WWE Armageddon Results (12/18/05): First Ever WWE Suicide

WWE Armageddon Results (12/18/05): First Ever WWE Suicide

Event: WWE Armageddon Pay Per View Results
Date: Sunday, December 18th, 2005
Location: The Dunkin Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island
Results by PowerWrestling.com

Welcome to the Armageddon Coverage. Refresh the page every ten minutes or so for all the latest updates. Jamie Noble defeated Funaki in the pre show match with a dragon sleeper.

WWE Armageddon Opener:

Armageddon opened up with a video package looking at the feud between Randy Orton and the Undertaker, and the events that have lead to tonight s Hell in a Cell Match. The fireworks then went off in the arena for the start of Armageddon as Michael Cole and Tazz welcomed us to the show! The Hell in a Cell is shown hanging ominously above the ring, and the end may indeed be near for the Legend Killer tonight!

Referee: Nick Patrick
John Bradshaw Layfield vs. Matt Hardy

The music of John Bradshaw Layfield hit in the arena as his limousine rolled into the arena, and he emerged with his Image Consultant, Jillian Hall, and he is set for singles action with Matt Hardy! JBL says he creates excitement whether he starts or closes the show, and will forever be the main event. The countries smallest state has the worlds biggest start, and Matt Hardy gets in the ring with JBL.
Matt Hardy, who has a slogan, I Will Not Die , let s see, you get fired from your job, lose your girlfriend and all you can do is say whah, whah, whah on the internet, and all you can come up with is some cheap ass t-shirt that says I will not die, why don t you tell the truth and put on your t-shirt, I wish I was dead , because you will be destroyed tonight. Bradshaw says he can look everywhere and know that JBL is a one man conglomerate, and Matt Hardy finally gets what he wants, he gets to step in the ring with the main event and the greatest WWE Champion of all time&Matt Hardy s music then hit and he came through the crowd!

The start:

Hardy hammered away at JBL and sent him to the outside, and rammed him spine first into the apron. Hardy tossed Bradshaw into the ring. JBL came back hanging Matt s head into the top rope and JBL hammered away at him and then kicked him right in the head repeatedly. Bradshaw went to the outside and pulled at Matt, choking him out as he was still stuck between the ropes. Hardy finally got free and then JBL nailed a short clothesline on the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Bradshaw continued his assault with a clubbing blow to the back and then tossed him back inside. Bradshaw dropped a series of elbow drops and Hardy is in trouble here. Bradshaw stomped on the head of Matt Hardy but then Hardy came back out of nowhere with a swinging DDT for two! JBL came back with a big shoulderblock and then kicked Hardy square in the back followed by a big boot to the face. Bradshaw worked over Hardy in the corner and then perched him on the top rope.

The Finish:

Bradshaw went for a back suplex from the top but Hardy elbowed JBL down and then hit a moonsault onto the standing JBL for a near fall! Hardy is having trouble with his throat as JBL removes the turnbuckle cover. Hardy nailed some right hands and then JBL raked the eyes and whipped Hardy into the exposed turnbuckle before nailing the Clothesline From Hell for the win!

Winner – John Bradshaw Layfield

The Aftermath:

JBL celebrated his victory with Jillian Hall and the made his way towards the back, and Hardy never really recovered from getting caught up in the ropes early on.


The Mexicools are backstage and Melina is with them and they said they want to cancel the match tonight, so they can get some of Melina! Super Crazy and Psicosis laughed as she stormed off, and said that s not cool, that s Mexicool!

Referee: Charles Robinson
MMN vs. Super Crazy and Psicosis

The music of MNM hit in the arena as Johnny Nitro, Joey Mercury and Melina made their way to the ring as the former WWE Tag Team Champions, and this was originally set to be a title match against the Mexicools, but now it s just a regular match since Batista and Rey Mysterio are now the Tag Team Champions.

The start:

Psicosis and Mercury kicked things off with a tie up and Mercury worked the arm. Psicosis reversed but then Mercury hit a shot to the gut and then locked in a side headlock. Psicosis sent him to the ropes but he came back with a shoulder block and then tagged in Nitro. Psicosis nailed a pair of arm drags and then Mercury tagged back inside.

