses and asked Bischoff what he s going to do about it. Bischoff said McMahon controls the organization, but he isn t going to do a damn thing. He said he s tired of people waiting for him to step up, and Bischoff is on his own, which means no excuses. Where the hell is the creativity (Shouldn t you be asking yourself that, Vince?) McMahon said Bischoff was on his damn own, and go do something about it. He said in the other RAW vs. Smackdown match, good luck with that. Bischoff looked pissed as Vince left.

In the arena:

Grisham said it s time to talk about the main event, and it s time to see who will join John Cena and Kurt Angle in the Triple Threat. Show, Kane and Michaels are shown backstage and Michaels got the vote with 46%. Kane looked pissed as Show shook his hand.

World Tag Team Championship Match
Referee: Chad Patton
Kane and The Big Show vs. Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch ?

The music of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch hit as they made their way to the ring as the World Tag Team Champions, and they are set to take on Kane and the Big Show.

The start:

Show and Kane cornered the champs on the outside and then tossed Murdoch in the ring and hammered him with right hands. Murdoch was a trapped rat as Kane nailed him with an uppercut. Kane sent Murdoch to the corner and gave him some huge uppercuts and then choked away at him. Kane hit a clothesline in the corner, and went for another but Murdoch got his boot up. Murdoch hit a clothesline and tagged in Cade.

Mid-match notes:

Kane hit Cade with an uppercut and then sent him into the boot of the Big Show before tagging him in. Show silenced the crowd and chopped Cade hard in the corner. Show hammered away at Cade with boots and right hands, and then nailed him with another huge chop. Show hit a boot to the face and then Cade raked the eyes and Murdoch tagged in. Murdoch went for a whip but that was no good and Show chopped Murdoch in the corner and then gave him a headbutt. Show scored with yet another chop, and then stood on Murdoch before tagging in Kane. Kane choked Murdoch but he raked the eyes and tagged Cade. Kane hit a boot to the sternum and then went up top.

Cade cut him off but Kane shoved him down and then Murdoch came up and shoved Kane to the outside. Murdoch and Cade then hit the Sweet and Sour on Kane on the outside. Back in the ring and Cade choked away at Kane as the referee was busy with Show. Murdoch tagged in and hammered away at Kane before locking in a half nelson. Kane drove Murdoch into the corner but Cade tagged in and they worked Kane over and Murdoch hit an atomic drop followed by a Cade neckbreaker. Kane sat up but Cade clotheslined him back down. Kane grabbed Cade by the throat and then hit a boot and clothesline to the champs.

The Finish:

Kane tagged in Show who hit clotheslines and headbutts to both men. Show whipped Murdoch into Cade and then hit the splash on Cade but Murdoch moved. Kane went up top and hit the flying clothesline on Murdoch and then sent him to the outside. Show and Kane then hit a double chokeslam on Cade and it s over!

Winners and new World Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Big Show

The Aftermath:

Grisham came to the ring for an interview. He asked Show if it was a shock and Murdoch got on the apron pissed. Kane and Show brought him into the ring and they gave him a double chokeslam too.


Vader is shown with Goldust backstage. Goldust said it s Vader and Goldust time. Coach comes in and says they better be ready, because everyone is talking about what happened last night on RAW when he slapped Batista. He said if he can beat Batista tonight, it will be only a matter of time before he will be WWE Champion.

In the arena:

Grisham said its time to talk about the Fulfil Your Fantasy Battle Royal, and brought them out to the stage. Maria, Candice Michelle, Ashley, Mickie James, Victoria and Trish Stratus made their way to the stage. Time for the result and it s Lingerie.

Non Title Match
Street Fight
Referee: Jack Doan
Jonathan Coachman vs. Batista (c)

The music of Goldust hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring to be in the corner of the Coach. Vader s music then hit as he made his way down. Coach then made his entrance, and this is going to be a train wreck. We go to Grisham and of course it s a Street Fight with 91%. Coach looked happy with the result as the music of the World Heavyweight Champion hit as Batista made his way to the ring!

