Bret Hart Speaks On Vince, HBK, His Return, The DVD, & More

Thanks to Mario Rocchetta for the following:

Here's a recap of Bret "Hitman" Hart on TSN's (in Canada) "Off The Record", hosted by Michael Landsberg.

The show started with Michael Landsberg telling The Hitman that he looked great, and Hitman said that he felt great.

On reasons behind his new WWE DVD:

Bret said he didn't really forgive Vince for anything, and that the whole McMahon situation is just one of those "live and let live" things. Hitman said he was just glad the WWE reconsidered the angle of the DVD, cancelling the original "Screwed" concept and, instead, making it a good representation of the Hitman's great career in the WWE. Hitman said it would have been a mistake to build the DVD around 1 minute that ruined his reputation (1997 Survivor Series), when he had a wonderful career that spanned so many years.

Hitman said that it was important for him to have the DVD so that fans could remember and appreciate his work in the ring. Hitman also mentioned that he needed Vince for the DVD because Vince owned all of "the Hitman footage" except for his Calgary Stampede Days.

On if we'd ever see "The Hitman" back in wrestling:

Hitman said he often thinks about coming back to wrestling, but always ends up in the same spot — "What is there left to do if I go back?". He said he wants to be remembered as a great wrestler, not a great promoter, or commisioner, or referee or manager. He said although he didn't leave the way he wanted to, he still left with his head up, as good as he was when he started with the WWE. Hitman then commented that he has nothing against Hogan or Flair, but that he kind of feels sorry that they're still holding onto wrestling because "it's all they have".

On Shawn Michaels:

Hitman first commented that it was probably not a coincidence that Michaels' book was released the same time as the Hitman's DVD. He comments that Shawn was wrong in his book by saying the Hitman "wasn't a great wrestler". He notes that Shawn really just has a chip on his shoulder, and acts like Hitman was the one who screwed Shawn. He then compares Shawn Michaels to the man who shot Jesse James — Shawn thought he'd be a hero by screwing Bret over, but really he just looks like a "jerk" and a "liar" now. Bret scoffs at Michaels' "born-again Christian" reputation, and even says that Shawn is "probably the one Christian who should be fed to the lions". The one-on-one interview then concludes with Hitman saying that Shawn Michaels' book does nothing but vindicate the Hitman, and that Shawn is not a nice person or human being.