Mid-match notes:

Psicosis sent Mercury to the corner but missed a splash and then Mercury came off the top but Psicosis nailed him and then hit a superkick sending Mercury outside. Psicosis hit a splash over the topes onto Mercury, and then Crazy flipped himself over the referee onto all three men on the outside! The Mexicools hit a double team legsweep and then Psicosis went up top but Melina knocked him down. Mercury stomped on Psicosis and then gave him a snapmare. Nitro tagged in and hit a big elbow into the chest of Psicosis and covered for two.

Psicosis went for a sunset flip but Mercury tagged in and kicked Psicosis hard in the back. Mercury hit a clothesline and covered for two but then Psicosis stared to fight back and hit a double team takeover on both men! Psicosis went for the tag but Mercury pulled him back and tagged in Nitro. Nitro hit a leg drop for two and then locked in a front face lock. Psicosis almost made it to the corner but Nitro knocked Crazy off the apron. Psicosis hit a back body drop and made it to the corner but Crazy wasn t there and Nitro took him down with a back suplex for two.

Nitro locked in a head vice on Psicosis but Psicosis rolled out and dived for a tag but Nitro caught him and drove him into his own corner and tagged in Mercury. Mercury hit a scoop slam and then went to the middle rope for the elbow but Psicosis got his boot up, but Mercury blocked it and then Psicosis followed up with an enziguri! Psicosis made the tag and Crazy came in knocking Nitro off the apron and then taking Mercury down with a hip toss. Crazy hit dropkicks to both men but then MNM came back and went for a double team but Crazy flipped out and hit an arm drag on Nitro and a tornado DDT on Mercury and covered but Nitro broke it.

The Finish:

Psicosis came flying in with a crossbody on both men and then Psicosis took Nitro to the outside. Crazy went up top for the moonsault but Melina grabbed him. Crazy kicked Melina down and then hit the moonsault but Nitro came in to break the count! Nitro sent Crazy to the ropes but then Mercury caught him and they nailed the Snapshot for the win!

Winners – MNM


Booker and Sharmell are shown backstage and Kristal wants a word. Booker said tonight will be a classic, and then Sharmell introduced herself. She said there is only one word to sum up what Booker will do tonight, and that is sweep Benoit under the mat. Booker said he is going to walk out of Armageddon as the new United States Champion. Sharmell said if Kristal needs a ride home tonight, she ll let Kristal borrow her broom! Benoit is then shown walking down the hallway towards the arena, and this match is next!

Best of Seven Series: Match Four
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit

The music of Sharmell hit in the arena as she made her way out with her broom, signifying a sweep. She then introduced her man, and the soon to be United States Champion, Booker T! Chris Benoit then made his way down, and his back is against the wall here tonight as he is down 3-0 and this is sudden death.

The start:

Benoit and Booker locked up as the fans erupted in Benoit, Benoit chants. Benoit backed Booker to the corner and broke clean before Booker bailed to the outside and rethink he plan. The crowd is red hot here tonight. They locked up again and Booker backed Benoit to the corner and Booker gave a surprising clean break. Another lock up and Booker went for a side kick but Benoit came back with chops and right hands, knocking Booker off his feet.

Mid-match notes:

Another lock up and Booker grabbed a waist lock and took Benoit down to the mat. Benoit reversed into a waist lock of his own on the mat and then went into a front face lock. Booker reversed into a hammerlock and took Benoit down. Benoit reversed again, followed by another reversal from Booker. Benoit then went for the Crossface out of nowhere but Booker grabbed the ropes. Booker bailed to the outside again for a breather before he and Benoit tied up again. Booker kicked Benoit in the gut and then Benoit hit a leg drag and then a right hand. Benoit sent Booker to the corner and hit another leg drag to take Booker down.

Benoit laid Booker s leg over the bottom rope and then jumped down on it, before locking in a standing leg lace. Benoit continued to work the knee with a variation of an Indian Death Lock as the fans chanted for Benoit. Booker gouged the eyes to escape but then Benoit exploded with a sick chop before Booker hit a knee to the gut and worked Benoit over in the corner. Booker sent Benoit to the ropes and nailed him with a clothesline as Sharmell cheered on in approval. Booker hit a chop and then Benoit nailed one of his own. Benoit nailed more chops but Booker hit another knee to the gut before hitting a suplex for two when Benoit got his feet in the ropes.

