Full TNA Impact! Results - 12/3/05

Full TNA Impact! Results 12/3/05
Taped From: Orlando, Florida
Commentators: Mike Tenay & Don West
Report by: Ryan Droste of WrestleView.com

-Don West is shown earlier today awaiting the arrival of Raven outside. Samoa Joe walks by West. West asks him why he's here when he's not scheduled to be here. Joe doesn't say anything, but "AJ" is written on his taped up fist. Bobby Heenan then walks by. West asks him why he's here. Heenan says he's a Chicago guy and a World champion Chicago White Sox member is going to be here this Thursday. Heenan asks why wouldn't he be here?

-The iMPACT! opening airs.

Petey Williams vs. Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin
Shelley comes to the ring with a video camera and tripod. He sets it up on the outside, and Tenay remarks how Shelley is a student of the game and loves to study tapes. It looks like he'll now be taping his own matches. Williams and Aries match up, while Shelley and Sabin fight. Williams and Shelley are pushed to the outside and it's Sabin and Aries. They fight for a moment, and they both then nail suicide dives to the outside on Williams and Shelley. Ari>Wies and Williams are in the ring fighting. Aries works over Williams. Aries nails his pendulum elbow for a 2 count. Tenay again mentions Bobby Heenan is Chicago's number one baseball fan, and this Thursday they will be saluting the Chicago White Sox on Impact. Aries works over Shelley now in the ring, whom was tagged in. Aries goes up top and nails a jumping Elbow off the top to the top of the head of Shelley. Aries then flips over the top rope and attempts a powerbomb on Williams, but Williams blocks and drops a leg on him. Shelley tosses Aries back in the ring after taking out Williams. Shelley with a big leg lariat. Shelley coop slams Aries and follows it up with a head scissors stomp, ramming Aries' head into the mat over and over. Williams makes the blind tag on Shelley's back and comes in. Williams sets up Aries upside down in the corner and then stands on his groin. Shelley then makes a blind tag on WIlliams' back. Shelley and Williams argue. Shelley then shakes his hand and tells him to leave, as Williams looks confused. Shelley slams Aries to the mat. Shelley then goes to the outside and slinshots over the top rope with an elbow for a 2 count. Sabin is tagged in. He takes out Williams on the apron and then nails a tilt a whilr head scissors on Shelley. Sabin then hangs Williams upside down in a corner. He kicks Shelley in one corner, then drop kicks the face of Williams. Sabin nails Shelley again. Shelley comes back with a brainbuster. Williams makes the blind tag. Aries takes out Shelley on the apron. Aries with a kick to the gut of Williams. Williams blocks a suplex attempt and nails the Canadian Destroyer. Sabin then comes after Williams. Sabin nails the Cradle Shock on Williams, covers him, and gets the pinfall. Excellent opening match.

Winner: Chris Sabin


-Terry Taylor is backstage with AMW. He asks them about their tables match with Team 3D at Turning Point. AMW is watching the funeral segment they did for Team 3D a little over a month ago. Taylor calls it disrespectful. Harris says it was done out of respect for their careers, but they aren't the top tag team in wrestling anymore. He says AMW is. Storm says just like Babe Ruth called his shot when he hit that home run, they call their shots. He says they are going to be team. He says Team 3D may have invented the tables match, but they are going to perfect it.

Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Kenny King
King nails a flying forearm but Abyss doesn't go down. King comes off the ropes again, but Abyss just throws him up in the air and King falls flat on his face. King runs into a big boot. Abyss charges into the corner and nails a splash on King. Abyss executes his Torture Rack backbreaker, the Shock Treatment. Abyss with a big right hand. Abyss then nails the Black Hole Slam and gets the pinfall. Just your typical squash match for Abyss.

Winner: Abyss

-James Mitchell enters the ring with a microphone as we go to commercial.


-Mitchell is on the microphone. He says he suggests Sabu listen to what he has to say. The lights then go out. They come on and Sabu is in the ring with a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss kicks it away. Sabu runs into a big right hand. Tenay and West mention that's the first time Abyss hasn't run away from barbed wire. Abyss tosses him out of the ring. Abyss sends him head first into the steel steps. He does it again to the other set of steps. Abyss then sends him over the guard rail into the fans. Abyss climbs over the rail. They fight through the fans. Abyss sends Sabu into the wall. They continue fighting through the fans with Abyss screaming at Sabu. They are now entering the backstage area. They fight in a hallway backstage. Mitchell hands a hesitant Abyss the barbed wire wrapped chair. He nails Sabu in the head with it. Mitchell whispers something else in his ear. Abyss goes and lays some spare steel guard rails on the ground. He brings Sabu over. Sabu fights back. Abyss grabs him by the neck and chokeslams him on the stack of steel guard rails. Abyss grabs the barbed wire wrapped chair again, and he just holds it and yells into the camera.


-The second installment of the Rhino life story video packages airs. Another very well done piece.

-Tenay and West start talking about the Rhino vs. Jeff Jarrett match at Turning Point. West then mentions the TNA Anthology DVD set that is available exclusively at Wal-Mart stores as well as the Wal-Mart website (I highly recommend this set. Three TNA PPVs for 20 bucks). West also mentions that TNA has other home video releases available everywhere. Jarrett then comes out screaming for Tenay to get in the ring to interview him.

