Diva Search Contestant Update, Jericho News, Kane Screw-Up

– Thanks to Scott Sandry for passing along that Chris Jericho has landed a role in an upcoming movie on the SciFi channel titled 2 Human. Right now it looks like it will air sometime in March 2006.

– The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Alexis from the last WWE Diva Search is still working with TNA, but has yet to be acknowledged on camera. She is working as a ring girl at the live events right now and it is unknown whether they will use her in an on-air role any time soon.

Thanks to Adam Lebow for sending this in:
– I was watching the videos of WWE Unlimited from Monday Night and something rather funny occurs in the Kane clip. Kane goes for his pyro but the pyro doesn't go off, with Big Show apparently laughling and Kane not looking to happy.