Evening Update: SmackDown!, White, ECW, Hogan, More News

There is no SmackDown! taping tonight as this week will be a Best Of show. The next WWE live event will take place the day after Christmas which is RAW live.

Sky in the U.K. edited the Tim White segment off the PPV replay. White's webmaster of his official site has been replying to fans claming th angle was set to be done way before Guerrero's passing. He also claims it's a storyline, but man, what a stupid idea in the first place. Of course, that's just one mans opinion.

Bas Rutten has quit Pride as their announcer. That is big news for them as he was the lead announcer. Apparently they contacted Frank Trigg to co-host an upcoming show and never notified Bas about it. Bas got upset and quit.

The next ECW DVD is called "Bloodsport: ECW's Most Violent Matches" and the matches were picked by Paul Heyman.

Hulk Hogan attended a birthday party in Miami on Friday for record producer Scott Storch. Timberland and A-Rod also attended.

The 12/16 episode of Smackdown scored a 3.0 broadcast rating, with a five share.