The start:

Coach got on the apron and Vader and Goldust cornered Batista but he nailed them with right hands. Batista cleared the ring and then Vader and Goldust got back in. Batista hammered them with right hands again but then Vader and Goldust got the better of him and worked him over in the corner. Batista fought back and hit some shoulders to Vader and then a spear on Goldust.

Mid-match notes:

Coach got in and got decked and then Batista went for a suplex on Vader but Goldust came in and whacked Batista with a Kendo Stick in the back repeatedly. Coach got a belt from the time keeper and Vader and Goldust held Batista as Coach whipped him hard in the back with the belt. The fans chanted for Austin as Coach mouthed off at Batista. Batista fought out and nailed Vader and Goldust with clotheslines and then whipped away at Vader with the belt, and gave Goldust some of the same.

The Finish:

Batista then whipped Coach with the belt and went for a spinebuster on Vader but botched it. Batista then gave one to Goldust and went back and gave one to Vader. Batista got his hands on Coach and slapped him across the face, payback from last night. Batista then nailed the Batista Bomb on Coach and this one is over.

Winner, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista


Grisham is backstage with Shawn Michaels. He asks his reaction on the fans voting for him. Michaels said he knows this is a tough guy business, but it s always great to be the popular kid in school. He said he will show Cena and Angle why he is the showstopper, and show the WWE fans what he does best. Angle comes in and says he doesn t like Michaels, and Michaels doesn t like him. He said neither one of them want Cena walking out the Champion, and said to work together and take Cena out, and then find out who the best in the business is between Angle and Michaels. Angle said it s 1-1 between them, and they have an opportunity to prove to everyone who the best in the business is, but this time it s for the WWE Championship. Michaels said he will think about it, and Angle said he better think real good.

Women s Championship Match
Fulfill Your Fantasy Battle Royal
Ashley vs. Candice Michelle vs. Victoria vs. Maria vs. Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus (c)

The music of Ashley hit as she made her way to the ring looking hot in lingerie. The others made their entrance and finally Trish Stratus made her way to the ring as the Women s Champion.

The start:

They all go at it with Trish working Victoria and both teetering on elimination on the top turnbuckle. Mickie made the save and Victoria almost went out. Candice took Trish and Mickie down and Maria stomped Ashley. Victoria and Candice were taken down and Maria started dancing around and was eliminated by Mickie and Ashley. Ashley sent Candice to the apron but Candice nailed a forearm to get back in.

Mid-match notes:

Candice choked Ashley upside down over the ropes and then did a dance and Ashley knocked her down to the floor. Victoria kicked Trish in the face and then hit a tilt a whirl side slam. Mickie took over with forearms on Victoria and then an elbow in the corner. Victoria went to eliminate Mickie but Ashley made the save. Ashley and Mickie picked Victoria up and tried to dump her but she held on. Victoria catapulted Ashley over the top to the floor and then took over on Mickie. Victoria hit the tilt a whirl side slam on Mickie and then Trish took over on Victoria with a spinning headscissors.

The Finish:

Trish choked Victoria in the ropes but Victoria came back and almost eliminated Trish. Mickie made the save and pulled Trish back in and then Victoria nailed her with a clothesline. Trish did the Matrish but Victoria splashed her and then went to duimp her. Mickie made the save and Victoria slapped her. Mickie then dived at Victoria and both went out and Trish wins.

Winner and still Women s Champion, Trish Stratus

The Aftermath:

Grisham grabbed a word with Trish and Mickie came up all excited that Trish was still the champion. Grisham went to ask Trish again, and Mickie butted in again and said Trish totally owned Victoria. She said she is so happy to be standing here next to her. Trish didn t look happy as they made their way to the back.

Intercontinental Championship Match
Steel Cage Match
Referee: Mickey Hanson
Triple H vs. Ric Flair (c)

Back to Grisham for the result of the vote and it s a Cage Match. Duh. The cage lowered and then the music of Triple H hit in the arena and this one is personal. Triple H climbed to the top of the cage before Ric Flair made his entrance as the Intercontinental Champion.

