Lots Of Backstage News & Notes From RAW Last Night

Ric Flair has been told by his attorneys not to speak about any of his legal issue thus the reason Flair has been kept off the mic as of late. WWE had wanted to have Flair on Edge's segment the day after his road rage incident but they were told not to go on with it.

Speaking of the Flair segment last night on RAW, we believe the man playing Flair was Matt Striker although we do not have that confirmed.

WWE.com ran their Unlimited program last night where they showed various segments during the commercial break including Edge's entrance for The Cutting Edge, Edge beating down Flair after their segment, Todd Grishum and the fans with their signs, Maria signing and selling Shopzone items, a Trevor Murdoch movie review, & more.

Chris Masters referred to WWE's New years Revolution PPV as 'New Years Resolution' during his promo. TNA has a PPV entitled 'Final Resolution' coming up in just a few weeks.

Kurt Angle vs. John Cena in a first blood match will headline RAW next week. Shelton's 'Mamma' will also debut.

The following contains some opinions from this reporter.

It is interesting to note that Jerry Lawler cut in at the two minute mark of the Shelton Benjamin vs. John Cena match and said "It's the two minute warning". When I flipped to ABC for Monday Night Football, luck would have it that the clock was at the two minute warning. Think WWE management doesn't monitor Monday Night Football? Think again.

Did any of you AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) usres notice when Joey Styles said "He's got the 'STFU' on Shelton Benjamin". Very creative Joey! (Some of you may not get that!)

WWE must have found Shelton Benjamin's 'Mamma' 'cause she'll be comin' next week. Donavon McNabb who?