Big RAW Rating, TNA's Big Release, More Notes Inside

RAW did a 4.1 rating this week. The show did hours of 4.0 and 4.1. AM Raw did a 0.5 rating

From Jackieellisworld: TNA was on Around the Horn. Jay Mariotti won today and used his 30 seconds to bash the White Sox pitcher for wrestling on the TNA PPV this Sunday. He acted like it was a disgrace but he did plug the PPV.

Last week, we reported that TNA's Chief Executive Officer Frank Dickerson was no longer apart of the company. We have since learned that the reason Dickerson is no longer with TNA is due to the company terminating him. Many reports indicated that Dickerson was well liked by the boys. We have learned that Dickerson arranged hotel rooms for many of TNA's talent, which was not well received by TNA management. There were some internal conflicts with Dixie Carter as well.

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