Lots Of News & Notes: DDP/Jay-Z, NYR PPV, SSeries, Cade/Murdoch, More

Harold Howell sent this in: The Royal Rumble in Miami is now in internet presale. The password for the presale is: rumble.

The Dark Shadow sent this in: In Houston, TX, DirecTV made another commercial about NYR and this one had the WWE Title on the line with John Cena (c), Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kane, Big Show, Carlito, and Edge in the Elimination Chamber. The Elimination Chamber holds, in the past, 6 (six) competitors, 4 (four) in chambers and 2 (two) in the ring. With 8 (eight) people in the commercials, who knows what is going on but the commercial is adding people to the match, so they must know that they put errors on the commercials so we can watch the PPV or Raw to find out what's going on.


Adam Lebow sent this in: There is an article in the Times-Tribune with Matt Panasevich, who is the senior high school student out of Mountain View that defeated Reid Flehr, the son of Ric Flair, at the Season Opening Wilson Invitational Tournament via decision. The article is one of those high school spotlight articles but being that Panasevich beat Ric Flairs son, there is some mention of it. It turned out to be the kids 100 career win. When they asked him how it was to "beat Ric Flairs son in the final", he responded by saying, "It was pretty cool. You could see the resemblance in his face. He s a big dude, pretty strong. A nice kid, too. It was a good win." There is also a little more reaching on the Flehr's in the article.


WWE.com has posted a highlight segment from the Survivior Series PPV where Edge interviewed Dmitri Young of the Detroit Tigers.

VKingOfTheWorldV sent word on a correction from a report on Tuesday about Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. Neither have tagged together since a re-match on RAW against Big Show & Kane, not just after losing the World Tag Team Titles.

Court TV recently covered Diamond Dallas Page's lawsuit against rapper Jay-Z where he states the rapper is violating his trademarks by using the "Diamond Cutter" hand signal. Page recently broke news of the lawsuit on Fox News while promoting his new book "Yoga For Real Guys." MTV.com also picked up on the story this past week as well. From what is known, DDP reportedly filed the trademark for the "Diamond Cutter" design on June 20, 2005. It notes: "The mark consists to two hands, coming together at the forefingers and thumbs to form the shape of a diamond." Page noted his first use of the trademark back on May 19, 1996, which was during WCW's hottest run during the Monday Nitro era. A quick search on trademarks for DDP revealed he currently holds a trademark on the "Yoga For Real Guys" term and also held a trademark for the clothing line "Bang Wear" that has since discontinued.