News & Notes: Cena/Angle, Molly Holly, Leyla & More


Graham Emery sent this one: I just watched the JBL segment from WWE Unlimited this week and on it JBL talks about how Chris Palumbo (Chuck Palumbo's brother) was over there in Iraq fighting with the troops, but said that Chuck Palumbo was still with the WWE. So a small slip-up for JBL there.

During the Tribute to the Troops, a commercial ran for the main event dark match that will be occurring on RAW next week in Bridgeport. John Cena is scheduled to face Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship. Tickets are still available for the show.

Molly Holly (Nora Greenwald) has signed a deal to become a wrestling trainer at the WWA 4 Wrestling School in Atlanta, GA.

James sent this one: I was watching the debut of NBC's game show Deal or No Deal last night (don't ask me why) and they have a slew of models who are part of the game. One of the models was Leyla, the finalist vs. Ashley in the 2005 Diva Search Contest.