Huge Update On The Situation With Ken Kennedy

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

– After working through his injury, Ken Kennedy is said to have been hurting so bad that when he couldn t even put his hand in his pocket to get his wallet at a restaurant because it was hurting so bad. The doctors told him it was a complete tear, compared to Batista s partial tear, and that he would need surgery. Kennedy had the surgery for the lat tear on December 6, and isn t expected back at 100% until as late as June.

Vince is said to be a huge fan of Ken Kennedy and actually wanted to put him in a major match at WrestleMania, however it doesn t look like that will be happening now. Vince told Kennedy to have the surgery, to give him time to come up with a plan of action for his return.

They will likely give him some sort of on-air role during his recovery to keep his character alive, similar to what they did with Edge.