Huge TNA Update: Hardy Gone?, Media, Sting Update, Lots More

Source: has posted pre-RAW pics featuring Tajiri on his last night with WWE. Other photos include Trvor Murdoch, Viscera, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, and the RAW set.

Jeff Hardy was a no-show at the PPV last night and his three strikes are just about up.

A.J. Styles and Samoa Joe were both really hurting last night after their match. Styles needed 7 stitches on his lip. Both men will be working the TV tapings tomorrow.

James Storm will also be working the TV tapings tomorrow although he is in pain today but is OK.

TNA is going with a storyline where they can't "contractually announce the big surprise" of Sting until after the New Year. They are going to be taping the New Years Eve special tomorrow as well as several iMPACT!s. The plan is to tape iMPACT! which will air on New Years and then build an angle off that show for another show at midnight. It'll be on that show where they will officially announce Sting for 2006.

ESPN, CNN, CBS and ABC have all requested footage of the MLB-TNA segment from last night. The Chicago Sun-Times has a story scheduled for tomorrow. ESPN is expected to run coverage of it on Monday. This was HUGE for TNA so expect tons of articles.

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