Reason Hardy Wasn't Fired, TNA House Show Tour, More


Many people have been questioning TNA's decision not to fire Jeff Hardy after no-showing his scheduled pre-show match at the Turning Point PPV last month. Jeff was not at the PPV and did not attend iMPACT! for the quadruple taping. With four weeks of TV taped already, Hardy will not be appearing on any of the shows. This is basically considered as a 'suspension' for Jeff. The reasoning behind not releasing Hardy has to do in a part with merchandise sales. With TNA trying to make a profit from DVD and merchandise sales as well as house shows (likely coming near the end of 2006), they really can't afford to lose him. Hardy currently has a DVD in most stores and his merchandise in TNA is one of the top sellers. Hardy will likely be back in the early part of 2006 as will Sean Waltman who has been backstage at many PPV's and iMPACT! tapings.

The early plan right now is for TNA to begin touring near the end of 2006. The office staff right now is working with independent promoters in 'hot spots' for wrestling around the United States. They want to have all the promotion worked out before they try to run a show. Keep in mind that 18-Wheeler trucks to carry the ring as well as ring crew, travel/hotel, etc. etc. etc. does not come cheap. There is a lot of work involved in running a tour and TNA wants to make sure they've got everything perfect before even announcing it.

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