**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Spoilers (2 Weeks)

**SPOILERS** TNA iMPACT! Spoilers (2 Weeks)

Thanks to Richard Trionfo of PWInsider.com for these:

*They opened the taping with a segment featuring the six-sided ring wrapped in barbed wire. Abyss and Jim Mitchell came out and got in the ring. Mitchell began cutting a promo, when the lights went out. When they returned, Sabu was in the ring and they had a faceoff. It was announced after the segment that Sabu vs. Abyss would open the Turning Point PPV.

*In a segment that will be inserted into the 12/8 Thursday edition of Impact, Mike Tenay brought out AJ Styles, Chris Sabin, and Sonjay Dutt. The Chicago White Sox' AJ Pierzynski and Dale Torborg (formerly the Kiss Demon in WCW) gave a presentation to the wrestlers. Bobby Heenan was also there. The Diamonds in the Rough came out and Simon Diamond cut a great promo on the White Sox. He decked Torborg, leading to a big brawl. It was later announced that at Turning Point it will be Dutt & Sabin & Torborg vs. The Diamonds in the Rough in a "Basebrawl match" with Bobby Heenan doing commentary for the bout.

*Outside, Don West was waiting for Raven to arrive. Samoa Joe walked by and had AJ Styles' name written on his wrist tape. Heenan arrived and said he was there because he was excited about the presentation "this Thursday."

*They aired a video on 4 Live Kru: The Family.

*Chris Sabin won a Four Way, pinning Petey Williams with a Cradleshock right after Williams had hit the Canadian Destroyer on Austin Aries. Alex Shelley was also in the match, debuting his new deal where he runs around with a video camera.

*Terry Taylor interviewed NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted.

*Abyss pinned Tough Enough alumni Kenny King. Mitchell did a promo and Sabu came out. They brawled to the outside of the building. Abyss hit Sabu with barbed wire chair and chokeslammed him on guard rails.

*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett came out and was interviewed by Mike Tenay. Christian came out and challenged the winner of Turning Point to a title match. Jeff Jarrett and Christian brawl. Bobby Rude hits the ring and scored with a Northern Lariat on Christian. As they brawl, Jackie Gayda arrives and slaps Jarrett. AMW come out and question Jarrett what's going on with Gayda.

*Backstage, Larry Zbyszko tells Raven that there will be a surprise for him at Turning Point.

*Samoa Joe defeated the returning Amazing Red. Shelley came out with his camera and got in way when Joe was doing the facewash. Joe wins with his choke. After the match. Joe chased Shelley to the back.

*Konnan & Kip James defeated The Beasts of Burden. Bob Armstrong was out on the ramp as they exited the building.

*In the back, Bobby Rude & Scott D'Amore cut a promo about Rude's match with Christian. Scott says he gave Christian a chance and now he will pay for what he did at the PPV.

*NWA champion Jeff Jarrett & NWA Tag Team champions America's Most Wanted defeated The Natutrals & Jeff Hardy – Jarrett wins with the Stroke on Chase Stevens. AMW hit a 3-D on Douglas through a table.

*They do a Rhino video feature

*Christian Cage defeated Bobby Rude with the Unprettier. At the onset of the match, the referee was knocked out. Monty Brown hit the ring trying to hit the Pounce on Cage, who moved and D'Amore was hit. Brown Pounced Cage after the match.

*Abyss and Jim Mitchell promo. Sabu came out.

*The Diamonds in the Rough defeated Raven in House of Fun match after throwing him outside the ring through a table that was leaned against the railing. All three scored the pin. Zbyszko offered Raven his release before the match.

Xplosion Matches:

*Eric Young and Petey Williams defeated Sonjay Dutt and Lance Hoyt.

*Matt Bentley defeated Roderick Strong with a superkick.

*Rhino defeated A-1 with the gore.

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