TNA Turning Point PPV Results (12/11/05): Barbed Wire Massacre!

TNA Turning Point PPV Results (12/11/05): Barbed Wire Massacre!

Event: TNA Turning Point PPV Results
Date: Sunday, December 11th, 2005
Location: Soundstage 21 at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida
Results by Adam Martin of


- The TNA promo hits. Following this, a video package runs highlighting the Barbed Wire Massacre Match between Abyss and Sabu.

- A graphic hits the screen welcoming us to Turning Point. We then go live to the Impact Zone in Orlando, FL at Universal Studios. A display of pyro goes off above the ring and in the entrance way.

- Abyss' music plays right away and we will kick the show off tonight with the Barbed Wire Massacre!

Barbed Wire Massacre Match
Abyss w/ James Mitchell vs. Sabu

The match starts with Abyss kicking Sabu when he tries to get in the ring. Sabu then grabs a baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, comes in, swings at Abyss, Abyss dodges it and Sabu hits the barbed wire ropes with it. Both lock up, Abyss gets behind Sabu, Sabu counters, goes behind Abyss, but Abyss pushes him away. Sabu grabs a steel chair and throws it at Abyss. The chair hits Abyss right on the head. Sabu gets another chairshot, sets up a chair, jumps off, Abyss catches Sabu, but Sabu punches himself to the ground. Abyss then throws Sabu at the ropes and Sabu hits the barbed wire chest first! Abyss chokes Sabu on the ground who is still recovering from the shot of the barbed wire. Abyss dodges a shot to the barbed wire face first from Sabu. Sabu gets in a few rights, but Abyss takes him down with a stiff right. Abyss picks up Sabu, Sabu gets in a few rights, Sabu backs up, charges and Abyss lifts Sabu up in the air. Sabu comes down chest first against the barbed wire! Sabu pulls his chest off the barbed wire and then attacks Abyss with a sharp object. Sabu drives it into the arm of Abyss a few times, busting him open. Sabu sets up a chair, jumps, Abyss moves and Sabu hits the barbed wire leg first! Sabu grabs his leg in pain as he pulls it off the barbed wire. Blood is rolling down the arm of Abyss as he throws the chair away and hits Sabu with a hard right.


Abyss works on Sabu with a few rights near the barbed wire ropes. Abyss backs up, charges, but Sabu gives Abyss a drop toe hold right into the barbed wire! Sabu covers Abyss, but only gets a two count. Abyss fights back with a stiff right on Sabu. Abyss picks up Sabu and gives him a chokeslam right on top of the steel chair. Abyss covers, but only gets a two count on Sabu. James Mitchell then slides in a steel chair covered in barbed wire. Abyss places it on the chest of Sabu. Abyss realizes he can't spring off the ropes twice, then jumps on Sabu, but Sabu turns the chair and Abyss low blows himself on it. Sabu then nails Abyss with a chair shot with the barbed wire covered chair. Sabu hits him again with it and taunts to the crowd. Abyss rolls to the outside regaining some composure when Sabu sets up a chair and leaps over, taking out Abyss on the outside. Sabu then throws a large piece of plywood covered in barbed wire into the ring. Abyss then grabs Sabu and gives him a front suplex over the top of the barbed wire! Sabu is hanging across the barbed wire grabbing his chest in pain. Sabu pulls himself off with his chest covered in blood. Abyss grabs the plywood piece covered in barbed wire, setting it up in the middle of the ring. Abyss grabs Sabu, gets him into a powerbomb position, but Sabu counters himself off. Abyss attempts a chokeslam, Sabu blocks that. Abyss then catches Sabu for a third time, lifts him up into the air and Sabu comes down chest first on the barbed wire!


Abyss brings another barbed wire filled board into the ring and sets it up in the corner. Abyss tries to irish whip Sabu into the board in the corner filled with barbed wire, but Sabu stops himself and almost hits the referee. Abyss then charges, Sabu moves and Abyss hits the board with force! Abyss backs off from the corner and the barbed wire is literally sticking to him. Sabu kicks Abyss back and he hits the other barbed wire board on his back! Abyss is sandwiched between both boards on the ground! Sabu jumps and lands on top of the board. The referee counts the pinfall...1...2...3.

