Further Update: New Years Revolution Pre-Sale Password

Well, I guess I was wrong in my previous report about the pre-sale being closed to the public. If you want tickets to the New Years Revolution PPV, you CAN order them today at Tickets.com/PepsiArena.com. Here is an email I just got:

Queensburyguy sent this one:

Hey. Actually, the pre-sale is open to the public, I emailed Pepsi about it, and they told me their email system has been having problems because they tried sending out the password yesterday, and that the password is "REVOLUTION".. sure enough, it worked. I was actually planning on spending the cash and hoping for 3 front row seats, but the best available now is sec 6, row 3. I can't justify $175 per ticket, to be in a section that isn't even centered. So, I ended up getting 120 row cc. Not too shabby I guess. I'll keep my eyes open for front row on Ebay though, hopefully!!! :)

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