Chris Kanyon Responds To Rumors, Lance Storm-TNA, More

  • Chris Kanyon posted a commentary on his official website,, where he responds to a news post about some contract issues he had with TNA. He clears up a few things about him wanting more money to join TNA, as it really wasn't what it was made out to be.

    If You Wanna Know, Just Ask
    Dec. 25th, 2005

    I recently read on at least one web site the following:

    "Chris Kanyon, or "Chris K" as he is referred to in TNA, was actually scheduled to wrestle Raven at the November TNA PPV instead of the December one. Kanyon asked for way more money than TNA was willing to pay and thus they brought in P.J. Polaco (Justin Credible) at the last minute instead. Soon after, Kanyon rescinded his pay demands and told TNA he would wrestle for next to nothing as he wanted the exposure."

    The problem I have with this is as follows. A few of the details are missing. And, although they are relatively small details, without them, I believe some can read this report and feel that I was being difficult or that I was someone who was trying to Big League TNA, and than had to go crawling back to them. And the biggest problem I have is that I am easily accessible, so if these reporters wanted my side of the story, they could have easily gotten it. I constantly get calls from wrestling radio shows and Internet sites and promoters and such. My info is out there. If people reporting this stuff, really want to be considered legitimate media and legitimate journalists, I feel they owe it to the people they are talking about and they owe it to the readers to get the most accurate info they can. Getting one side of a story or perhaps third or fourth hand info as opposed to talking to those involved is unfair, unprofessional and lazy journalism. If you are going to report something about me, especially something that may make me look or sound bad, please contact me. The facts of the situation are as follows. TNA did call me and wanted me for the November PPV. Unknown to me, this was going to be the beginning of Larry Zybyzco idea of bringing in guys from Raven's past. That aspect of the program, I DID NOT KNOW when they contacted me.? I knew I would be wrestling Raven at the PPV, which I thought, at the time, was the beginning of a long running program for me with Raven. So naturally, I thought that TNA would want to sign me to a contract if they were going to feature me in a high profile program with Raven. So, when they called me, I asked for what would be my perfect and optimum offer from TNA. What I did not know until after negotiations fell apart was that this was not the plan. TNA wanted to bring me in for 1 show to begin the guys from Raven' past aspect of the Raven-Zybyzco program and take a look at me and then maybe discuss a contract. So it was a simple misunderstanding and miscommunication. Obviously no bridges were burned and there were no hard feelings, because TNA than called me for the Dec. PPV and there is still a possibility of TNA and myself working more in the near future. I hope that clears up this situation for all those that were misinformed, or at least those that received only part of the story.

  • Lance Storm posted the following on his Q&A section:

    Q: what is holding you back from joining TNA? I think you would be an incredible addition to their roster.(I would love to see Lance Storm vs Samoa Joe or Storm vs Raven) Have you been talking with them or have you talked with them about joining?

    A: I would consider an offer if they made one. I m pretty busy with Storm Wrestling Academy so I am not actively seeking bookings but if they made me an interesting offer I would consider it.

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