Kennedy's Surgery Successful, WWE Storyline Plans, Jamal/Rosey, More

The current plan is to bring back Jamal to WWE and re-form 3 Minute Warning with Rosey. Gregory 'Hurricane' Helms has gone off in a new direction which can be seen each week on Heat at

WWE is planning to do a spin-off of the Donavon McNabb and his mother soup commercials. As noted earlier in a post, WWE is looking for someone to play the role of Shelton's 'Mamma'.

An commercial on the FX channel last night featured promotional material for the upcoming New Years Revolution. John Cena, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Carlito, and Edge are all rumored to be in the match.

On Tuesday, SmackDown Superstar Ken Kennedy underwent surgery to repair a tendon that was ripped clean off a bone in his back. caught up with Kennedy convalescing at home to find out how he s doing now. How did the surgery go, and how are you feeling now? Kennedy: I m pretty achy, pretty sore. But the surgery went even better than they thought it would. The doctors said they got it really tight; the tendon re-attached perfectly to the bone, and they didn t have to cut me open as much as they thought they d have to cut me open. The full interview is at