Winner: Sabu

After the match, Sabu continues to attack Abyss some more, kicking the top board to apply more force. TNA officials and referees hit the ring and cut Abyss free from the barbed wire. James Mitchell also comes into the ring and helps Abyss recover. Abyss rolls out of the ring and Mitchell yells at him a bit.

- Mike Tenay & Don West run down the rest of the card tonight: Monty Brown vs. Christian Cage, AMW vs. Team 3D in a Tables Match, AJ Styles vs. Samoa Joe for the X Division Title and Jeff Jarrett vs. Rhino for the NWA World Title.

- Footage was shown from earlier today with Jeff Jarrett and America's Most Wanted arriving to the Impact Zone. Rhino was also shown arriving to the Impact Zone as well.


- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with the 4 Live Kru. BG James tells Team Canada that 2006 will be the year of the 4 Live Kru. BG talks about Konnan and Kip James dominating on iMPACT! this past week. Kip agrees. Konnan sends a shoutout and they all head off.

- Backstage, Abyss is shown attending to his wounds as James Mitchell speaks with him. Tenay & West continue to reflect on the Barbed Wire Massacre Match and some highlights are shown of the finish when Abyss became sandwiched betweeen both barbed wire boards.

- We see a live shot of the ring ropes back up on the six-sided ring as we continue the rest of the show. Tenay & West talk about the media coverage TNA got this last week with A.J. Pierzynski involved with TNA. Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong are now making their way to the ring to start up the next tag team match.

Matt Bently & Austin Aries vs. Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong
The match starts with Austin Aries and Alex Shelley. Both lock up, Aries trips up Shelley and gets in a headlock. Aries takes down Shelley with a shoulder block, flips out of the way and hits a hip toss on Shelley. Aries hits a springboard elbow off the corner on Shelley followed by a quick arm drag into a headlock. Aries springs off the ropes again taking down Shelley into a headstand that ends with a dropkick. Shelley gets in a quick side kick, tags in Strong, but Aries fights back with two big arm drag takeovers. Aries hits a spinning elbow drop on Strong, covers, but only gets a two count. Bently gets the tag, Bently & Aries give Strong a double-suplex, both flip up and hit a double-elbow drop. Bently covers, but only gets a two count. Strong drops Bently across the jaw and then tags in Shelley. Shelley kicks Bently in the gut a few times, Strong gets the tag and kicks Bently as well. Strong chops Bently and then chokes him against the second rope. Strong irish whips Bently, Bently jumps up and hits a quick huricanranna. Bently follows that up with a kick to the back of the head on Strong, covers, but only gets a two count. Aries gets the tag, Bently gives Strong a scoop slam, Aries hits a splash from the ring apron over the top rope, covers, but only gets a two count. Aries gets launched to the ring apron by Strong. Aries elbows Shelley, Shelley comes back with a clothesline over the top rope. Strong kicks up Aries and allows Aries to land back-first on his knee! Shelley gets the tag and hits a springboard moonsault for a two count.


The referee misses Bently's tag in from Aries. This allows Shelley and Strong to double-team Aries that results in a two count. Strong applies a headlock. Aries pushes Strong towards the corner. Shelley jumps in and takes out Bently on the ring apron. Strong props Aries up on the top rope. Aries fights back sending Strong off the top. Aries takes out Shelley. Strong comes back, gets Aries up in a powerbomb position, Shelley gets up on the top, jumps and connects with a dropkick off the shoulders of Strong! Aries lets out a "OH SH*T" before this happens. Strong covers Aries, but only gets in a two count. Shelley gets the tag. Shelley and Strong attempt a double-team, but Aries dodges it and tags in Bently. Bently takes out Shelley and Strong a few times. Bently hits a high back body drop on Strong and a front face slam on Shelley. Bently goes up top, jumps and connects with a flying elbow. Bently covers...1...2...Shelley kicks out. Bently takes out Strong with an elbow, but Shelley comes back with a kick to the head. Bently finds a way to counter Shelley up to the top. Shelley pushes Bently off. Strong hits a knee shot to the gut. Shelley leaps off the top and hits a top rope back senton splash on Bently. Shelley covers, but Aries breaks it up. Aries then sends Strong to the outside who almos takes out Shelley's camera. In the ring, Bently nails Shelley with a superkick. Shelley covers and gets the pinfall.