Booker stomped on Benoit as he got up on the apron. Booker went to suplex Benoit back inside but Benoit floated over into a German Suplex and then crawled into a cover for two. Benoit hit a slam and then went for a running elbow but Booker moved. Booker suplexed Benoit gut first onto the top rope and then hit a knee to the head knocking him off the apron to the outside. Booker followed out and the two traded chops with Benoit coming out on top but then Booker threw him head first into the ring post! Back inside and Booker hit a snapmare and then a dropkick to the jaw before covering for two. Booker locked in an abdominal stretch, further working the ribs. Benoit eventually fought out with a hip toss.

Benoit nailed a German and went for another but Booker blocked and then Benoit hit a belly to belly overhead suplex. Benoit followed up with a snap suplex, and rolled the hips ala Eddie Guerrero and hit two more and covered for a two count. Benoit then hit the triple German s and then signalled for the end. Benoit went up top for the headbutt but Sharmell threatened him with the broom, distracting Benoit long enough for Booker to cut him off. Booker went for a superplex but Benoit floated over and then slipped and landed really hard. Booker came off the top with a missile dropkick and covered with a hook of the leg for two! Benoit nailed some chops to Booker and then Booker came back with a side kick.

Booker hit some knees to the body in the ropes and then distracted the referee allowing Sharmell to hit the low blow. Benoit then stumbled into the Scissors Kick and Booker covered but Benoit kicked out!! Booker and Sharmell can t believe it as the fans started to get behind the Wolverine. Booker went for the Bookend, but Benoit floated out and locked in the Crossface but Booker made the ropes! Benoit hit a shot to the back and then hit a German, followed by another, and then a third. Benoit signalled for the end again, and went up top. Benoit came off with the headbutt and connected! Benoit covered but Booker kicked out! What a match!

The Finish:

Benoit went for the Crossface again but Booker is fighting it. Booker rolled through and knocked down the referee as Benoit locked in the Sharpshooter! Booker is tapping but the referee is down! Sharmell got in the ring with the broom and went to nail Benoit but tripped and missed! Benoit stalked Sharmell but then Booker nailed him in the back of the head. Booker went for the Bookend but Benoit reversed into a big DDT and locked in the Crossface and Booker taps! Benoit wins!

Winner – Chris Benoit

In the arena:

The music of Theodore Long hit in the arena as he and Palmer Canon made their way to the ring. Long got on the mic and said 2005 has been a huge year for Smackdown, TV that s changing Friday nights. He said as we all know, Smackdown defeated RAW at Survivor Series and became the number one brand, and Smackdown couldn t have done that without the support of the fans. Palmer then takes the mic and said he couldn t agree more. He said 2005 has been a banner year for the network, and in keeping with the Holiday spirit, and he has a special surprise tonight. Ladies and gentleman, accompanied by his trusty little elf, Santa Claus! Nunzio s music was spliced into the santa music, and Nunzio is the elf. I presume Big Vito is Santa. Hmm. They handed coal out to the fans and gave Cole some coal, and Tazz got a candy cane. Santa got on the mic and said yo, yo, yo, that s the way we do it Italian style. He said he has never seen an uglier bunch of misfits in Providence in his life! Yo, yo, yo, Santa ain t making no stop in this town.

Nunzio got on the mic and said they are being generous by giving the scrooges the gifts, and they want something to receive. He said they want a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championship, or how about a shot at the Cruiserweight Champion. Santa kept saying yo, yo, yo and then Palmer got on the mic and said they both deserve a present, and he has the perfect gift. I M THE BOOGEYMAN, AND I M COMING TO GETCHA!! Nunzio looked scared to death as the Boogeyman crawled to the ring. Boogeyman sang he s making a list and checking it twice, Nunzio and Vito are not very nice, Boogeyman is comin to getcha! Nunzio was thrown shoulder first into the post, and Vito wet himself. Boogeyman hit him with his stick and then nailed him with the pump handle slam. Boogeyman then opened the Santa bag and it was full of worms and the threw them about and ate some! Boogeyman then opened Vito s mouth wide open and shoved a handful of worms down his throat!

Handicap Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
Bobby Lashley vs. William Regal and Paul Burchill

The music of Bobby Lashley hit in the arena as this is a two on one handicap match against William Regal and Paul Burchill. Burchill and Regal must tag in and out of the ring in this match. Lashley holds wins against both men in singles action.

