Inside Details On WWE Suicide Angle, Stephanie, Backstage Heat, More

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- USA ranked as the top-rated cable network for the year with an average 2.33 million total viewers in prime through Dec. 25, according to Nielsen Media Research.

- Booker T is expected back by the Royal Rumble.

- Regarding the Tim White "suicide" angle at Armageddon, Brian Gewitz was behind the idea and Stephanie McMahon was the one who insisted on it, according to a report in this week's Wrestling Observer newsletter.

- Super Crazy and Psicosis are practically begging WWE management to split them away from "heat magnet" Juvetund.

- "Doom" will be released on DVD on 2/7.

- WWE Stocks closed the day at 14.46, a 3.39% increase over yesterday's closing. The day's range was 14.25 – 14.73.