Winners: Matt Bently & Austin Aries

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Monty Brown. Brown is talking to a doll that looks like a construction worker, pretending it is Christian and asking if there is a dress code up north. Brown said Christian Cage could never take his spot in TNA. He said Christian is not like the Alpha Male, he will be dominated tonight and that he will feel the Pounce...PERIOD. Jeff Jarrett appears behind Monty Brown and said TNA management could careless if Monty wins tonight because Christian is the new baby of TNA. Jarrett asks him if he is aware of TNA's big announcement that will change the face of the company in 2006. Brown said as far as he is concerned, that person is him. Jarrett said he doesn't get it and he was going to find someone who does.

Raven vs. Chris K. (formerly Chris Kanyon)
The match starts with K taking out Raven with a few right hands and a swinging neckbreaker. K kicks Raven in the head and then brings him shoulder first into the steel ring post. K drops a leg over Raven's head in the corner. Raven falls away into the steel barricade. K drives Raven's head into the barricade, backs up, leaps off the steel steps, but Raven moves and K hits the barricade with force. Raven then gives K a russian leg sweep into the barricade with force. When Raven goes back in the ring, Raven kicks him away into the barricade again. K drops Raven off the top rope and comes back in, choking him in the corner. K grabs Raven by the hair, puts his leg over Raven's and comes down on the mat face first with force. K covers Raven, but only gets a two count. K hits a jumping moonsault off the corner, but Raven moves out of the way and K hits the ring with force. Raven applies an Ankle Lock on K. K screams out in pain, finds a way to get to his feet, grabs Raven by the head and drives him back into the ring. Raven fights back with some rights followed by a clothesline. Raven hits a knee lift on K that sends K over the top rope to the outside.


K retreats up the ramp. Raven follows and grabs K, giving him a big hip toss to the botom of the ramp. Raven is now busted open. Raven throws K back in the ring along with a steel chair. Raven sets up the chair, attempts a drop toe hold, K blocks it, picks up the chair and Raven punches the chair. K has Raven in the corner and looks to use his knee pounce again to the chair. Raven counters that into a powerbomb on K right on top of the steel chair in the middle of the ring. K gets to his feet and Raven connects with the Evenflow DDT. Raven covers K...1...2...3.

Winner: Raven

After the match, Larry Zbyzsko gets in the ring and tells Raven he is sick of this. Larry begs Raven to sign the release so he can just leave TNA. Raven says no and slaps Larry. Larry goes after Raven and punches him a bit. TNA Security breaks this up as Cassidy Riley hits the ring as well with Raven.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team Canada. Douglas brings up that Bobby Roode is gone. Eric Young agrees. Scott D'Amore said not to worry about where Bobby is. D'Amore then slaps Young who questions where Roode is. Jeff Jarrett walks up and Bobby Roode appears near him. Jarrett asks D'Amore what TNA's big announcement is and how they want to take the NWA World Title away from him. Roode tells Jarrett there is nothing to worry about tonight. D'Amore tells Team Canada to get the job done tonight against 4 Live Kru.


Eight Man Tag Team Match
4 Live Kru vs. Team Canada

The match starts with Kip James and Eric Young. When Young sees James in the ring, he tags in Bobby Roode instead. Kip and Roode lock up. Roode attempts a few shots to the ribs, but Kip comes back with a shoulder block. Kip gives Roode a big hip toss followed by quick snap suplex. Kip covers Roode, but only gets a two count. Petey Williams comes in and Kip gives him a military press slam. Konnan gets the tag and he throws his shoe at Williams. Kip takes out A-1 on the ring apron. Ron Killings hits a big elbow drop low blow on Williams. Young gets the tag and Killings gives him a drop toe hold. Killings hits a big side kick on Young and tags in BG James. BG and Killings give Young a double-right hand. BG covers Young, but only gets a two count. Young fights back with a few right hands. BG responds with a few rights of his own and a big boot. BG his a knee to the head drop, covers, but gets another two count. Roode holds BG in the corner when he bounces off. A-1 gives BG a clothesline and Young kicks BG to the outside. The members of Team Canada beat on BG and throw him back in the ring. Young grabs BG and nails him face first off the corner. A-1 gets the tag, hits a suplex on BG, covers, but only gets a two count. Roode gets the tag and he nails BG with a shot to the ribs. Roode nails BG face first off the corner, props him up in a tree of woe and Roode taunts Kip James. Williams gets the tag and he goes the "Oh Canada!" taunt on BG in the corner. Roode and Williams attempt a double-team, but BG takes out both with a double-clothesline.


