Kennedy Out Six Months, Debra-RAW GM, Loads More News


Ken Kennedy's injury is very serious. he tore the lat in his back on the recent overseas tour. Kennedy tried to work through it, but the injury was much too overbearing. Surgery is scheduled later this week and he will be out of action for at least six months.

Advertisement has posted a headline and a small picture of Debra on the Raw television show page. The headline reads "General Manager Debra?" and enclosed is a small picture of her from an old divas shoot. The enscription reads, "Could Debra be the next General Manager of RAW? At least one person thinks it's a possibility. Find out who else the fans want to see as GM." The link takes you to fans' suggestions for the new general manager of Raw. One fan suggested Debra should be the new general manager. It's incredibly not likely that Debra will be back in WWE. WWE has been known to hint random people from the past out of the blue to get people guessing when they have a surprise in store. Debra did show up backstage at a Texas-area Raw show in November 2004 though.


Edge's "Rated R Superstar" t-shirt won out in a recent poll. It is now available on for purchase.

WWE writer Bryan Gerwitz was at the ROH (Ring of Honor) show last night scouting talent. Gerwitz visited with the locker room after the show and was invited by Samoa Joe.

Homicide went to the hospital; after last nights ROH show (and he is a tough guy so it was serious) and there was fear that he would need surgery. It turned out to be a bruise on his AC joint and he won't need surgery.