Backstage News: Austin/Hogan, Drug Policy Update, Christian, More

It's fair to say that many of the guys backstage in WWE are nervous about the upcoming drug policy. Nobody knows for sure what they are going to be testing for and the paperwork is still being written.

Steve Austin will be filming a movie around the time of WrestleMania this year. There is belief that WWE will start trying to contact Austin after the new year to try and persuade him into doing a match with Hogan. Austin actually didn't know about the Hogan promo several months ago until the day of the show.

Christian is claiming that it was his decision to leave WWE as he was feeling fatigued and beat up, and wasn t spending enough time at home. He was also feeling creatively frustrated. So he felt now was the time to leave. Christian has also saved much of his money he's earned from WWE and is good financially. He'll be working TNA for now and wants to get into acting. For those wondering, he has not spoken to The Rock about Hollywood yet.

WWE creative team member Bonnie Hammer supposedly wants longer storyline arcs.