Kip gets the tag and he takes out Williams, Roode, Young and A-1. Kip gives Young a big jackhammer, covers, but Team Canada breaks it up. All eight men are in the ring brawling now. Some get tossed out. Konnan takes out Young with a clothesline. Kip hits a big fameasser on Roode. Konnan gets a chair from D'Amore. He looks to hit Roode with it when Konnan nails Kip with the steel chair! Roode backs up not sure what is going on. Konnan tells Roode to pin him. Roode drops down, pins Kip and gets the pinfall.

Winners: Team Canada

After the match, BG James and Ron "The Truth" Killings hit the ring and confront Konnan. They question what he just did to Kip James. Konnan argues with both. When BG attempts to Kip on the ground, Konnan nails him with a steel chair shot! Killings has a surprised look on his face. Konnan hugs Killings and tells him to leave with him. Killings stares down Konnan as he leaves up the ramp.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with The Diamonds in the Rough. Simon Diamond mentions how this match has garnered more publicity than any other match in TNA history. Diamond warns Bobby Heenan to not step into their business tonight.

- Footage is shown of A.J. Pierzynski on iMPACT! and the media coverage it got this past week. A video package airs of the events this past week on iMPACT! between The Diamonds in the Rough and A.J. Pierzynski, Dale Torborg and Bobby Heenan.


- Bobby "The Brain" Heenan is introduced back to the announcer's table along with Mike Tenay and Don West. Heenan gets a standing ovation from the crowd in Orlando.

* Chicago White Sox star A.J. Pierzynski
* Bobby "The Brain" on commentary
Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Dale Torborg vs. The Diamonds In The Rough

The match starts with Elix Skipper and Chris Sabin. Sabin takes out Skipper with a dropkick. Skipper gets in a few kicks, an attempt powerbomb, but Sabin rolls out of it. Skipper gets in a headlock on Sabin, but Sabin counters. Skipper gets dropped on his head slightly following a shot from Sabin. Sabin fights back with a dropkick to the face and another dropkick that sends Skipper to the outside. Skipper gets back in the ring, stares down Sabin and tags in David Young. When Young springboards off the corner, Sabin hits him with a dropkick. Sonjay Dutt gets a tag, hits a cross-body off the top on Young and gets a two count. Dutt hits a springboard leg drop on Young, covers again, but only gets a two count. Dale Torborg gets the tag and he takes out all members of The Diamonds in the Rough. Torborg grabs Dutt and launches him to the outside taking out Diamond, Skipper and Young! Young gets back in the ring and hits a big swinging front slam. Diamond gets a tag, covers Dutt, but only gets a two count. Diamond does a pitching taunt into a punch on Dutt, smiling at A.J. Pierzynski after this. Skipper gets the tag, kicks Dutt on the back and gets a two count as a result. Dutt goes around the body of Skipper a few times, but Skipper counters that into a powerbomb into the ropes. After a replay, we see Young hitting a huge spike spinebuster on Dutt!


Dutt fires back with a big huricanranna on Young. Torborg then hits the ring and he takes out Diamond with a big chokeslam! When he covers, it ges broken up. Skipper has Dutt in a hold. Sabin grabs Dutt, flips him back and Dutt hits a reverse DDT! Sabin then hits a big jumping dropkick to the face on Young in the corner! Sabin and Dutt then fly out of the ring and take out Skipper and Young on the outside. In the ring, Torborg approaches Diamond. Diamond low blows Torborg! Diamond then grabs a baseball protector and he nails Torborg with it. A.J. Pierzynski tries to prevent this and the referee gets near him. Bobby Heenan jumps up and backs the referee off. A.J. Pierzynski then gets a baseball diamond handed to him from Johnny Damon in the crowd. A.J. Pierzynski gets back in the ring and nails Simon Diamond with it. This finishes with Sabin hitting the Cradle Shock on Diamond and Dutt hitting a Hindu Press off the top rope and getting the pinfall on Diamond for the win!

