Loads Of Backstage News From Last Nights Turning Point PPV

Partial Source: PWInsider.com

TNA turned away several hundred fans at the PPV last night. They set up TV monitors outside with the PPV for them to watch. The fans waited and as people left the arena during the show some were let in.

Jimmy Hart was outside the arena prior to the PPV handing out TNA flyers which is normal.

TNA had another mat under the one that was used for Barbed Wire Massacre so they removed it when they took down the wire. For those who missed it, they took some sick bumps during that match and both men were obviously sore but OK following the bout.

Jeff Hardy did not work his scheduled match on the pre-show. No word on why but something sounds fishy.

Chris Kanyon was referred to as 'Chris K' because WWE owns the rights to the Kanyon name. Last night was a 'tryout' of sorts for him and he worked very hard. It also looks like Raven vs. Zybysko will take place at some point.

The crowd could be heard chanting "New Age Outlaws" during the backstage segment with The Diamonds in the Rough. It looks as if TNA will be doing a Kip James/BG James (New Age Outlaws) vs. Ron 'The Truth' Killings and Konnan storyline.

TNA had a ton of celebrities in attendance last night including Johnny Damon of the Boston Red Sox as well as members of the band Alterbridge and many other baseball players. Speaking of Johnny Damon, it wasn't shown on TV but he was the one who gave AJ the baseball bat.

The crowd was said to have been very hot for Christian Cage.

Sean Waltman was backstage at Turning Point last night. Dixie Carter was of course there as well.

James Storm of America's Most Wanted was injured last night. He was limping on his right leg when he walked out.

AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe – get the replay if you missed it.

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