The start:

Lashley started out with Burchill with a lock up and Lashley powered him off and took him down with a go behind. Lashley got Burchill in the ropes and Burchill grabbed a waist lock but Lashley took him down hard and then Lashley pulled Regal in. Lashley knocked both men down but then Regal hit a knee to the back and Burchill nailed a shoulder to the back to take him down. Regal drove Lashley back first into the ring post and then Burchill hit a flip onto the small of the back. Burchill stomped away at Lashley. Lashley powered out of a waist lock and then Regal tagged in.

The Finish:

Regal hit an exploder suplex and then tagged Burchill back in. Burchill hit a flying knee to the back off the top rope and covered for two. Burchill tagged in Regal who continued to work the back of Lashley, but then Lashley drove him to the corner and hit a overhead throw. Burchill tagged in and Lashley met him with right hands and then a big back drop, and then an overhead throw. Lashley hit a running powerslam on Regal and then a flapjack on Burchill. Lashley hit the Dominator on Burchill and covered for the win.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

Friendly Tap:

Josh Mathews is at Tim White s bar, the Friendly Tap. He says they like to visit there when WWE are in Providence. White is a former WWE referee, and Josh wishes him Merry Christmas, but White doesn t reply and starts drinking. Josh said the last big time match he refereed was Hell in a Cell, and he suffered a shoulder injury in that match. White continued drinking, and we went to footage from Chris Jericho vs. Triple H in the Hell in a Cell at Judgment Day 2002. White didn t look happy. Josh asks for some insight, and White shook his head. White said Hell in a Cell ruined his life. He said he s been in pain for two and half years and took it out on everyone he loves. His wife left him, his family don t love him anymore. He s got nothing left. He said after everyone left him, then the other medical problems started, like IBS. Irritable Bowel Syndrome. He said he nothing to live for, and started breaking down. He said everything is gone. Josh wished him a very White Christmas, get it? White then pulled out a rifle from behind the bar and Josh left. White then walked off with the gun and Josh started screaming Don t do that and then a gun shot was heard and I guess White offed himself. Uhm, What The F*CK.

Cruiserweight Championship Match

Kid Kash vs. Juventud (c)

The music of the Mexicools hit in the arena as Juventud made his way to the ring as the Cruiserweight Champion, and he s set for this title defense against Kid Kash!

The start:

Juventud went to work on Kash but Kash fought back with right hands. Juventud came back with a dropkick to the gut and hammered away with right hands. Juventud hit a boot in the corner and then a tilt a whirl headscissors. Juventud hit a nice standing huricanrana for two. Juventud locked in a Fujiwara armbar and Kash is in trouble here. Kash fought out but Juventud back dropped him to the outside and then hit a plancha onto Kash on the outside.

Mid-match notes:

Juventud was thrown shoulder first into the ring post by Kash, and then again for a second time. Kash tossed Juventud inside and then pulled him to the post and wrapped his arm around the post. Kash stomped away at the shoulder of Juventud. Kash hammered away at the back of Juventud and then locked in an arm bar, further working the shoulder. Kash threw Juventud shoulder first into the turnbuckle but Juventud tried to fight back with chops. Juventud came back with a clothesline in the corner and then Kash missed a splash. Juventud hit right hands and Kash hit a kick to the shoulder and then followed up with a slam for two.

Kash hit another slam and drove the knee into the neck on the way down for two. Juventud came back with forearm shots but then ate a boot in the corner. Kash hit a slam and went up top and hit a springboard moonsault but Juventud got his knees up! Juventud hit some chops and then a clothesline. Kash went for a sunset flip but Juventud rolled through and hit a straight kick to the head and covered for a near fall. The fans chanted End this match as Kash was crotched on the top rope. Juventud went up and hit a huricanrana off the top rope! Juventud crawled over for a cover but Kash got his leg on the rope! Juventud hit a big swinging enziguri and then dropped the elbow for another near fall.

The Finish:

Juventud hit a Northern Lights and rolled over and went for the Juvi Driver but Kash blocked, Juventud then reversed and hit the Juvi Driver but Kash kicked out! Juventud couldn t believe it as he went up top and went for a front flip leg drop and Kash moved! Kash then nailed the brainbuster and we have a new Cruiserweight Champion!