Winners: Chris Sabin, Sonjay Dutt & Dale Torborg

After the match, Sabin and Dutt present some TNA Championship rings to A.J. Pierzynski, Dale Torborg and Bobby Heenan.

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Christian Cage. He asks Douglas if he can hear the Christian Coalition chanting his name. We hear audio of the crowd doing so. Christian said the time for talk is over and that he can take his Christian doll home and asks it questions like, how can I be as cool as Christian? Christian said tonight, The Alpha Male will get served, because that is how I roll.


- A video package runs highlighting the feud between Monty Brown and Christian Cage. That match is up next.

Christian Cage vs. Monty Brown
The match starts with both locking up and Brown pushing Christian away with force against the ropes. They get in each others faces, Christian slaps Brown and Brown comes with some rights. Brown hits a few forearms over the back of Christian. Christian fires back with some chest chops. Brown fires Christian into the ropes attempting an early Pounce, but Christian dodges it and rolls to the outside. Brown charges to the outside and Christian gets back in, taunting him. Christian then slides under Brown and drops him face first off the ring apron. Christian sends Brown into the ring barricade. Brown gets back in the ring, Christian jumps off the top rope, Brown catches him, Christian counters and throws Brown to the outside through the ropes. Christian then goes up to the top, Brown stands up on the outside and takes out Brown with a huge leap. Christian gets Brown back in the ring, covers, but only gets a two count. In the ring, Brown gets Christian up on his shoulders and drops him off the top rope. Brown hits a big military press slam over the top rope to the outside on Christian. Brown comes to the outside and hits Christian with some rights. Brown tells the crowd to move. Brown grabs Christian, looks to throw him into the crowd, but stops and throws Christian in the ring. Brown taunts at the crowd, saying he will do what he wants.


Back in the ring, Brown lifts Christian up in the air and Christian comes back down hard chest first. Brown nails Christian in the head with a few forearms, covers, but only gets a two count. Brown takes down Christian with a stiff elbow as Christian came off the ropes. Brown attempts a T-Bone Suplex, but Christian fights back with some stiff elbow shots. Brown then comes back with a big overhead belly-to-belly suplex, covers, but only gets a two count. Christian fights back with a few rights, but Brown hits a big charge on Christian in the corner. The crowd in Orlando starts a loud "ALPHA FEMALE" chant. Brown then grabs Christian and sends him into the corner with force. Brown leaves the ring and wraps the body of Christian around the steel post. Brown puts Christian on his shoulder, but Christian counters pushing off and sending Brown face first into the other steel post. Both men are down on the ground on the outside. Both men get back in the ring. Christian nails Brown with a few lefts and rights. Christian takes out Brown with two big forearm shots and some rights to follow up. Christian adds in some more rights in the corner on Brown. Brown fires back, launching Christian into the corner. Brown props Christian up on the top rope. Christian gets in a kick to the face on Brown. Brown counters a tornado DDT by Christian, putting Christian back up. Christian then counters that and finally hits the tornado DDT!


Christian then gets a quick roll-up on Brown for a two count. Christian goes up to the top rope, Brown jumps up with Christian grabbing him in a bearhug. Christian then bites the head of Christian. Christian hits a big frog splash, covers...1...2...Brown powers out and Christian lands on top of the referee! Christian attempts another swinging punch, but Brown catches Christian sideways, flips him up and hits a big powerbomb! Brown covers...1...2...Christian kicks out. A frustrated Brown gets in the face of the referee. Brown applies a full nelson on Christian, moves towards the exposed turnbuckle, but Christian slides out and Brown hits the exposed turnbuckle face first! Christian then hits the Unprettier on Brown, covers and gets the pinfall!

Winner: Christian Cage

- Backstage, Shane Douglas is with Team 3D. Brother Ray smacks a table that has "3D" spraypainted on it. He brings up that Team 3D was in Japan representing TNA. Ray brings up that there new goal in TNA is to capture the NWA World Tag Team Titles and Ray promises AMW will taste table tonight. Brother Devon follows that up with an "Oh my brother...TESTIFY!"

- A video package runs highlighting the feud between America's Most Wanted and Team 3D leading up to the Tables Match tonight.


