Released WWE Diva News, Bret Hart-WWE, Christy, & More

Released WWE Diva Joy Giovanni presence still looms on some WWE sites. WWE's auction site is auctioning off two "Viva Las Divas" DVDs that she autograph. Also, Joy's photo is displayed on the WWE section of UPN's official site despite the recent site makeover. They must not be aware that she was released back in the summer. The official UPN site also still has Christian's bio and photo in the WWE section.


The traffic for Bret Hart's record-breaking appearance on Byte This last week was so overbearing that it crashed the servers for a few minutes.

The reason as to why WWE officials were so hesitant to finally give Beth Phoenix a developmental contract (she was in OVW on her own for 18 months) was because she was deemed "too thick." She's since streamlined her physique in hopes of nabbing a contract, which she finally did recently. Despite the weight loss, she's still considered to be a bit bigger than WWE would like their WWE Divas to be.

Christy's role at the Ohio Valley Wrestling show taping last night was just a run-in. Aaron Stevens, Beth Phoenix and Shelly Martinez were beating down on Matt Cappotelli and Christy Hemme came out to help clear the ring with Matt.
Chavo Guerrero appeared on "Byte This" last night and he says that he was not offended by the low rider angle on the Smackdown Special. Guerrero actually thought it was a neat stunt and that he's glad it somewhat involved Eddie in a storyline. Guerrero doesn't think the angle was disrespectful.