Winner and new Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash

Interbrand Champions vs. Champions
Non Title Match
Referee: Charles Robinson
The Big Show and Kane (c) vs. Rey Mysterio and Batista (c)

The music of the Big Show hit in the arena, and then Kane s pyro hit and his music took over as they made their way to the ring as RAW s World Tag Team Champions, and they will be facing WWE Tag Team Champions, Rey Mysterio, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

The start:

Batista and Show started out and Show powered Batista down to the canvas. They locked up again and Show again overpowered Batista. Another lock up, and Batista with a go behind but Show elbowed him off and then Batista kicked him in the gut and went to work with right hands. Batista went for a clothesline but Show didn t fall, and then the Show tossed Batista to the corner. Show went for a splash but Batista got his boot up and then hit a running shoulder knockdown for one. Batista charged at Show, but Show hit a big boot and then tagged in Kane.

Mid-match notes:

Batista hit a knee to the gut and then nailed a suplex for two. Kane came back with an uppercut and then a side slam. Kane went up top but Batista cut him off and threw him down. Rey tagged in and hit some quick leg drops and then a standing moonsault for another one. Rey hit a kick to the head and then the leg, but they had little effect on Kane. Rey hit some mounted punches in the corner but Kane shoved him off. Mysterio came back with more and Kane knocked him down again. Rey hit a running forearm and then a springboard but Kane caught him and tossed him to the corner.

Kane charged in but Kane ate boot and then Rey hit a dropkick sending Kane into position for the 619. Kane bailed to the outside and Batista nailed him with a clothesline. Rey knocked Show off the apron and then went for the 619 on Kane again but Show pulled Rey to the outside and then ran him back first into the ring post. Show pressed Mysterio over the top rope back into the ring and Kane then hammered away at the back of Rey. Show tagged in who hit a giant chop to Mysterio in the corner. Show then teased Batista and chopped Rey down to the canvas before Kane tagged back in.

Show then came in and nailed Batista knocking him off the apron. Kane and Show went for a double chokeslam but Batista came in and went to work on Show in the corner. Batista hit a spear to Kane and then a splash to Show in the corner. Batista hit the spinebuster on Kane and then ran at Show and both men are on the outside. Batista tackled Show over the announce table and then Rey hit the 619 on Kane in the ring! Rey went for the West Coast Pop but Kane caught him and then nailed the chokeslam for the win!

Winners – Kane and The Big Show

The Aftermath:

Batista checked on Rey as Kane and Big Show celebrated their victory for the RAW Brand here tonight.

Hell in a Cell
Referee: Nick Patrick
Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker

The Cell began to lower and we are set for the main event here tonight. The music of Randy Orton then hit as he made his way to the ring with Cowboy Bob, who still has the Undertaker s Urn. Randy entered the Cell looking very apprehensive and then the lights went down in the arena as the music of the Undertaker hit. The fans chanted Under-taker in anticipation.

The start:

Taker tried to corner Orton but Orton ducked a right hand. Taker went after Orton again but Orton again avoided the Deadman. Orton then grabbed a side headlock but Taker came back with a huge shoulderblock and Orton bailed to the outside. Back inside and Taker grabbed a side headlock and he then hit another big shoulder. Orton came back with a hip toss and a standing dropkick and covered for a one. Orton nailed a big back body drop but then ran into an uppercut from the Undertaker.

Mid-match notes:

Taker tossed Orton to the outside and stalked him before nailing a right hand. Taker hit a headbutt and then got Orton on his shoulder and went to drive him into the cell but Orton dropped down and got back into the ring. Orton hit some right hands in the corner but then Taker grabbed him and threw him to the corner and unloaded with right hands to the face of Orton. Taker sent Orton head first into the turnbuckle and then hit a big elbow to the side of the head. Taker choked Orton with his knee and then pulled Orton into the ring post. Taker nailed Orton in the back and then laid him over the apron and hit a kick to the head.

