Yet Even More On Christian Quitting WWE

The Christian quitting WWE story that was posted earlier today on is not a work. We have been reporting now for months that Christian has not been happy with his current status in WWE. He has told friends that he is upset with current WWE storylines and felt he should have had more of a role on SmackDown!.


We're told Christian had been in contract renegotiations with WWE for quite some time. His current deal expires today and apparently last week a new deal was offered to him. He was told to sign it and go from there. We're told Christian refused to sign the contract either because he didn't like the wording of it or he just simply did not want to re-sign. He did agree with WWE to show up last night at the tapings to 'do the job'.

Several members of upper management were said to be surprised at the decision Christian made. Others felt it was only a matter of time before he got so fed up and left. His bio has also been removed from

Of course this will likely fuel rumors that Christian is headed to TNA. It's very early to even speculate just yet but if one had to guess, he'll be in TNA by early 2006. As noted earlier, Christian does live in Florida so it could be a situation similar to Kevin Nash where he could just drive to the arena, wrestle, and then go home. No word on if he'll have a no compete clause as his contract has expired.