**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

**SPOILERS** WWE SmackDown! Taping Results

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Dark match:

-Aaron The Idol Stevens beat Scotty 2 Hotty – simple dark match. Stevens had two women, Shelley and Beth.



-Simon Dean beat Brian Kendrick. Said to be a pretty entertaining match.

Paul Burchill beat a local jobber. He did a move that was like a backwards Canadian Destroyer from the Flatliner promotion.

-Jamie Noble beat Paul London in a really good match.

-LOD beat Nunzio and Vito


-Backstage segment with Booker T and Benoit and Booker T was in crutches. Booker was complaining that the series should end and he should win for having the higher score. Teddy Long says he has to forfeit the match and give Benoit the win. Booker then wanted a substitute, so Teddy Long said OK.

Matt Hardy beat JBL via countout when The Boogeyman came and stalked JBL and JBL ran through the crowd. This was said to be not a very good match.


-Mexicools beat the Dicks.

-Another video segment with Orlando Jordan volunteering to be the substitute, and Booker and Sharmell laughed at him, knowing that he'd tap to Benoit again. Orlando said he would remember that.

-Next was a press conference by Melina with a podium and fake reporters. She was upset about what happened with Batista and she was gonna sue for sexual harassment. It was said to be really dumb and went on way too long. It got the most heat of the night, but probably not for good reasons.

-Booker approached Randy Orton to be the substitute and end the year on a high note, and Orton agrees.

-Chris Benoit vs. Randy Orton. Booker and Sharmell did commentary. Pretty long match and mostly scentific. Orton worked over Benoit's arm for most of the match. Benoit did the three amigos at one point. Benoit got Orton in the crossface, but then Sharmell hit Benoit with one of Booker's crutches, not realizing that she accidentally gave Benoit the win via DQ. Booker yelled at her after the match. Benoit was watching them, and then turned around into an RKO.

-WWE Cruiserweight champion Kid Kash had an interview segment with Funaki. Kash was asking Funaki if there were any American cruiserweights. He then bad mouthed Mexicans. Kash said he was the best cruiserweight champion ever. Kash attacked Funaki and gave him a brainbuster on the platform.


-Bobby Lashley beat Sylvan by countout when Sylvan ran off to protect his face. Lashley has pyro now.

- Video segment for the return of FIT FINLEY.

-The Main event was MNM regaining the tag titles from Batista and Rey Mysterio. MNM worked on Rey's knee most of the time. Batista got the hot tag and was about to win the match when Mark Henry attacked Batista and MNM got the pin. The show ended with Melina holding up Henry's arm.

-After the show, Batista and Mysterio did some poses.