Backstage TNA News: Amazing Red, Team 3D Issues, Taping Notes

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As noted at the iMPACT! tapings last night, Abyss vs. Sabu in a no ropes barbed wire match will open the Turning Point PPV. The ring crew did the setup yesterday during the afternoon and then TNA taped a segment before the actual tapings with the barb wire in the ring as well as Abyss and Sabu. The segment will air on one of the iMPACT! episodes in the next two weeks. The ring crew was actually able to take down the barb wire rope and replace it with the regular ropes in about 10 minutes last night.

TNA had to rewrite TV as noted yesterday due to some miscommunication issues with Team 3D. The two were on a flight to Japan and TNA didn't know so the creative team had their work cut out for them yesterday.

Bobby Heenan filmed some segments for Xplosion so it appears as if he'll be sticking around.

The Amazing Red is back in TNA for good as of last nights TV taping.

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