The start:

Triple H and Ric Flair stared each other down before locking up. Flair chopped Triple H hard in the corner and told him to bring it on. They locked up again and Flair hit more chops and right hands. Triple H took over and they traded right hands and chops. Flair nailed more right hands and then a big chop to take Triple H down. Triple H came back with the high knee and then sent Flair head first to the corner.

Mid-match notes:

Triple H hammered away with right hands and then choked him with his boot. Flair came back with more right hands and chops but then Triple H nailed the spinebuster. Triple H hammered away with short right hands to the head of the Nature Boy and then whipped him into the side of the cage and Flair s busted already. Triple H chucked Flair into the cage again and then gave him a snapmare before dropping a knee from the middle rope. Triple H raked the head of Flair against the steel like a cheese grater. Triple H splashed Flair against the cage and Flair is a bloody mess.

Triple H hammered away with more right hands and then pulled down his knee pad before hitting a knee drop to the face of Flair. Triple H tossed Flair into the steel again and then Triple H started to climb out. Triple H got to the top and then Flair started to climb up behind. Triple H saw Flair coming and Flair chopped Triple H on the top rope. Triple H then nailed a right hand and both men got crotched on the top rope. Triple H started to climb up again and pulled some chain from the cage. Triple H went for a fist drop with the chain but Flair got his boot up.

Flair nailed a knee breaker and then went for the Figure Four but Triple H nailed him with the chain and covered for two. Triple H nailed a fist drop with the chain and the referee took the chain from Triple H and gave it to the referee on the outside. Triple H slapped Flair across the face and then hammered him with more right hands. Triple H hit more right hands in the corner and hit a knee drop to the back of the neck. Triple H then locked the Figure Four on Flair in the middle of the ring. Flair tried to reverse it and eventually did so and then they got caught up in the ropes.

Triple H mocked Flair and went back for a figure four but Flair kicked him off into the cage! Triple H is now busted bad as Flair bit the forehead of the Game. Flair nailed a big chop and then left and right hands. Flair bit Triple H some more and then tossed him into the cage and then raked his head against the side of the cage. Flair fish hooked the face of Triple H and hammered away some more at him. Flair chopped Triple H again and then hit a vertical suplex and then a knee drop, followed by another one. Flair chopped Triple H and then nailed more right hands and gave him a chopblock to the left leg.

Flair chopped Triple H some more and then pulled his knee pad down and worked over the knee. Flair gave Triple H another chopblock and then an elbow drop to the knee. Flair then locked in the Figure Four in the middle of the ring as Triple H writhed in pain. The referee got knocked down by Triple H and then Flair broke the hold. Flair went right back after the knee and then started to climb the cage. Triple H grabbed him and Flair raked the eyes and then nailed a double axe handle from the top rope for two! Flair then gave Triple H a forearm to the balls to quote Joey Styles and the Game fell to his knees.

The Finish:

Flair crawled to the door and was half out but Triple H grabbed him by the foot and pulled him back in, but Flair brought a chair with him. Triple H stomped the chair in Flair s hand and Flair screamed in pain. Triple H took the chair and went to nail Flair, but Flair grabbed his nutsack. Flair squeezed as Triple H screamed in pain and then chopped away at him. Triple H then went for the Pedigree but Flair backdropped him onto the chair! Flair took the chair and nailed Triple H right in the head with it! Flair nailed Triple H hard with the chair again, and then again, and Triple H is down and out! Flair went to the door and climbed out, and Flair has done it!!

Winner and still Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair

In the arena:

P.O.D are shown enjoying the show, and their song Lights Out will be used for the Survivor Series this year. Styles informs us we have a new Taboo Tuesday record with 6,351,188 votes being cast.

WWE Championship Match
Triple Threat Match
Referee: Michael Chioda
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle vs. John Cena (c)

The music of Kurt Angle hit in the arena as he made his way to the ring for this Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship. Earlier tonight, Angle suggested to Michaels that they work together to eliminate Cena from the match, but will Michaels agree to it? Michaels music then hit as he made his way down, followed by the WWE Champion John Cena.