-Jarrett says he feels like he's on Doctor Phil after watching that video package on Rhino. He says TNA Management made it, and they are going for the sympathy vote. He says they are trying to make him the biggest babyface in the world to knock him (Jarrett) off the mountain. Jarrett says it's Rhino's fault that he wrecked their hotel lobby, his wife divorced him, and that she left the country for Germany with his daughter. Jarrett says he's the one with problems, because TNA management is out to screw him. He says he gets zero respect after building the company from the ground up. Jarrett says Gail Kim won't return his calls, and it's TNA management's fault since they got Jackie Gayda to come down to the ring and slap him. Tenay asks Jarrett if he really has no idea why Jackie slapped him? Jarrett tells Tenay he better never go there again or he will crush his voicebox. Jarrett says if Rhino doesn't get the job done this month, next month the flavor of the month it will be Christian, and it will be whoever else they can get after that. He says he is going to send Rhino back to the trailor park "with a pack of cigarettes in one hand, and a 40 in the other." Christian's theme then comes on and out he walks. Christian says, "Listen up slap nuts," stealing Jarrett's old line. Christian says he was sitting in the back listening to Jarrett put the crowd to sleep, minding his own business, when he heard Jarrett mention him as being a flavor of the month. Christian says he's not the flavor of the month, he's "Captain Charisma you silly bastard." Christian says he's only been TNA for about a month, but he's just like everyone else in the arena, he's bored of Jarrett. Christian says he's tired of hearing Jarrett whine, and he then asks Jarrett what has he contributed to TNA other than "a couple of broken guitars, and a bunch of bad haircuts?" The crowd chants "you got served" at Jarrett. Christian says after he beats that jacked up, Urkel lookalike Monty Brown at Turning Point, he is coming to fulfill his destiny. He's coming for the winner of Jarrett's match and the NWA World title because that's how he rolls. Jarrett calls Christian motormouth. He says he will give Christian two choices. He can roll himself backstage and get his nose out of his business, or he can roll down the ramp and get a taste of what Jarrett is going to give Rhino at Turning Point. Christian comes down the ramp into the ring and they brawl. Jarrett takes the early offensive with punches, but Christian fights back with punches and a kick of his own. Christian runs into a back elbow. Christian then ducks a clothesline, and he almost gets Jarrett in the Unprettier, but Jarrett bails out of the ring. Bobby Roode comes out and attacks Jarrett from behind with the Northern Lariat clothesline. Jackie Gayda runs out and pulls Jarrett off the apron. Jarrett yells she has no business here and pushes her. Gayda then slaps Jarrett. Security comes out and takes Gayda away. Security is also in the ring breaking up the Bobby Roode and Christian brawl. AMW has come out and they are asking Jarrett about what is going on with Jackie Gayda. Christian breaks the hold of security and he and Roode brawl some more as we go to commercial. This was an absolutely awesome segment. Christian was hilarious as usual, and Jarrett was dead-on with his intensity. It's too bad that the Jarrett-Rhino match this month doesn't have near the amount of momentum that Jarrett and Christian's eventual match does. When the two brawled in the ring tonight, the fans were really into it. The two have great chemistry together on the mic, and that should also translate into good chemistry in the ring as well judging on their short brawl they had tonight. Jarrett and Christian looks to be a possible great match and feud coming up in January.


-Backstage, Terry Taylor is with the 4 Live Kru and "Bullet" Bob Armstrong. He calls Killings a pure athlete. He says any NFL lineman would be jealous to have Kip's body, agility, and skill. He says he watched BG come into this world. He talks about BG having 3 older brothers and having to claw for everything. He says he wants to shake Konnan's hand for solving the problem and putting the last piece in the puzzle. Bob says he's seen them come and go, and he says these four men are the chosen ones. He says they can rule if they remember the old saying, "united we stand, divided we fall." BG says at Turning Point, they will teach Team Canada the difference between a team and a family.

-Raven comes out for his House of Fun match. Larry Zbyszko is in the ring waiting for him. Larry again asks him to sign his release. Raven says the only way he will do it is if the security moves, he gives Larry the Raven Effect, Larry pisses himself in fear, and he signs the contract in Larry's blood. Larry says he'll be begging to sign it soon. Larry says Raven's girlfriend will like this next match, and Raven goes balistic again at the mention of the girlfriend.


House of Fun Match
Raven vs. The Diamonds in the Rough (Simon Diamond, Elix Skipper & David Young)
Raven awaits his opponents with a garbage can. Raven strikes all his opponents trying to prevent them from getting in. He ducks a clothesline from Skipper, who nails Young. Skipper is tossed to the outside. Young and Diamond work over Raven. Raven back body drops Young while being held by Diamond. Raven throws Diamond into Skipper. Diamond rolls to the outside. Raven gets his legs put around the ring post. Skipper and Young pull him into the post twice. Young picks up a bat. He places a scale on Ravens groin, and breaks it with the bat. Skipper works over Raven with a crutch. Young picks up the other crutch. Diamond brings in a garbage can. Diamond and Young hold the can, and Skipper jumps off the top rope and nails a drop kick to the garbage can into Raven's head. Near fall. Larry gives Skipper the release. Skipper gives it to Raven and says sign it. He throws it in the face of Skipper. Young and Diamond stomp on Raven. Young picks up a pizza cutter and slices at Raven's forehead. Raven is busted open. Cassidy Riley runs out with a kendo stick and cleans house. Skipper eventually hits him with a garbage can. Young and Skipper plant him on his face. Raven comes back in the ring with a garbage can and nails Young and Skipper with it. He gives Diamond a bulldog. Young and Skipper take him out while he did it. They set up a chair and drop toe hold head first into it. Tenay talks about that being Raven's move. Larry again holds the release form in front of Raven for him to sign it. Raven spits in his face. Diamond then nails him in the head with a garbage can. Diamond throws Raven to the outside, where Reaven breaks through a table that was placed up against the guard rail. The Diamonds all comes to the outside and cover Raven to get the pinfall. A good hardcore match for what it was meant to be.

Winners: The Diamonds in the Rough

-Backstage, Samoa Joe is attacking AJ Styles. The show goes off the air with Styles layed out.