3 Big Names Returning To WWE?, Murdoch's Gimmick, More News

Partial Source: The Observer

Reader Ben Alison sent this news along... According to Zebrahead.com, the band "Zebrahead", have recorded a new theme song for Stacy Keibler. It is due to start being used in January. Stacy has been advertised to appear at a Smackdown taping in mid-January.

Trevor Murdoch seems to be tweaking his gimmick a little bit. On WWE Unlimited this past Monday, Trevor Murdoch gave his review on the 2005 movie, "Brokeback Mountain." Murdoch states that the movie is about two cowboys who fall in love .... with each other. Murdoch says that the movie really "hit close to home." He talks about spending quality time with his friend Larry out in the country and how his friend Larry "starts to look a little sweet." Murdoch says that he's tired of people judging him and the movie. What Murdoch seems to be implying in this subliminal message is that he's a homosexual.

WWE are considering bringing back Chuck Palumbo. Palumbo was released by WWE in November of 2004 and has since opted to compete in Japan as opposed to in the states. The main reason that WWE seems interested in bringing back Palumbo is because his brother is something of a war hero in Afghanistan. JBL mentioned on television that war hero Chris Palumbo is "the brother of one of our wrestlers." Talk of bringing back Chuck Palumbo started just after WWE came back from their trip in Afghanistan.

WWE is also interested in bringing back Aaron Aguilera, who was known as Carlito's bodyguard Jesus. He suffered a neck injury soon after he debuted and was subsequently released this past April.
There are some conflicting reports going around about Charlie Haas possibly returning to WWE. Some state that Charlie Haas is not returning to WWE, although, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter says otherwise. Haas has ripped apart the WWE creative team in interviews after his release this past July. We'll have to wait and see on this one although the rumors state he will have something to do with Shelton Benjamin's new storyline.