What You Didn't See On RAW Last Night

Marc Vital and BostonWrestling.com sent this in:

WWE Monday Night Raw Taping
Monday, December 12th, 2005
TD Banknorth Garden * Boston, MA


Garrison Cade def. Tomas Whitney.

Sunday Night Heat:

Chavo Guerrero def. Rob Conway.


Crowd was into chanting for Eddie as much as they were Chavo, who was victorious with a frog splash.

Gregory Helms def. Tajiri.

Helms won with a Shining Wizard. After the match, Tajiri took the mic and announced it was his final match with WWE and he was headed back to Japan. He thanked everyone from ECW and WWE along with the fans for five great years. The fans gave him a nice farewell as he headed up the ramp.

Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky def. Heart Throbs.

Tomko and Snitsky hit double boots to the face for the pinfall. Neither team was over in the least.

Trevor Murdoch def. Val Venis.

Murdoch went over with a bulldog from the top rope.

After Raw:



Daivari interfered, and was FU'd along with the referee after the match was over. Cena got a tremendous hometown reaction after the bout.

Marc Vital sent this report.

I attended the Taw taping last night. Here are the live results.

I have attended many WWE-WCW televised events from the TD Banknorth Garden and I have never seen the two thirds of the upper balcony tarped off . Of the open seats in the balcony about half of those seats were occupied. As far as he lower level seats I would say they were about at 85% capacity.

The show opened with them showing a highlight package from WrestleMania 21. After the package Lillian Garcia came down, and the heat-dark matches begin.

Garrison Cade vs. Local Indie Wrestler from Boston. The crowd popped big for the guy I never caught his name. It was a pretty one-sided match.
Winner: Cade with a version of the stoke.

Rob Conway vs. Chavo. Conway took the early advantage with a few cheap shots and then by sending the action to floor. The crowd was really into the match. "Eddie" chants were prevalent throughout the contest. In the end Chavo staged the comeback.
Winner. Chavo via the frog splash

Gregory Helms vs. Tajiri. Tajiri got one of the loudest pops of the nigh,t which tells me a good portion of the crowd knew this was Tajiri's last match. It was a good back and forth bout. Tajiri kept on trying to apply the tarantula but helms kept on blocking it. On the third try, Tajiri finally got the hold applied. In the end Helms dodged the buzzsaw kick from Tajiri and gave him one of his own for the win.
Winner: Gregory Helms


After the match Tajiri grabbed the mic and told the crowd that this was his last match in the WWE he was going back to Japan. He thanked the fans for the past five years of support, he then thanked ECW and the WWE one more time. Tajiri left with huge fanfare.

Next it was tag team action between the Hearthrobs and Snitsky and Tomko. Pretty dull match all around the crowd was dead for the duration of the match. Tomko gets the pin via the big boot.

The final match was Trevor Murdock vs. Val Venis. This was a good match. Murdock got in a lot of great facials and Val went for most of his usual spots. In the end Murdock wins from a flying bull dog from the top rope.

Next Lillian sings the national anthem. Can that woman sing! After the anthem a prolonged "Cena" chant broke out. The crowd was really behind him, in my opinion, because he is the hometown boy.

As far as Raw goes, the crowd started off really hot. After Vince did not announce the new GM, I felt that the crowd was taken out of it. They really wanted to see who the new GM will be. Other than that, the only time the crowd got into it was the Angle vs. Flair match (Flair got a huge Ovation) and the Daivari vs. Cena Match. I did not like the way Cena worked that match. He should have watched the Jake the Snake match from WrestleMania.


After Raw went off the air, Cena grabbed the mic and challenged Angle to a title match as he stated, "Screw what Vince said". Angle accepted and the crowd was treated to nice 15 minute contest were Angle got little offense in. Angle escaped the FU and gave Cena the angle slam. They both hit the mat and the 10 count began. They both slowly got to their feet. Cena started to throw punches and backed Angle into the turnbuckle. Cena unloaded on Angle ignoring the ref's five count. Cena got disqualified. Daivari ran into the ring with a chair Cena caught him with the FU as Angle exited the building.

After the match Cena spoke with the crowd. He pulled a local DJ from a hip hop station from the crowd and thanked him for supporting his album. He said it may be cold outside but it was great to be home. He said the last time he was in the building he lost the US title to Carlito so now that he is back he wants the crowd to blow roof off, which it did. However, Cena did not concur and he said if that was the best we could do then maybe we should all move to New York. That got him a lot of heat. He replied that he was just playing but he was waiting for us to chant those two words he has been waiting to hear. At this point a huge "YANKEES SUCK" chant erupted. He thanked the crowd and the show ended.


Biggest Pops:
1. John Cena
2. Triple H
3. Ric Flair
4. Tajiri
5. Dusty

Most Heat:
1. Kurt Angle
2. Daivari
3. Matt Stryker

Overall a sub par show in my opinion because the qualifying matches did not have a lot of juice behind them and the crowd reacted in kind.