Backstage News From RAW Last Night, Lots More Notes Inside

Pictures and a profile on Joey Styles have been added to the Raw Superstar page on

The Associated Press story on WWE's new drug policy has been all over the news nationally today. The story has run on CNN, the Fox News Channel, ABC World News Now,,, CNNSI and several newspapers across the country.

Most of the ideas behind Marty Wright's bizarre "Boogeyman" character have come from the mind of Shane McMahon. He's done a lot of brainstorming for the character.

Nidia has posted an Eddie Guerrero on her official website,

The segments with Vince McMahon in court on RAW were pre-taped as if you couldn't tell.

Following the Survivor Series PPV, we posted a picture of Melina playing a video game, originally from It turns out that she was filming a commercial for Nintendo Wi-Fi, and the commercial appeared tonight during the first commercial break of RAW.

WWE is holding off on having Ric Flair appear on WWE television until his legal issues are settled. Flair has been advised by his attorney to not speak out the entire deal thus the reason he has not been appearing. WWE will go with the storyline that he was 'injured' by Triple H at Survivor Series until Flair's issues are solved.

As announced on RAW last night by Joey Styles, Chavo Guerrero will now be using the frog splash during his matches as a tribute to the late Eddie Guerrero.

As if you couldn't tell by RAW last night and at Survivor Series, Edge's new segment is planned to be a total 'shoot' on a weekly basis. The idea actually came from Edge himself as he knew he was going to be out with an injury but wanted to still appear on WWE television. Edge is given 'points' to hit but the segment is mainly open mic.

And sorry for the opinion again, but after watching that backstage segment with Vince/Triple H/Stephanie and the rest of RAW last night, doesn't it seem that Vince's new 'area' is all about 'shooting'?