Backstage Notes From Last Nights Armageddon PPV

The bar that Josh Mathews was in was The Friendly Tap which is owned by WWE referee Tim White. Tim portrayed the drunk at the bar who killed himself. White noted during the segment: "Hell in a Cell ruined my life. I've been in pain for over two years and took it out on everyone I know. My wife left me. My friends are all gone. I got nothin'. You know what pain is? I don't think you do. I got everything there is and nothing to live for," he said. "Everything is gone. Get away from me." Josh also wished White a "very white Christmas." WWE has presented tasteless angles in the past, but this is perhaps a new low. What is Vince honestly thinking these days?

Vito's segment on the PPV is looked at by many insiders as some sort of punishment. It was described by Meltzer as creative punishment for people who don't know "locker room etiquette." Vito has had locker-room issues in the past and is not known to make many friends. We'll see where it goes from here but it definitely got a laugh from many backstage.

WWE teased problems with Sharmell and Kristal Marshall last night at the PPV which will probably lead to a feud at some point.

JBL was clearly agitated by a fan at ringside and flipped him off after the match.

Many question why WWE would even bother with The Big Show and Kane against Batista and Mysterio match having the two job to the RAW team after winning the SmackDown! titles two days earlier. It really speaks volumes about the state of the SmackDown! tag titles and how Vince feels.

For those who never saw him in TNA or on the indies, Kid Kash worked a 'WWE style' match last night. Any Kash fan could clearly see that his style was slowed down.