Tables Match – Non-Title
NWA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted vs. Team 3D

The match starts with Team 3D attacking AMW at the top of the ramp while the pyro was still going off. Brother Ray goes after James Storm, while Brother Devon goes after Chris Harris. Harris sends Devon into the ring barricade. Brother Ray is setting up a table at the top of the ramp near Storm. Storm nails Ray and breaks up what he is doing while Harris brawls with Devon. Devon sends Harris into the barricade with force as Ray sends Storm rolling down the ramp. Ray sends Storm face first off the announcers table. Storm fights back raking the eyes of Ray. In the ring, Devon sends Harris into the ropes who fires back with a big hanging vertical suplex. Storm hits the ring and he nails Devon with a right hand. Devon fights back taking out AMW with a jumping double clothesline. Ray pulls Harris out of the ring and chops him with force! Harris falls back into the barricade as well with force. In the ring, Ray chops Storm and Devon comes down with a big headbutt drop. Ray allows the fans to say the chant with them...GET THE TABLES. Devon leaves the ring, grabs a table, sets it up and gets ready. Harris hits the ring, takes out Ray, moves the table and Devon lifts Storm up, but Storm only hits the ring. Harris props the table up in the corner. AMW try to send Devon through it, but Ray jumps up and tackles Devon to stop him from going through it.


On the outside of the ring, Storm brawls with Ray. Ray chops Storm with huge force! In the ring, Harris sets up the table in the middle of the ring. Harris puts Devon on top of the table, goes up to the top, but Ray comes in and chops Harris. Ray gives Harris a big superplex from the top, but Storm moves the table so Harris doesn't go through it. Storm nails Ray with some hard rights when he stands up, but Ray once again chops Storm with force. On the outside, Devon is setting up another table with Harris clotheslines him with force. Storm continues to hit Ray with rights in the ring as Harris and Devon brawl on the outside. In the ring, Ray launches Storm over the top rope and Storm takes out both Harris and Devon. The men recover and Ray picks up Storm, chopping him yet again with loud force! Ray throws Storm in the ring, chops him again on the corner, puts Storm on top of the table, but Storm stands up and gives Ray a huricanranna off the top rope. Before this takes place, Devon moves the table just in time. When Storm hits that on Ray, he takes out Devon with a quick superkick. AMW position the table and look to hit the 3D on Devon, but Devon stops himself from being launched by Storm and Harris hits his back hard on the mat. Harris leaves the ring and grabs a steel chair. In the ring, Ray and Devon hit the Death Sentence on Storm through the table! James Storm has been eliminated.


Chris Harris, who is still in the match, hits the ring and takes out both Ray and Devon with steel chair shots. Harris has nails Devon on the ramp and drags him up to the top area where another table is already set up. Harris taunts at the crowd, gets Devon in a suplex position, but Devon blocks it. Devon counters, Ray runs up to the top of the ramp, Devon lifts up Harris and they hit the 3D right through the table. Chris Harris is eliminated and Team 3D wins.

Winners: Team 3D

After the match, the crowd in Orlando chants "3D" loudly as Brother Ray and Brother Devon celebrate the win over the NWA World Tag Team Champions America's Most Wanted.

- A video package runs highlighting the recent events between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe leading up to the X Division Title Match tonight at Turning Point.

- We are back live and TNA officials are attending to James Storm. It appears he suffered some type of a neck injury following the spot where he was eliminated earlier by Team 3D. Storm is eventually taken out of the ring and taken to the back.