Taker stomped Orton on the outside and then slammed him into the ring steps. Taker looked under the ring and pulled out a steel chair. Taker nailed Orton square in the head with the chair and Orton s busted above the eye. Taker sent the chair into the gut of Orton, and then nailed him square in the head yet again as Cowboy Bob looked on in concern. Taker rubbed Orton s head against the side of the cell. Taker continued to grind Orton s forehead into the cell and he is a bloody mess. Orton has a chain in his hand as Taker pulled him up and slammed him head first into the ring steps. Taker now has the chain and choked Orton with it. Taker picked Orton up on the outside and drove him head first in to the steel cell. Taker dismantled the ring steps but Orton came back with kicks and right hands. Orton hammered away at the head of Taker and then went to work with stomps. Orton grabbed the ring steps and went to nail Taker, but Taker kicked them back at Orton.

Taker taunted Bob Orton on the outside as Taker stalked his son. Randy slid back into the ring and then Taker followed in but Orton exploded out of nowhere with the RKO over the top rope! Orton went to the outside, hammering away at the head of Taker. Orton grabbed the ring steps and nailed Taker right in the head with them! Taker is busted open as he grated Taker s face against the side of the cell. Orton rammed Taker head first into the ring steps and then grabbed the chain. Orton choked Taker with the chain over the bottom rope. Taker nailed a headbutt to escape and Orton now has the chair. Orton cracked Taker in the head with the chair and made the cover for two.

Taker came back hanging Orton up on the ropes and then hit some headbutts on the outside. Taker tossed Orton right into the side of the cell and then charged at Orton with a knee to the head, driving him into the cell yet again. Taker kicked away at Orton on the outside and then sent him back into the ring. Taker picked Orton up and gave him a slam and then went up top and walked over to the middle of the top rope and went for a flying elbow, but Orton moved. Orton went to the outside and pulled a table out from under the ring, and slid it inside. Orton set the table up and then gave Taker an uppercut in the corner and then kicked Taker to the outside.

Cowboy Bob pulled at the hair of Taker through the cell and Taker fought back with right hands. Taker grabbed Cowboy Bob s hand through the cell and kicked away at it. Orton charged at Taker, but Taker moved and Orton went crashing into his dad and now Cowboy Bob s busted too. Orton came back and covered Taker on the outside for two after a powerslam into the cell. Back in the ring and Taker came back with uppercuts and then a flying clothesline for two. Taker nailed Old School on Orton and then the STO for a two count. Taker scooped Orton up and gave him Snake Eyes in the corner, followed by a big boot and a leg drop for two. Taker signalled for the chokeslam and scored with it! Taker covered but Orton got his boot on the bottom rope!

Taker grabbed the table that was set up earlier and then hit a running knee to Orton in the corner. Taker went for it again, but Orton moved and Taker got caught in the ropes. Orton grabbed the chain and gave Taker a low blow with it. Orton went back to the table and pulled it into the middle of the ring. Orton got Taker on top of the table and then went up to the top rope. Orton flew off the top with a splash onto Taker through the table! Orton covered but Taker kicked out at two, and then Orton tossed the remains of the table to the outside. Orton unloaded with lefts and rights in the corner and then hit some mounted punches but Taker grabbed him and went for the Last Ride but Orton flipped out. Taker went for a right hand but Orton ducked and Taker nailed the referee sending him to the outside.

Taker went for a chokeslam but Orton countered into an RKO and went for a cover. Nick Patrick is bleeding, and the Jim Korderas, the other referee is in, checking on him. Charles Robinson then hit the ring and made the count but Taker kicked out. Taker hit some right hands but Orton raked the eyes, Taker came back with some kicks and Taker went for the Last Ride and nailed it! Taker covered but Bob Orton pulled the referee out and he s in the cell now the door is open! Taker stalked Bob Orton and gave him a right hand and sent him into the side of the cell. Taker got back inside the ring and signalled for the end of the match. Taker went for the Tombstone but Orton reversed it into one of his own, and nailed it!

The Finish:

The EMT s were helping Nick Patrick to the back and then Jim Korderas slid in and made the count but Taker sat up at two! Orton hammered Taker but he kept sitting up! Taker tried to sit up a third time but couldn t manage it, but then grabbed Orton by the throat. Bob Orton hit the ring and Taker nailed him, and then Orton went for the RKO but Taker threw him off. Taker hit both Orton s with the Urn and then gave Bob the Tombstone! Taker went for it on Randy and nailed it. This one s over.

Winner – The Undertaker

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