What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Daniel Whitehead sent this:

Dark Match:

Ken Doane pinned Caprice Coleman by blocking a sunset flip out of the corner and holding onto the ropes for leverage.

Heat Matches:

Val Venis pinned Rob Conway by turning the Ego Trip into a small package.


Gregory Helms pinned Brad Allen after hitting a shining wizard.

Matt Striker came out to cut a promo about his debut on Monday Night Raw next week and started to cut a very funny promo on the education of the people in the Lowcountry.

Trevor Murdoch pinned Scotty Sabre with a bulldog off the top rope.

Dark Match after the Show:

Chris Masters attacked the WWE Champion John Cena after the show went off the air which then turned into a WWE Championship match with Cena pinning Masters after hitting the FU!

Little side note:

Two guys sitting next to me went to the show in Columbia and said the guy from Smackdown Sunday Night that lost to the Boogeyman looked like Ray Gordy.