X Division Championship Match
AJ Styles (c) vs. Samoa Joe

The match starts with AJ Styles charging at Samoa Joe and nailing him with a few shoulder charges in the corner. Styles gives Joe a huge snap suplex and AJ props up taunting loudly. AJ kicks Joe in the gut a few times, hits a snapmare followed by a stiff kick to the back. AJ gets in a few rights, sends Joe into the ropes, but Joe fights back with a stiff kick to the face. AJ then fights back with a huge stiff dropkick to the face that sees Joe stay up for a second and then topple over. AJ gets in a few elbows on Joe in the corner. Joe comes back with a chest chop on AJ, goes off the ropes, attempts a leg charge, but AJ moves out of the way. Joe slaps AJ and AJ comes back with some elbow shots. Joe fights back with some stiff kicks to the chest sending AJ through the ropes, but still staying on the ring apron. Joe then backs up, charges and nails AJ off the ring apron with force. Joe sends AJ into the ring barricade and then slides him back in the ring. AJ fights back with a chop to the gut. AJ hits a few forearms, but Joe hits a headbutt. AJ then drops Joe's head off the top rope and Joe falls to the outside. AJ is now on the ring apron and Joe kicks his legs, tripping AJ up! AJ falls on the ring apron and Joe grabs AJ, hitting a spinning airplane move and then letting AJ smack right against the barricade with force. Joe then irish whips AJ into the ring barricade. Joe measures AJ. When AJ stands up, Joe charges and drills AJ with a boot that sends AJ to his back with force.


In the ring, Joe hits AJ with a few boots. Joe then hits another big boot to AJ's face followed by a big knee drop to the head! When AJ gets up, Joe chops him into the corner. AJ fights back with a few kicks, but Joe hits a huge kick to AJ's chest. AJ gasps for air as he stands up. AJ gets thrown up on the mat and lands face first, grabbing his chest in pain. Joe then hits a big back senton splash on AJ, covers, but AJ barely kicks out after two. AJ fights back to his feet nailing Joe with a few elbows to the gut. Joe hits a big kick charge on AJ in the corner. AJ bounces off and appears to be dazed from it. Joe then does a face wash on AJ. AJ then grabs the boot of Joe to block anymore. Joe sends AJ back down to the corner and Joe this time hits a huge running boot to the face with even more force! The crowd goes nuts in Orlando starting a loud "JOE" chant. Joe gets back up, kicking AJ around the ring. Joe chops AJ in the corner, AJ gets sent to the ring apron, tries to get back in, but Joe kicks him. Joe gets in a few forearm shots on AJ. Joe grabs AJ, but AJ props up and hits a big Pele Kick! AJ springboards off the top rope, but Joe catches him and hits a big powerbomb! Joe then rolls that over into a Boston Crab. AJ does get the bottom rope, but Joe pulls AJ back out and applies even more pressure by sitting on the back of AJ still applying the Boston Crab. AJ counters out of that kicking Joe in the face a few times, causing Joe to break it.


When Joe charges at AJ in the corner, AJ sends Joe over the top rope to the outside. Joe is recovering on the outside near the ring apron. AJ then charges and hits a moonsault from the ring, over the top rope, taking out Joe! That has to be seen to believe! AJ puts Joe back in the ring. AJ gets up on the top rope, jumps and connects with a forearm to the back of the head. AJ covers Joe, but only gets a two count. Joe attempts a release german suplex, but AJ lands on his feet. AJ then springboards off the ropes and hits a big inverted DDT on Joe! AJ covers...1...2...Joe kicks out. Joe then fights back with a huge powerslam on AJ. Joe hooks the leg, but AJ gets a shoulder up after two. The crowd in Orlando starts a loud "THIS IS AWESOME" chant. Joe kicks AJ a few times in the gut and AJ challenges him. AJ now dodges a few kicks and punches. Joe gets AJ in the corner and AJ can't dodge the forearms. AJ responds with a few kicks followed by a last big spin kick. The mouth of AJ is now busted open. AJ gets Joe ready for the Styles Clash. Joe won't allow it. AJ pulls Joe away, kicks him in the head, brings him back and AJ hits a powerbomb on Joe! The crowd can't believe it. AJ covers Joe...1...2...kick out. AJ then kicks Joe in the chest followed by a few forearms. Joe fights back with a clothesline, absolutely leveling AJ in the middle of the ring. Joe covers AJ, but AJ kicks out right after one! Joe can't believe it. Joe hits a big underhook powerbomb suplex, but AJ once again kicks out after one! Joe looks at AJ in amazement.


Winner & NEW X Division Champion: Samoa Joe

After the match, Samoa Joe celebrates with the X Division Title. Joe looks down at AJ Styles and picks him up by his arm. Joe looks to give a "thank you" gesture to AJ. Joe raises the X Title in the air, but then nails AJ with it taking him out. TNA Security hits the ring and Joe takes them out as well. Joe leaves the ring and throws a steel chair inside. Joe puts the steel chair nea