The start:

Angle punked Michaels to the outside and then took over on Cena in the corner. Angle knocked Michaels off the apron again and continued his assault on Cena. Cena came back with a fisherman s suplex and made the cover but Michaels broke the fall. Michaels chopped away at Angle and then stomped on Cena. Angle went for a back suplex but Michaels countered for two. Cena then hammered away on Michaels with right hands and Angle stomped him off.

Mid-match notes:

Angle hit a kick to the head on Cena but then Cena backdropped him to the outside. Michaels chopped Cena Michaels sent Cena head first to the buckle and then chopped away at him. Michaels knocked Angle off the apron to the outside and then Cena got a backslide for two on Michaels but then Michaels clotheslined him down. Angle is back in and gave Cena a German and then gave one to Michaels and another to Cena and then another to Michaels! Angle went for the Angle Slam but Michaels reversed into a sunset flip and then Angle locked in the Ankle Lock. Michaels rolled through and Cena went for the FU on Angle.

Michaels then went for Sweet Chin Music on Cena but Cena nailed a clothesline for two. Cena got an inside cradle on Angle for two and then Angle went for a sunset flip and Michaels hit a crossbody to send him over for two. Angle stomped Cena and then Angle and Michaels started to team up on Cena. Angle and Michaels stomped Cena and then Angle hammered him with right hands. Michaels and Angle threw Cena into the ring post shoulder first and then Cena crashed to the floor. Angle sent Cena into the ring steps head first and then nailed an uppercut. Michaels has cleaned off the Spanish Announce Table and they went for a double suplex on Cena and did it face first and Cena crashed right through it!

Angle then chopped Michaels and they are going at it on the outside. Back in the ring and Michaels scored with a powerslam for two. Angle came back with a back elbow knockdown as Cena is shown down and out on the floor. Angle hit a knee lift on Michaels and then sent him to the corner and worked him over with right hands and uppercuts as the fans chanted for Angle. Michaels came back with Angle hammered him some more and then hit a snap suplex for two. Angle locked in a body scissors on Michaels to wear him down, and then rubbed his forearm into the face of the Heart Break Kid.

Angle throws HBK face first off the corner and puts him on the top turnbuckle. Angle gives HBK some hard right hands, jumps up, tries to launch HBK off, but HBK uses his feet to hold onto the ropes. HBK pushes Angle off who hits the mat with force. HBK starts to stand up on the corner looking to hit an elbow drop when Angle jumps up and hits a huge Angle Slam off the top rope! Angle covers…1…2…HBK kicks out. Angle can’t believe it. Angle looks to apply the Ankle Lock when when Cena hits the ring clotheslining Angle over the top to the outside. Cena takes out HBK with a high back body drop followed by a spinning slam. Cena was about to hit the five knuckle shuffle on HBK when Angle trips him up and pulls him to the outside. Angle throws Cena into the crowd and then HBK jumps over the top taking out Angle! HBK throws Angle back inside the ring and gets in a chop followed by a flying clothesline off the top rope. HBK nips up, hits an inverted atomic drop and two clotheslines on Angle. HBK gives Angle a scoop slam and then chops Cena when he comes in. Angle then gives HBK a huge overhead belly-to-belly suplex over the top rope to the outside! Angle taunts HBK, but Cena hits Angle with a big modified sitdown powerbomb. Cena does the five knuckle shuffle to Angle. Cena grabs Angle, looks to hit the FU, but Angle counters down into the Ankle Lock! Cena rolls out of it, tries to kick Angle away, but Angle keeps it locked on. Cena tries the same thing again, but Angle continues to hold on and keep the Ankle Lock applied. Angle falls to his back and applies more pressure. Cena lifts his hand in the air to tap when HBK goes up to the top, jumps and connects with the flying elbow on Angle. HBK backs up, Angle stands up and HBK connects with the Sweet Chin Music. Right after this takes place, Cena grabs HBK and connects with the FU! Cena covers HBK…1…2…3.

Winner & STILL WWE Champion: John Cena

After the match, John Cena celebrates with the WWE Championship in the corner holding it high in the air. Some highlights from the match are shown. Back live, Cena refuses help from the WWE referee and limps to the middle of the ring holding the WWE Title high in the air. The PPV goes off the air with Cena falling to the ground in pain holding the WWE Title close to him…

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