Backstage Lockerroom News - Hardy, Benoit, Tajiri, More

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Morale within the WWE lockerroom is at a ten year lowpoint according to, with Eddie Guerrero s death, the impending drug testing and Johnny Ace s management style all making working for the company feel more like an obligation than a dream come true. Top WWE names like Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker are very unimpressed with the current atmosphere, and a number of veterans, in general, have expressed frustration with the poor training accompanying many of the younger wrestlers.

Chris Benoit, who will be up for a contract renewal very soon, has been keeping to himself since Guerrero s death. His contractual decision is being closely followed by everyone in the lockerroom, as Benoit is respected as a model for making the right decision based on the circumstances.

Tajiri s wife, eager to spend more time with her frequently-traveling husband, had been pushing for his leaving WWE. The company, interested in keeping Tajiri on-board, arranged to get her a driver s license in the United States so that she could live more of a life in her husband s absence, but when Eddie Guerrero died, Tajiri put the situation into perspective and decided to move back to Japan with his spouse.

Matt Hardy has been flying under the proverbial radar backstage, simply showing up and working in a way that, sans the incident with Undertaker at Survivor Series, will not anger WWE management. Although Hardy has yet to publicly say he made a mistake in signing with WWE over TNA, many are of the impression that he does feel that way. Hardy reportedly keeps an eye on TNA to see what could have been if he signed with the number two company instead.