Huge Evening Update: DiBiase Update, Heyman-WWE, Vince, Loads More

- From After collapsing and losing consciousness Tuesday in Stamford, Conn., Ted DiBiase spent the night in a local hospital to undergo testing. Ted has since been released from the hospital and is feeling much better. He is currently on his way back home.

- PWInsider reports that Johnny Jeter may replace Elijah Burke as part of the planned Team Spirit male cheerleader angle. The angle is currently taking place in OVW.

- Paul Heyman and WWE are currently in contract negotiations.

- Vince and Linda McMahon are no longer receiving their salaries as on air talent. Vince had been earning $900,000 for his on air duties, but will continue to receive his huge quarterly dividend checks.

- Note to "Raw" viewers in Southern Ontario that next week's show will start at 10pm EST. The following week on 1/2, the show will be joined in progress at 9:30pm EST and repeated in its entirety on 1/3 at 3:30pm EST and again on 1/7 at midnight. This is due to TSN's coverage of the World Junior Hockey championships.

- RAW writer Brian Gewirtz, who recently attended a ROH show, is said to be high on Milano Colletrion A.T.

- Former WWE Women's champion Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) has signed on to become a wrestling trainer at the WWA 4 Wrestling School in Atlanta, GA,

- Tajiri is hoping to find work with the baseball magazine Sha, where we would write for their wrestling, MMA, and kickboxing publications. Tajiri is also expected to write a book about his career.