Benoit/Candice, DDP, WWE Injury, Guerrero, Loads More

Chris Benoit and Candice Michelle will appear on Byte This tomorrow night on

We received a lot of emails asking why Page wasn't on The Abrams Report as expected yesterday. Due to the coverage of the plane crash in Florida, Page's segment was moved to today. You can catch Page on The Abrams Report on MSNBC at 4:00 PM and 6:00 PM EST today.


WWE developmental talent Nick Mitchell has suffered some sort of knee injury.

Borders Books is pushing the Eddie Guerrero book hard as it was placed in the front of the store with all the new bestsellers.

The following is from, the official website of Tim White's bar: "In the past 24 hours, this website has received over 4000 emails regarding the situation at WWE Armageddon this past Sunday night involving Tim White. We have been vigorously been trying to get in contact with Tim. We have not, as of yet, been able to. No one that we have contacted has any information regarding Tim or what happened."

One source noted that local police attended to the bar after receiving phone calls that something may have happened. From what we are being told, this may be the beginning of a larger role for White.