Trish Stratus Heel Turn, Victoria, Memberships, Lots More

As of about two weeks ago, WWE had a plan in store for Trish Stratus to turn on Mickie James within the next few weeks. WWE thinks Trish works better as heel whereas Mickie James plays a great underdog.


It is expected that WWE will be offering a pay service on in the next few weeks. The site will still continue to offer free content like they do now as they gain money through the advertisements on the site. There's still no word yet on what the exclusive content will be though.

Hillbilly Jim has done a shoot interview with FHM Magazine this month. It is available on newstands now.

Tammy Sytch no-showed another National Wrestling Superstars (NWS) event last Saturday in which she was booked to appear on. No reason was given for her no-show. She also no-showed an NWS show back in July and was suspected of lying with her excuse in order to work another wrestling show. She was then suspended from future NWS show bookings. NWS then recently tried to reconcile with her in order to get her to appear at last Saturday's show. She agreed to appear, however, she pulled a no-show for some reason. Seeing how Tammy no-showed last Saturday's event, NWS officials decided to spoof her. An overweight wrestler put on a wig & a dress and billed himself/herself as "Hammy, formerly Bunny of the WWWF", an obvious shot at her weight troubles over the years. "Hammy" then removed the dress and revealed himself/herself to be wrestler Saddam Insane. It actually went over quite humorously with the crowd. After this stunt, it's not likely that Sytch will ever work one of their shows again. Sources say Sytch is not in the best shape right now.


Steve Walles sent this: In response to those who sent Emails that Victoria was not part of the WWE Divas 2006 Calendar: I have that very calendar and Victoria appears in November. Also featured are former Divas Molly Holly (February), Michelle McCool (March), Jackie Gayda (October) and Ivory (December). Perhaps the WWE reissued the calendar to exclude former Divas and include current ones. I know this doesn't explain Victoria's alleged absence from the calendar, but the original issue does not have Melina, Jillian Hall, Sharmell, Cristal, the recently-released Christy Hemme, Ashley Massaro or Mickie James.

From Caleb Stempel: Quick note last night on the Spike TV Video Game Awards, Jeff Jarrett was there, and did a small plug fot TNA on Spike TV, along with members of UFC, who also had a small plug for UFC. Spike had a lot of people that are on Spike TV there, saying something minor but noticeable about their show.

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