WWE SmackDown! Special Results (11/29/05)

Event: WWE SmackDown! Special Results
Date: Tuesday, November 29th, 2005
Location: The US Bank Arena in Cincinnati, OH
Results by Gerwick.net

Smackdown starts off with match 2 of the best of 7 series for the U.S. Title between Booker T and Chris Benoit. Sharmell comes out first to introduce Booker T, with homecoming queen outfit and all. Match starts out with a lot of back and forth action, with Benoit having the upper hand for the better part in the beginning of the match. Booker T turns the match around mid-match by eluding Benoit and escaping to the outside of the ring and setting up Benoit to come flying through the ropes to the outside, only for Booker to move out of the way and Benoit taking a hard crash landing to the ground, helping Booker gain control back inside the ring. Benoit turns match around with a series of suplexes and gets a near fall on Booker. Booker nearly makes a comeback, but Benoit refreshes his memory of how a suplex feels, then hit?s the flying head butt off the top rope to gain yet another near fall, with Booker kicking out at 2. Booker and Benoit take it to the outside, with Benoit attempting a suplex off the outside onto the ground, but fell backward himself. Booker T attempts a near fall in the ring in what appeared to possibly be a botched spot, with Booker winning the match after the axe kick.

Winner of Match 2 in best of 7 U.S. Title series: Booker T

Video tribute to Eddie Guerrero. Nicely done, showing home videos and pictures of Eddie with friends and family-3 Doors Down "Here without you baby" was the background music for the video.

Backstage vignette of Rey Mysterious praying before match with Big show-prays that God will send Eddie to be his guardian angel-Rey then sends message to Eddie. It is announced that Rey would be dedicating the match between himself and Big Show to Eddie.

Rey Mysterio-Big Show video package-promoting match as David v. Goliath

Next up is Big Show v. Rey Mysterio!

Before Big Show v. Rey, it?s announced that there will be a tag team battle royal on Friday?s Smackdown.

Rey Mysterio-wearing an Eddie Guerrero t-shirt-comes out to Eddie Guerrero?s music, and drives Eddie?s low rider to the ring.

Match starts, and automatically Rey avoids Big Show with his cat-like speed, as well as trying to take out Show?s knees-Rey?s attempts are unsuccessful, though, as Show ends up throwing Rey Rey to the outside. Show takes over and dominates Mysterio as if Rey were a small child, occasionally tossing him back outside, and walking over him. Rey tries to make a comeback, but is once again smite down by 500lb. Show. Rey attempts flying off the top rope to the outside, but Show catches Rey and slams him onto the hood of Eddie?s low rider, with officials coming out to tend to Mysterio. Show carries Rey back into the ring and tosses him to the mat like a sack of potatoes, only to toy with him. Mysterio jumps on Show in an attempt to make a comeback, only to be tossed into the referee, knocking the ref out of the ring, and enabling Show to go for a steel chair undetected. Back in the ring, Rey steals the chair from Show to serve up a series of swinging chair shots, followed by the 619-which ends up taking the big man off his feet. With no ref around, Rey decides to take one more chair swing at the fallen giant, then goes for an Eddie Guerrero frog splash off the top rope onto show. Just when it looked like Rey had a chance of winning the match, out comes Show?s tag team partner Kane! The tag champs give Rey a double choke slam, followed by darkness, and a familiar sound that could only mean the emergence of one man-The Undertaker-who appears behind Kane and Show after the lights come back on. Kane decides to leave, and a slug fest commences between the dead man and Show-followed by Kane coming back to only get scared off by his "brother". Just when Taker thought justice had been served, `"Legend Killer" Randy Orton appeared out of nowhere to present the dead man with an RKO! Randy Orton leaves the ring to obtain a tire iron from the low rider, and decides to use it on The Undertaker, who has come after Randy at this point. Randy knocks out the dead man into the back of the low rider, and is joined by his partner in crime, Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy gets in and starts up the low rider-driving it in reverse into the Smackdown stage setup-causing a the car to blow up and Smackdown goes off the air with Randy looking on at the carnage he?d caused.

All in all another decent showing of a WWE product!

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