More On Tajiri's Release From WWE

As noted on, Tajiri will be backstage at RAW this Monday live from Boston, MA. This will be his last appearance with WWE for now. No word on if he'll appear on Heat or RAW.

As noted here on the site several weeks ago, Tajiri had wanted to spend more time in Japan with his wife. There was apparently a passport issue that was preventing her from entering the U.S. Tajiri was contacted this week by Johnny Ace and the two agreed that it would be best for them to part ways and Tajiri was OK with it.

There are no hard feelings between the two sides and noted WWE wishes Tajiri the best in all his future endeavors in their statement on the site which is usually a sign that the agreement was mutual.

Christy Hemme, who was released on Monday, did not receive the same respect from the WWE web team and it is rumored that there were money issues between Christy and WWE. They offered her much less money to stay due to her one year, $250,000 contract being up. Most divas don't make anywhere near that.

As far as Tajiri's status with TNA is concerned, it is way to early to tell right now. He could be brought in as a special attraction type deal similar to that of Jushin Liger. We believe he will simply take some time off for now and we'll see what he does down the road.